Injection nose vs long nose surgery, which you prefer?

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Injection nose vs long nose surgery, which you prefer?

2016-07-21 22:02:52 1097 ℃

1, injection of long nose with the general long nose surgery is different?

Injection of nose with the general, we usually say that the nose is two different surgical procedures. Rhinoplasty surgery is generally refers to the method of surgery in the bridge of the nose and nasal columella cartilages put filler, filler is generally silica gel or autogenous ear bones or ribs. Accompanied by some swelling, congestion and inflammation after operation, and then remove the filler and the normal recovery period need 2 months to 6 months time, the duration of the theory is permanent.

Injection hump nose is a relatively new nose augmentation methods, it is with the needle tube liquid filling into the nose of the lower layers of the skin, the wound is very small, and general injection wound almost no difference, the operation time is generally 5 to 15 minutes, postoperative will accompanied by swelling, congestion, the rows of the probability of rejection occurred almost no, because the filling material is the human body itself comes material, recovery period for several hours to 2 days, ranging, restore content generally only bruises and slight swelling. Theoretically lasting for 6 to 12 months, according to their own situation and the difference between the filler and the different.

Sketch of injection nose

2, I am not suitable for injection nose surgery?

Injection nose generally more suitable for people who need to adjust the nose. Such as the bridge of the nose from the side to see if there is some depression, hump nose, or bridge of the nose is a bit crooked, etc., is not suitable for garlic nose, eversion of the nose, the nose is too high. Because the injection rhinoplasty can increase the height and size of the nose, nose, nose and can't remove the excess part. And your doctor is reluctant in the nose is too injection, because the more the nose of the blood vessels, blocking vascular risk will increase. So a lot of people who need to adjust the nose is not suitable for a long nose needle.

In clinical application, injection hump nose cases are more is hump nose, general doctor will in Yamane and the tip of the nose nasal dorsal position to fill, the nose will looks very smooth. And is injection hump nose of endurance is very short, if you want to keep in shape, every 8 to 10 months to re play, but if too many times will occur in the nose becomes wide, accumulation of scar tissue, so generally suggested that want to do the traditional augmentation rhinoplasty with nose needle to probably see after the operation effect, and injection all dissolved to do permanent operation, so as not to finish the traditional rhinoplasty surgery after felt unable to accept and regret.

In injection hump nose, lung Chak Risheng facial designs will design the nasal height and shape according to every for the beauty facial features, not only high bridge of the nose pad, will pay special attention to convergence of the nose and forehead, eyebrows, in eyebrow location and eyebrow nose convergence curve parts injection of hyaluronic acid, the nose curve more stereo, and facial features more harmonious.

3. What is the difference between injection and augmentation?

The most common injection augmentation filler is hyaluronic acid. After the injection, if midway feel regret can be used to solubilize the enzyme will be melting hyaluronic acid, nose will be restored to preoperative appearance. This kind of fillings are absorbed by human body, as long as the doctors don't take injection into the vessel will not produce risk.

4, the operation of the process is what kind of?

The doctor will first give the patient to wipe a topical anesthetic, then using a needle from the needs of the place where the injection to the direction of the eyebrows inserted parallel to the skin surface, a hand injection side to pull out the needle, so that the needle after local will be evenly into filler, on the other hand will be injected at the same time in the bridge of the nose on both sides of the pressing and help shaping. The needle is very thin, the insertion distance of about 1 to 2 cm, according to the patient's condition, the doctor may insert 5 to 10 times, and adjust the details.

In the course of the injection, the patient can look in the mirror and tell the doctor where to find that there is not enough, and to cooperate with the doctor to adjust. Each time you insert the needle will be accompanied by a small amount of bleeding, is probably usually injections and the amount of bleeding, the doctor will with disappear too poisonous ball to help you clean. A injection amount is fixed, if the nose is finished and the remaining doctors could also help you play in the chin or the nasolabial folds, forehead and other you think need to fill the site, otherwise it only throw away the rest of the dose. The whole process is generally 5-15 minutes. Some doctors in the operation process of recorded video on the Internet, curious friends can see, not bloody or violent. Some people will think that the long nose will become closer to the eye, this is not correct, the skin of the nose after the pad will be slightly tight, but will not pull to the skin of the eye.