Steel nuts! One day more than the first half of the national output volume

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Steel nuts! One day more than the first half of the national output volume

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Abstract: in August 11th, steel futures is a crazy day, this day, turnover of 10 million 730 thousand hand, turnover has reached 417 billion 485 million yuan. According to the 1 conversion of about 1 tons 10 tons, turnover more than the first half of this year, the steel yield (99 million 590 thousand tons).

China Times reporter Ye Qing Beijing reported

In August 11th, the rebar futures is a crazy day,This day, turnover of 10 million 730 thousand hand, turnover has reached 417 billion 485 million yuan. According to the 1 conversion of about 1 tons 10 tons, turnover more than the first half of this year, the steel yield (99 million 590 thousand tons).

In fact, this year's black cultivars continuation of last year's hot, with steel and iron ore prices continued to rise, the market investors believe that the new cycle of investors coming. However, the summer is gone, it is the beginning of autumn. The recent strong steel futures market volatility of the limelight, high-profile.

It is understood that since June 14th to August 11th, the main rebar contract RB1801 rose 30.82%, the main contract rose more than HC1801 hot rolled steel, the same period rose 33.78%.

Steel futures prices rose sharply, but also attracted the attention of regulators. Following the CISA clear after the period, again on the rebar fees, margin adjusted intention is clear to the steel city, the current hot cool.

In August 11th, the notice issued, it was decided that since August 15, 2017: steel RB1710 contract, RB1801 contract days this warehouse flat transaction fees for 5/10000 of turnover from the turnover of 1/10000 adjustment.

In addition, according to the announcement, since August 15, 2017, the largest number of non Futures Company members and clients in steel RB1710 and RB1801 contract days opening transaction for the 8000 hands. Hedging is not affected by this limit. In addition to the "restriction", fee is directly transferred to the past 5 times. Insiders said that the move will make the day trading costs rose sharply, and mainly for day trading volume, as well as the investor day trading too frequently.

The downstream manufacturers complain incessantly

Steel futures prices rose rapidly, not only caused the attention of the market, also caused the development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and CISA's attention.

Recently, China Steel Association said that the current steel futures prices to market demand or market supply does not decrease, the price of steel is a kind of speculation recently. By the over interpretation of the production is expected due to not demand is driving up prices.

At the same time, the China Steel Association conference, whipsaws will increase the early August 11th, the main rebar futures contract fell 3% to 3847 yuan / ton. At the close, the rebar futures 1801 contract closed at 3862 yuan / ton, the lowest dropping to 3812 yuan / ton, down 2.7%. Iron ore futures contract closed at 536 yuan / ton, the lowest dropping to 527.5 yuan / ton, down 4.71%.

From June this year rose again, and on Thursday (August 10th) hit 4016 yuan / ton high since February 2013 this year, the cumulative increase of more than 30%.

In view of the recent price "black steel futures market and the stock transaction, Chinese iron and steel industry association invited some steel companies, futures exchange, Futures Company, the steel business and information consulting company on behalf of. Delegates agreed that the current steel futures prices to market demand or market supply is not reduced, to clear the land of steel production capacity, and environmental supervision and the "2+26" City air pollution prevention and control plan for the solution of excessive reading but a part of institutions.

The meeting stressed that the steel market supply and demand is basically stable in the first half was further verified because did not ban land of steel and the emergence of tight supply and soaring steel prices, but by compliance enterprises reasonable release of production capacity, to meet the domestic demand, maintain market stability; the local government will not adopt a "blanket" measures to limit production shutdown protection the standard of enterprise. Therefore, strict environmental protection policies have limited impact on the steel market supply.

"According to the present situation, the steel market in August 11th, a reporter from the Shanghai Songjiang steel trade market, steel prices have generally rose, but the steel trade market business and not much improvement. Steel Phi 16 price is 4170 yuan / ton, large amount can also offer some." The sales manager of Shanghai 100 exhibition materials Co. Ltd. Chen Xiangyu told the "China Times" reporter.

The reporter from Shanghai and a steel trader Nobel Jing Industrial Company learned that nearly a quarter of the company in the electronic business platform of the business and not much improvement. At the same time, the general manager of Shanghai green industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Sun Peng said, now they are not board downstream enterprises enthusiasm for production, the main reason is the production of downstream enterprises once per ton to 800 yuan loss, thanks to too much. Due to the pricing of the overall downstream parts factory and the factory was low, so they need to lock the cost of raw materials. But because of a substantial increase in the cost, and huge fluctuations in steel prices, from last year to this year parts factory.

Terminal enterprises if this continues, estimation after this wave of market will die a batch.Now the downstream private enterprises struggling, operating funds are very nervous.When the rebar futures prices at 3500 yuan / ton, demand for some, but later rose to 3600 yuan / ton, the demand is not.

It is understood that in general, steel season is generally every year 3, 4, 9, May and October of this year, 6, 7, August is the off-season steel, but the steel price rise is the most rapid. In this regard, Lange Steel Research Center Director Wang Guoqing said that although the environmental protection policies to promote the improvement of relations between supply and demand, but as CISA said, the influence of environmental policy on the steel market supply is limited, the current market speculation logic with the environmental protection must be greatly overestimate the influence of environmental policy.

The influx of Capital Steel

A plurality of steel price monitoring platform data show that the current steel prices to the highest level since May 2012, steel prices hit a 5 year high. In the country's largest steel production base in Tangshan for example, the August 8th three rebar price of 4060 yuan per ton, compared with the beginning of the year 3100 yuan per ton level, up about 35%. Billet prices than at the beginning of 2700 yuan per ton, up 36%.

With steel prices continued to rise rapidly, the industry said, high operation risk is gradually accumulate. Wang Guoqing said that in late August not callback, the callback is expected in September will.

In the current market conditions, not only is the CISA industry experts repeatedly prompt risk, listed steel companies have begun to prompt risk.

A securities private said,From the beginning of July, a lot of iron and steel stocks rose has reached 30% to 40%, the risk adjustment has been great, with the increase of pressure regulating, steel prices are likely to fall, then the three quarter steel prices and profitability will be affected."From the perspective of the overall market, although the index fell last week, but some cyclical stocks have started rising, this time should pay attention to avoid risks, rather than build."

In fact, in the clean-up of intermediate frequency furnace ", environmental inspectors and other news under the action of the recent part of the influx of funds to black commodities. The highest attention to rebar futures as an example, in May 2nd 3 million 799 thousand hand positions, to a record in July 13th, this number has increased to 5 million 928 thousand, the same situation also appears in the hot-rolled coil, iron ore and coke on the body.

However, only from the price point of view, the current spot futures are still in the "premium" state, so pull up the main still spot. In August 10th, the domestic steel prices rise has not yet stopped. According to Mysteel, the domestic steel prices again rose 100 to 3850 yuan / ton, the spot market prices rose significantly, were also more active.

At the same time, the country's 25 major city steel prices most pull up; among them, Shanghai, Ji'nan, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shenyang, Chongqing and other 15 city steel prices rose 10-130 yuan / ton, Beijing, the Shijiazhuang market rose 130 yuan / ton, the largest increase.CITIC futures research department deputy general manager Liu Bin said, from CISA's statement, actually did not expect steel prices to rise too quickly, but also on the current steel market to do an internal coordination, if the effect is not good, the future is likely to have a higher level department to intervene.

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