Guangzhou banks mortgage interest rates 2 million mortgage to pay 110 thousand interest

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Guangzhou banks mortgage interest rates 2 million mortgage to pay 110 thousand interest

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Guangzhou daily news (reporter Lin Xiaoli, Geng Xujing media) reporter was informed that, today, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, agricultural bank, bank and other state-owned big bank to raise mortgage interest rates, mortgage rates by up to 5% above the benchmark benchmark interest rates, equivalent to 5.15%. That is to say, a loan of 2 million yuan (according to a period of 30 years, such as matching interest repayment way), will pay 110 thousand yuan interest.

Yesterday, the bank made clear to reporters, the overall increase in mortgage interest rates, the first mortgage interest rates from the minimum benchmark raised to 5% above the benchmark, two sets of mortgage interest rates go up 10% from the lowest up to go up 15%.

ABC said today, the bank first mortgage interest rates will rise to 5% above the benchmark, will remain at the same level with other lines. While the two suite rates go up 15%.

Bank of communications Guangdong branch official said: "notice in August 11th under the requirements of tomorrow (12 days) raised the first mortgage interest rates, mortgage rates raised the benchmark interest rate of 5%. However, the two mortgage price remains up 10%."

In addition, the Guangzhou daily media reporter learned that the bank's mortgage interest rates and bank agreement.

Despite the recent news about the commercial bank to raise mortgage interest rates in its upcoming brush burst circle of friends, but the bank stakeholders yesterday said that ICBC is currently in Guangzhou yet adjusted mortgage interest rates, has not received the relevant notification, still perform the first mortgage interest rate minimum benchmark, two sets of mortgage go up 10% of the standard minimum. "The future will be based on the price of funds in the market for dynamic adjustment."

However, respondents Bank gold Ministry sources said that the state-owned bank mortgage interest rates rise generally keep step with, is a foregone conclusion.

Investment, Societe Generale, gf and other banks have said, notice is not received by the mortgage.

However, although in July the average interest rate has exceeded the benchmark, but the reporter found that the current interest rate first mortgage is still the benchmark interest rate, including the workers and peasants in the establishment of diplomatic relations and the main lines are the implementation of the benchmark interest rate.

However, next week, with many mainstream bank mortgage interest rates rise, the mainstream of the first mortgage interest rates in Guangzhou is no longer a benchmark. The bank said that the future will continue to rise with the bank.

Organization Research Report

Melt 360 released "July Chinese monthly mortgage market analysis report" shows that the average interest rate in the first suite of Guangzhou last month exceeded the benchmark interest rate 4.90%, reached 4.96%, is 1.01 times the benchmark, this is the first time since last year, the benchmark interest rate. At present, the Guangzhou market, the highest first mortgage interest rates go up 20% for the benchmark Shanghai Pudong development, two sets of mortgage interest rate is the highest benchmark floating 20%.

Increase the deposit rate of bank deposits

Three years of regular annual interest rate approaching 4%

"The Guangzhou deposit interest rate was close to 4%." Yesterday, investors Gina exclaimed. According to the survey, since the beginning of the two quarter, the bank began to raise some low-key term deposit interest rates, especially a large deposit, is to become the new bank Lanchu weapon. Three year time deposit in a joint-stock bank interest rate of 3.905%, the regular rate exceeds the number of major banks of Guangzhou.

The reporters found that the deposit interest rate in the market of Guangzhou, the highest for CITIC Bank three years of fixed annual interest rate of 3.905%, than the benchmark interest rate of 2.75% to over 42%. While the five-year interest rate only reached the 3.41% highest regular.

Secondly, the city firm Huaxing bank, the third year regular annual interest rate of 3.85%, five year interest rate is transaction pricing.

The first line of the highest annual interest rate of three year period also reached this level, equivalent to the benchmark interest rate of 40%, but for this interest rate is for certificates of deposit (more than 200 thousand), the general deposit period of three years the annual interest rate is up 30%, 3.57%. The ICBC five years the highest annual interest rate of only 3.57%.

In the long term deposits and certificates of deposit more attention

This round of bank deposit interest rates go up, especially to strengthen the long-term deposit interest rate concerns. In addition, CDs floating proportion is generally high. The latest data into 360 monitoring shows that the two quarter of the 32 banks to issue certificates of deposit certificates of deposit, according to the time limit, the amount of deposit in different years, interest rate varies, but each term certificates of deposit interest rates generally go up more than 40%, three month certificates of deposit interest rates compared to the benchmark floating up to 45.45%, six months, the one-year, two-year certificates of deposit interest rate floating up to 50%, three months to two-year certificates of deposit interest rate is above 40%.

A retail banking department official told reporters, the capital flow and market to maintain a steady tight relationship, since this year, the market interest rates at a high level. Such as the Shibor rate, except for 1 months and 3 months, compared with the beginning of the other period of interest rate is still much higher.

Reporters also noted that since the two quarter of this year, with the balance of treasure as the representative of the international monetary fund yields continued to rise, the Internet financial innovation high turnover, to bring pressure on the bank is not small, many people have lamented the bank deposits to reporters.

There are agencies that future monetary policy is still robust neutral, is unlikely to cut interest rates on bank deposits, is expected to raise interest rates, some banks will continue to deposit rates and certificates of deposit. For financial products in terms of return, will continue to narrow adjustment.


The second half of 1 to buy financial products

The best period of 3~12 months

The term should not be too short nor too long, within 3 months of financial products not only low income, and even after the expiration of repurchase, if not timely operation will issue a money guard for more than 12 months of financial products, liquidity is too poor, unless you can guarantee that during this period the funds will not use.

2 bank selection priority

Choice of city commercial banks and bank shares, income is higher than that of other banks, product type preferred closed-end expected return financial products, income is higher than that of open net financial products.

Alert 3 ultra high income financial products

See super high yield (more than 5.5%) of financial products must be vigilant, to see if the following conditions exist: private banking customers, financial high net worth customer financing, structured financial risk, level 3 financial. Generally most financial products more than 6% are structured.

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