The money to the bank or buy stocks? We suggest that the State Department counselor...

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The money to the bank or buy stocks? We suggest that the State Department counselor...

2017-08-12 22:48:54 94 ℃

The afternoon of August 11, 2017, by the State Council Counsellors' office of public policy research center and co sponsored, Si Ke North National Development Institute Co "counselor forum" ushered in a China economics Legend - Yifu Lin.

Yifu Lin and Chen Quansheng, counselor of the State Council, the State Department counselor Tang Min Wang Qing, Chongyang investment president Huajian international Limited by Share Ltd chairman and President Zhang Huarong on the issue of asset allocation expressed their views.

The home should be how to spend the money in the end, I believe you will like to hear a few "economic man of God's opinion, not much to say directly above.

In the "counselor forum Roundtable dialogue session, guests start a wonderful discussion around the current economic hot topic. Photo by Yao Guanhua

The host: "guests are how to invest?"

Zhang Huarong: "I invested in a shoe factory, the other I do not say it, listen to you talk."

Yifu Lin: "everyone's anti risk ability is not the same, the mood will be vulnerable, certainly would not consider the risk of the product. On the other hand, a lot of people to manage their assets have no time now."

Professor Lin also shared his method of family resource allocation: seemingly simple: put money in the bank."

Chen Quansheng is opposed to the real estate as the preferred investment project, he said: "China people generally think, buy stocks, buy bonds to buy paper wealth, buy real estate is bought on wealth. Especially now that a lot of "421" type of family has several sets of housing, to housing investment is entirely superfluous."

Tang Min: "from the perspective of deleveraging, must take the capital market bigger."

Wang Qing: "the real estate should not be to consider asset allocation channels, the high-income family real estate allocation proportion is already too high, the need to consider the allocation of some more liquid assets."

After hearing the suggestion for resource allocation of large coffee, would you like to share your own configuration experience?

Bask in the family financial plan, to see if there is a large coffee and agree without prior without previous consultation!

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