Media: Trump on Monday to see Chinese trade investigation speech"

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Media: Trump on Monday to see Chinese trade investigation speech"

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Abstract: according to Politico reports, Trump in Chinese trade action speech, will be published on Monday, when he will demand an investigation on trade behavior Chinese "violation" of American intellectual property etc.. Politico previously reported, Trump published this speech scheduled for August 4th, but was later delayed.

According to the U.S. News website Politico reports,President Trump spoke to Chinese trade action, is to be published next MondayBy then, he will be required to investigate the China "violation" of American intellectual property and technology transfer forced trade behavior.

Reported that Trump's speech will reveal many details remain unclear, but government officials expect the United States trade representative Chize Wright (Robert Lighthizer) will be invoked the "1974 trade act" 301st investigation.

Politico mentioned previously reported,Trump's speech is scheduled to be published on August 4th, but was later delayedThe White House, did not give any explanation, nor reschedule.

New York Times has reported that Trump planned to sign a memorandum, chize quoted the United States "requirements Wright 1974 trade act" 301st investigation. Some analysts pointed out that the investigation can be done in a few months, then the United States may from China imports of aluminum and steel and other high tariffs levied, or take other measures.

"Section 301" known as the United States trade protection "nuclear weapons", because it gives the president of the United States unilaterally impose tariffs or other trade restrictions on the power, to protect domestic industries from other countries "unfair trade practices" damage. (see: Wall Street knowledge editor featured "feature | cures against the" outside the law artifact: America "301 clause" in the end is what? ")

The New York Times said that the trade investigation background or "Chinese 2025" policy. I hope to become a leader in global Chinese microchips, unmanned, artificial intelligence, robotics and other key technologies in the field of the future, so that the U.S. government is worried about.

CNBC quoted international consulting firm Asia Trade Center Executive Director Elm Adams analysis said that if Trump really use the "301 clause" will cause huge damage caused by chain reaction may have led to the company to do business in China. At the same time will lead to the international community because of dissatisfaction with the "301 clause" has been widely regarded as "unilateral" and "unfair" approach.

On August 4th, the Xinhua news agency in a report said that the sixteenth meeting of the central financial work leading group stressed that the protection of property rights, especially the protection of intellectual property rights is an important aspect of building a good business environment. To intensify efforts to punish violations of intellectual property infringement, the formation of "malicious infringement will ruin the atmosphere, let not the infringer infringement, not tort.

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