A crash behind: they planned free classes for 3 months by reaping tens of millions

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A crash behind: they planned free classes for 3 months by reaping tens of millions

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As we will not wake a person who pretended to sleep, we can watch a warren of the investors believe. Investors can not be educated, can only be learned. Today is a group of articles, should be taught the people to write.

Since the small series before it is revealed, the charges are all liars, free of all the routine, what to say today?

In WeChat, there are often some of the more number of public finance large coffee promotion of such a good article, "we have to look into the points to attract:

Point into the future, "I am Zhiyuan, a 10 year old stock investors, because a greater amount of funds, they usually call me big, actually I only in the large business department, put it in the whole North China laughed." Although the author "accumulated huge wealth of life", but cares about the world, "we can in order to really gain a firm foothold in the stock market, the stock market" stage winner series "live free, open again, this is my last lecture, hoping to give a lifetime of fishing."

Look at this public lesson.

It is not, the class will give you 3 to double bull stock. "This is a public class for you 3 to double Bull Stock, must not be missed! Choice is more important than the effort, again good if the market does not grasp, it is transient, the stock market is not regret medicine!"

Fish, fish, still standing, to sweep the two-dimensional code with the teacher WeChat.

"My friend, are you listening?"The teacher is a kind of opening, quickly narrowed the distance to each other.

"Students to tell you, our classroom is public class, not to sell the software doesn't do into permanent free."A considerate words, to dispel all doubts.

"You first volunteer, let him take you into the classroom, he is an excellent student welfare class, taking their precious time to help you, please cooperate with us in the classroom, Be There Or Be Square." Everything is arranged properly.

With the WeChat volunteers. The same is very kind.

"You come to lectures friends? I put the link to you, to tell you how to operate."

The volunteers soon courteous and accessible to the classroom link, is a studio, to the password to get into the classroom, they called it "".

The classroom is very down to earth, hanging above a dark software, the following is a chat interface. Before the class general first put a passion for music, KTV breath blowing, the teacher only sound, when talked about the key, by typing in the above text document. The teacher lectures Mandarin is not standard, when playing Pinyin, a "both of the heavy, two evils", not to fight, Leng hit delete delete play, long time to play out this line.

The content of the lecture is not in the list of those of WeChat, the teacher also is not the last lecture, every day, from morning to night, four or five teachers, take turns to tell. Although a little disappointed, but he did not listen to people talk about what losses, stock, the breeze is also good. The teachers speak every day hard, dry mouth and tongue, impatient, began to teach technology stocks, also recommend some stocks, some rose very good.

You say is a liar? Not really, never said to pay, not divided, not to sell the software does not sell books, so always talk ah, pure public good, do not recommend the gold and silver oil. One day two days three days a week on Wednesday, two weeks, one month and two months, you sit on the sidelines, waiting for his fox's tail. However, what routines are not technical inheritance, charity, love can move the world.

However, we say the key.

Department of finance financial investment

July 5th 13:30, Department of finance financial investment (08018) suddenly soared, rising 44% minutes.

Liang Sheng Logistics

In July 19th, Hong Kong stocks GEM stocks Sheng Liang logistics (08292) flash down, intraday fell more than 60%, closing has rebounded, but still fell nearly Three0%, then the next day fell more than 20%.


Three gold securities

In Sheng Liang logistics flash collapse within a few days, the transaction is in three securities brokerage.

This and listen to the teacher what relationship?

A few months after class, the students have utter devotion to the teacher. The group often recommend Niugu teacher is strong. One day A shares diving all lost, there are "friends" group said as to the Hong Kong stock market, the bull market in Hong kong. At this time, the classroom to anchor "everybody", pulled open customer service in Hong Kong stocks, gold three securities staff, under her guidance, we stay at home to Hong Kong stocks opened the account. The customer service to a friend who is a teacher, the teacher provides so much help to help his friend a perfectly logical and reasonable amount to open an account.

On July 5th, the teacher technology theory in the classroom, and then said with a draft financial investment firm verification, and told you beforehand 30% profit space, site sale notice. Amazingly, the Department of finance financial investment was pulled straight in a few minutes, although most people didn't get 30%, but timely follow-up is at least a dozen points of income.

After this incident, everyone on the teacher's strength is the same as that of God worship. A few days later, the teacher suggested that there is a good logistics to Hong Kong Sheng good news, is SF acquisition, rose to 4-5 yuan no problem, let everyone put money ready immediately into three securities account.

After a good account in Hong Kong, the teacher is in the classroom to encourage all of us into gold, everyone. Hong Kong stocks funds account for the amount of money is divided according to the volunteer corps, big money can get my private teacher guidance. 100 thousand -50 million third corps, 500 thousand -100 million -300 million is second corps, 1 million first corps, more than 3 million death squads, only three places. In accordance with the amount of money people into different groups. "I was only 130 thousand, in the third echelon, there are about 80 people."

A lot of people hit heavily into Liang Sheng logistics, even at the cost of borrowing, fantasy teacher Department of finance financial investment return prediction in general, imagine earning large quantities of gold each day. Can the joyful atmosphere did not last long.

In July 19th, Sheng Liang logistics intraday flash fell 60%.

In July 20th, Sheng Liang logistics fell 21.59%.

Everybody panic. The teacher leisurely. To tell you not to panic, will not go down, continue to opening, full warehouse, so good.

However, no good, no change after the crash is continuous yindie. Some teachers in the hospital, some go to England to see her daughter...... The group quickly disbanded.

You were in a panic. Some about 1000000 of the deficit, some lost hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands have lost...... In Sheng Liang logistics shares, there have been victims of the influx of people found the group group:

1. the teacher is also a classroom, not love you oh. Different rooms, different passwords, in the voice heard is as like as two peas. After the accident, the genuine and sincere farewell speech, a number of avatars, names of different teachers are issued, the content did not change as like as two peas, punctuation.

2. volunteers of different identities, but many of the same circle of friends, should be mass produced. This is a victim of writing experience, display three securities staff in the acquisition of micro signal. Many of the victims are WeChat and WeChat and the strange beauty, beauty would say she in stocks, a step by step guide to class. After the accident, these people also said that he is the victim of WeChat and WeChat will delete, change avatar, nickname, even sex have changed.

3. grade securities into gold exchange rate difference 1.5%, import received 4%, that is to say in 1 million, without any operation, it is loss of 50 thousand and 5. When we rush to buy shares, even a little higher also recognize, to gold when it found the problem. And the gold is not affected by the foreign exchange control, can be millions of, you can also brush credit card, gold is a lot of private accounts to their money.

4. everyone in the live chat room conversation, he thought out, but in fact the speech is to review, if you speak good words, everyone can see; if there is a bit of "unfriendly", only see their own. So even in the two days of the crash, the group is also peaceful.

The disk of drama, what is Hongkong director and producer, please the mainland actor? The mainland is self homegrown?

Liang Sheng logistics in July 6, 2016 in Hongkong gem listing, issuing 200 million shares at a price of 0.35 yuan per. According to regulations, one year after the listing of shares of the major shareholders of the lifting of the ban, in July 6th this year is the lifting of the ban.

In October last year to mid May this year, the stock has been around 0.5 yuan fluctuate, but the beginning of May 17th the stock suddenly started a month rose from 0.5 yuan to a maximum of 3.05 yuan, an increase of up to 510%.

In July 6th the Commission pointed out that Hongkong Sheng Liang logistics highly concentrated ownership: the company in June 20, 2017, the 17 shareholders hold a total of 155 million 100 thousand shares, equivalent to 19.39% of the issued share capital. Hold the three major shareholders and company 596 million 500 thousand shares (representing 74.56% of the shares), equivalent to 93.95% of the total issued shares. Therefore, the company has only 48 million 400 thousand shares (representing 6.05% of the shares held by other investors). But Liang Sheng logistics then responded, referring to public ownership in accordance with the provisions of not less than 25%.

Followed by a period of time, the teachers in every classroom live strongly recommend Shengliang logistics, said will be the domestic logistics giant backdoor, the share price will rise to 5 yuan. Even the teacher gave the participants seen its earnings 60% in this cheque account, he shows the stock holdings of $about 8000000. Even in July 5th, also show a meat stock, a few minutes to exchange financial investment to 44%. This requires strong financial strength in the A shares, but not in Hong Kong stocks, many stocks traded very light, such as the Department of Finance in financial investment, pulled up the day before, all day long turnover of only HK $1 million 40 thousand, the day before, only less than 430 thousand.

In July 18th, Sheng Liang logistics major shareholder Wang Bingyu / Zheng Jianmin /Champion Ascent holdings of 1 million shares, cash of HK $2 million 470 thousand. The major shareholder of Walgan Investment / Wang Lifang / Yan was the reduction of 1 million shares, cash of HK $2 million 470 thousand.

In July 19th, 20, slump.For the vast majority of three gold trading securities securities. Buy and sell. The teacher still tell you do not be afraid, opening.

Live training group, then what is the major shareholders of listed companies or chips, teacher team hoarding in 0.5 yuan after high fried chips, or both, is difficult to say, but we generally account for the loss of more than 50% is unmistakable. Many people lost their life savings, end moment. Have students estimate, "the harvest funds at least tens of millions of dollars, they live group we know have seven or eight, with an average of 300 people each classroom lectures, the starting point is 100 thousand yuan, the scale is very scary, we have a group of friends in 1 million 800 thousand."

Small more than 10 people in a small group in the rough statistics, 11 students had lost more than 2 million 300 thousand yuan.

Lost will no longer come back, come back no longer perfect. The students call the police, but this is a voluntary purchase, the teacher did not collect information on fees, and the front too, evidence of the difficulties. "Cheated we think, we just want to get this thing reported out, let more people stop."

Because, when to go to England to see her daughter, the operation of teachers, and again took the two word catchy name, appeared in the new classroom, a classroom with speech class, each class three, four hundred people, a class is thousands or even thousands of people scale, etc.. Then, what will the terrible things waiting for these students?"This group of people is not the bottom line, then what are the business."

Write a few continuous warren".

"No charge, not divided, not to sell the software does not sell books...... What micro-blog pocket advertisers who want to share? "

"Another" the beauty of God "fall, every day the stock trading accounts secret this is the original"

However, open micro-blog advertising, feeling more, "Warren" and a "advertisement earning large quantities of gold each day staring at me," as if to say, love you could not understand me and do not drop me. Open WeChat, "beauty Warren" re opened, and even pick up today to write the "public Warren" advertisement.

This can not help but some frustration.

Of course there are encouraging local.

We know, now exposed only the tip of the iceberg, there are many unknown insider, many victims of unassisted. If you have had this experience, welcome the message back, talking about personal experiences, to provide evidence. We will continue to follow-up reports, and consulting lawyers and relevant departments of the rights proposal. Please pay attention to our future reports.
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