Behind the high-profile Dong Mingzhu welfare: the total compensation of employees overtake GREE, led by 40 thousand per year

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Behind the high-profile Dong Mingzhu welfare: the total compensation of employees overtake GREE, led by 40 thousand per year

2017-08-12 22:49:49 124 ℃

The | AI finance agency Intern Li Pengcheng Jiang Wenhua

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In August 7th, GREE announced that in the original high subsidies basically, additional to the staff in high temperature season 1000 yuan subsidy.

In addition to thousands of high subsidies, Dong Mingzhu also gave the staff salary increase, to the housing, to send mobile phone. Many netizens as "other people's company".

To the question, GREE employees pay what? Compared with the competitors of beauty? To this end, AI financial agency through GREE, the beauty of the past ten years of earnings, a staff.

The annual salary of employees from the United States significantly behind the counter ultra

In the staff salary calculation, the annual report of AI finance agency accounting "to pay employees as well as the total number of staff employees to pay cash when the company signed a labor contract with the ratio of the average annual salary of employees, that year.

In 2006, GREE total annual fee is 828 million yuan, the United States is slightly lower, 693 million yuan. But ten years later in 2016, the total annual remuneration of the group of the United States is GREE's 2 times, 16 times in 2006 of the total remuneration.

Specific to the staff, ten years ago, with an average annual salary of two employees of a world of difference. The two companies in Guangdong Province as an example, in 2006, the average wage of urban workers in Guangdong province was 26 thousand and 200, the average annual salary of employees of GREE which is about two times. At that time, the average wage is less than the United States, Guangdong province.

Thanks to the total annual remuneration, rising in 2016, the group of the United States the number of employees 96 thousand and 400 people, 71 thousand and 600 people of GREE. The average annual salary of 120 thousand and 900 yuan, is 6.83 times in 2006 17 thousand and 700 yuan. For years, the average annual salary of employees of GREE rose Co., 44 thousand and 800 yuan in 2006, 2016 was 80 thousand yuan.

Before 2010, the average salary of employees of GREE maintained a rising trend, the average annual salary is 2 to 3 times the United states.

After 2010, the average salary of employees and the number of GREE remained stable. While its main rival, the average salary of employees in this period, showing a sharp upward trend. After 2011, the average salary is higher than the beauty of GREE.

To 2016, Guangdong Province Urban Non private sector employment average annual wage of 72 thousand and 300 yuan. GREE and the flat, beauty is far higher than the average wage level reached 121 thousand yuan.

The rapid expansion of beauty after the start of layoffs

The United States cannot do without the development of the early expansion. From 2006 to 2010, except for 2008, the total number of employees is increasing, the rapid growth in 2010, an increase of 65.41% compared to 2009, reaching 98 thousand and 700 people. Among them, the production staff accounted for about 94%, and the largest increment.

With the number of employees doubled the corresponding is, 2011, the carrying amount of beauty appliances fixed assets of 10 billion 715 million yuan, 5 billion 24 million yuan over the end of 2008 increased by 113%.

But soon, the United States put forward plans to upgrade, trying to reform the sales channels, reduce costs, reduce expenditure. Among them, the most striking is the great in strength and impetus layoffs action.

In 2011, the United States laid off more than 30 thousand employees, leaving 66 thousand and 500 people, the total number of employees at the end of 2010 was reduced by 32179, representing a decline of 32.6%. Among them, the largest decline in production personnel. The layoffs hit a new record of layoffs A shares of listed companies.

This is regarded as an important step in the reform of the United states. Some analysts said that beauty itself organization expansion, coupled with low efficiency, high inventory, the impact of the industry environment and other factors, it is imperative to reform. In 2012, the real estate industry downturn, home appliance trade, energy subsidies and other policies expire, the domestic appliance industry slowdown, even collective ushered in the winter.

After a few years, the beauty of the reform has never stopped. In addition to the number of employees in 2013 listed companies bring increased in 2014 and 2015, the total number of employees of the U.S. were lower than last year. In addition, the United States tried to change the mode of plant expansion from incremental to go into the high-end, intelligent product line. This is reflected in the beautiful water of central air conditioning, millet shares beauty etc..

And the beauty of the salary gap, GREE high-profile welfare

With the United States similar to GREE in 2010 in the number of staff. This year, GREE employees reached 62 thousand people, is nearly three times in 2009 22 thousand, the most obvious is the increment of production and auxiliary personnel. But in 2010, the total annual remuneration of GREE has not kept pace with the growth rate of employees, resulting in an average annual salary of employees in 2010 only about half of 2009.

In May 2012, Dong Mingzhu, chairman of GREE group, actively to improve employee benefits. But from the beginning, the average annual salary of employees of GREE and beauty is widening. A difference of nearly 3000 yuan from 2012 to 2016 is 4 yuan.

Under this background, the payment of benefits to employees of GREE news: in August 2016, GREE announced on the premise of air conditioning prices, household air-conditioning installation fee increased 100 yuan each; at the end of 2016, GREE announced that based on the existing monthly salary, all employees of the entry for three months, a rise of 1000 per person per month yuan; June 2017, GREE announced in 6, 7 and two months, for the air-conditioning installation work per person and 100 yuan subsidy high installation costs.

The media will Dong Mingzhu "raise" move, as the occupation strategy Dong Mingzhu buy image.

In addition, GREE is also improving their housing conditions. In 2005, GREE invested 200 million yuan in Zhuhai set up the staff area - a paradise. The park in the construction area of 120 thousand square meters, can accommodate more than ten thousand employees. The park has a single dormitory, couples, supermarkets, hospitals and houses various daily and recreational equipment. A set of two rooms to rent water electricity as long as the "more than 300 is enough", "if the rent near the same house, more than 2000 per month." In 2014, covers an area of nearly 40 thousand square meters, invested 400 million yuan to the paradise two have been put into use.

But some people do not buy it. GREE employees to report material in the social platform, staff dormitory is a single room, only 9 square meters, can only be placed under a small bed in a small table". Which Dong Mingzhu proposed in early 2017 to make every GREE employees enjoy two bedroom treatment far.

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