With a $500 thousand short yuan, a week later, he completely dumbfounded

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With a $500 thousand short yuan, a week later, he completely dumbfounded

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At the beginning of busy RMB into dollars, today is estimated to regret a previous mistake.

In the beginning of this year, the RMB against the U.S. dollar from 7 yuan mark only one step away, then break 7 yuan will become almost the same expectations, a lot of people are busy will be $50 thousand purchase of the entire amount of light. However, a stronger yuan gave these people gave a slap in the face, it is at the beginning of January, with a wave of RMB appreciation against the dollar by surprise, to the bearish man is experiencing a head-on blow, followed by several waves of appreciation.

Especially since late May, the RMB continued strong, onshore RMB against the U.S. dollar rose above 6.9, continuous 6.8, 6.7 mark, the offshore renminbi rose is also expanding. Rough statistics, since this year, the RMB exchange rate has risen nearly 3000 basis points.

The recent trend of the RMB against the U.S. dollar in the bank

Yesterday (August 10th), the RMB against the US dollar, the closing price of 6.6610 16:30, 23:30 is closed at 6.6485 yuan, a record in August 18, 2016 (the day to close at 6.6312 yuan) since the night of the closing plate high.

Dollar by 128 basis points at 6.6642, if in accordance with the beginning of the middle price of the first trading day of 6.9498 to buy $50 thousand in foreign exchange, has now lost about 14 thousand yuan.

Of course, thanks to more speculators and currency speculators hoard a lot.

Foreign exchange speculators lose $100 thousand a week

According to Shanghai Securities News reported recently, a stronger yuan exchange speculators Xiao Wu for more than a week, a loss of $about 100000.

Xiao Wu in the offshore market plus leverage to buy the dollar exchange rate speculation, the actual delivery of funds of the margin trading, also is to use $500 thousand as a deposit, 20 times leverage, market transactions of $10 million. Xiao Wu think well: the end of a copy, in the spot market in the vicinity of 6.72 dollars, and the dollar rebounded, sit close to 20 times leverage dividend.

However, the offshore renminbi is not what he thought an amazing rally. 10, onshore and offshore RMB exchange rate continued to both rose, once rose above 6.66 mark, a week down rose nearly 1%.

"At that time, immediately frightened. Because 20 times leverage, equivalent to a loss of 20%, $100 thousand was not." Xiao Wu only tearful departure.

Of course, there are people in pain than Xiao wu. In the exchange rate of RMB to $6.85 when no settlement of the enterprise financial Wang, seeing the RMB exchange rate rose to near 6.66, up nearly 2000 basis points, tears: just come to understand, is the trend of RMB appreciation.

Investors rushed to sell $

The yuan also rose sharply to make the pre hoarding dollars investment Huangbuzelu, have joined the army to sell dollars, RMB financial market.

The past visible before the eyes. Last year, investors are crazy to buy dollars, seems to participate in the carnival. Zhao's children are still in high school, they don't have to rush to purchase foreign exchange, but also with full investment and purchase of $50 thousand.

Zhao learned that the U.S. financial products 1 year yields about 1.5%, about 4% RMB financial income rate. But she thought that, if the devaluation of the renminbi against the dollar in the next 4% years, you can get more than 1.5% RMB financial revenue, but also for the children to study abroad after set aside a reserve.

However, the RMB exchange rate rose this year, let this batch of investment lay the gun".

As of now, the RMB exchange rate rose exceeded 4%, plus RMB and USD in financial market price, the investment loss of at least $7% to. The dollar finance to invest less consideration, some investment dollars more only lying in the drawer "sleep", thanks to more.

Now, many investors rushed to the bank requires the U.S. financial products into RMB financial products, anxious to get to sell $.

The economic fundamentals support a stronger renminbi

So, why can be at the beginning of the RMB bearish case, "accidental" counter attack?

Xinhua news agency, China Merchants Securities chief macroeconomic analyst Xie Yaxuan believes that, from an international perspective, the first half of the dollar trend is weak, the high dollar index from the beginning of 103 down to the present near 93, a decline of nearly 10%. A weaker dollar is RMB appreciation of open space.

Decrease in external pressure driven by supply and demand, improve the RMB market, foreign exchange will pick up, to support the RMB exchange rate upward.

The foreign exchange bureau data show that the first half of the year, the bank settlement grew 6%, sales fell 4%, foreign exchange deficit fell 46%, the bank balance of long-term settlement by reversed; the size of foreign exchange reserves last month rebounded, as of the end of 7, has rebounded to $30807.

In addition, the main support of exchange rate movements or economic fundamentals. The first half of the year, China's economy has maintained stable and good posture, economic operation in a reasonable range, the main indicators of better than expected, the international financial market is relatively stable.

"Chinese economic recovery to the supporting role of the RMB exchange rate up." CICC Research Institute chief economist Zhao Qingming said, in addition, the administration of foreign exchange in the individual purchase of foreign exchange, enterprises "going out" and constantly improve the rules for the implementation of policies to reduce the pressure of cross-border capital flows, market confidence is gradually improved, these are for a stronger yuan to promote.

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