Reform and opening up: the two main themes of Finance -- Ma Guangyuan, an independent economist at Zhongtian financial dialogue

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Reform and opening up: the two main themes of Finance -- Ma Guangyuan, an independent economist at Zhongtian financial dialogue

2017-09-10 08:12:35 257 ℃

Finance is the blood of the real economy. Finance plays an important role in the economic development and social life. But it must be said that for a long time, there are still a lot of misunderstandings about the cognition, understanding and definition of finance. This issue, we have the honor to interview the famous economist Ma Guangyuan. Next, from the two topics of this interview: real estate and financial poverty alleviation, listen to Dr. Ma's views on the status of Guiyang real estate, as well as financial aid to the poor view.

(Ma Guangyuan expert interviews video)

House prices, unsolicited, are generally concerned about the topic, in the initial interview, we also pay attention to the topic of housing prices.

All along, the public's general view of house prices change is related to the division of the city: first, the second tier cities housing prices, and its rise is far greater than the three or four lines of urban housing prices. In this regard, Ma Guangyuan put forward different views, in his view, to one or two, three lines to divide the city, simply can not reflect the reality of the city, and can not explain the changing characteristics of prices. Each city has its own unique characteristics, these characteristics can not be through the one or two and three lines of these figures to show.He divided the city into five categories:The first kind isGlobal CitiesThat is, the global radiation power, its influence, attraction, population, resources and so on, have global concept; the second kind isInternational CityIn the world have a strong reputation of the city; the third category isKey cityIt includes national central cities and regional central cities. It refers to a city with a decisive position in a regional environment; and the fourth kind isRegional big cityThe fifth kind isOther cities.

In this regard, Ma Guangyuan through the analysis of Hefei housing prices that cause unreasonable one or two, three or four lines of the city division, and through the example of Guiyang as a regional big city, whether it is has great adsorption capacity for resources and population, in the future urbanization process, the rapid development of a City strong support.

The "Never mind division of the changes in the prices of one or two, and the three or four line of the city. Guiyang, as a regional big city, has great absorbability to population and resources in the future urbanization."

The unique characteristics of the city itself is also the most important factor for the future development of the city."When it comes to the future development of Guiyang, Ma Guangyuan added. In recent years, the public talked about big data, no doubt will mention Guiyang, it can be said that big data has become a unique feature of Guiyang. "I came to Guiyang three times already, one is in the real estate conference, a meeting is in big data, one is in the financial meeting, the three meeting is finished, everyone at the end of this city with this orientation: big data in Guiyang do well in financial it is force level."

The city itself and its total economic output and Never mind much, in the city, the characteristics of its own appeal to the masses more unique; and, once the city formed its own characteristics, gathering resources, talents will be formed, and transformed into industrial advantages, and the development of a city caused great improvement.

The city itself is "comparison of the regional level, but more important is its characteristics. Guiyang is very characteristic, it is still a very big relationship with the local government on the city's positioning, identify the breakthrough point."

In recent years, big data, big poverty alleviation, and become a major ecological Guizhou curve overtaking, bend straight straight track and path, the city is constantly upgrading, transformation, enterprises are also seeking development transformation. As a city builder and operator who has rooted in Guizhou for nearly forty years, Zhongtian finance has also followed the pace of Guizhou's development,Actively layout the strategic blueprint of "financial services + entity industry".In this regard, Ma Guangyuan analysts believe that this is the innovation of enterprise development strategy, take advantage of the prospective.

The "why each time control, real estate companies will feel difficult? "

When any industry develops to a certain stage, it is bound to face the problem of going from where to go." Generally speaking, the real estate cycle is 20 years, which is now the so-called real estate golden age, the silver age division, however, for this argument, Ma Guangyuan candidly said: "I don't admit that this is the silver age is very superficial."

The market after a period of rapid growth, enter the normal growth period, and then enter the industry differentiation, demand differentiation period, which is a part of the enterprise will continue to insist on doing professional, to continue their studies in the industry; and another part of the enterprise, is the use of big data, the Internet and other modern intelligent, looking for a the diversified development in transition, from extensive development to the financial industry transformation and upgrading.

"A good entrepreneur will do what? To break through, to find the next real estate industry opportunities."


Poverty alleviation, which is a livelihood issue of great concern to the state in recent years, is also an important strategic task in Guizhou. Guizhou as the main battlefield of the battle out of poverty, poverty alleviation strategy action has entered kenyinggutou, rattling the Deepwater and sprint period.

Guizhou is located in the Western Delta China, resources shortage, the development of a weak, weak economic strength, low per capita income, poverty is Chinese most populous, the most impoverished provinces. By the beginning of 2017, there were still more than 370 poor people in Guizhou.

And all along,In the whole system of poverty alleviation, finance is the most neglected short board.In the traditional thinking, poverty is a responsibility of the government, enterprises, social public welfare, and open market. In this regard, Ma Guangyuan made different views:"Real philanthropy, in fact, is the need to make money.".The application of market-oriented operational principles to charity will play a leverage role in helping the poor.

Then, how to build a market-oriented poverty alleviation public welfare undertakings?

"To embed the financial concept in the market-oriented operation principle, to revitalize the whole poverty alleviation fund, and to enliven the whole poverty alleviation ecology, I think this is a very good idea."

The "finance is a kind of human rights, is that everyone should get right, whether you should have money, financial products, financial institutions related to service for you."

"We need some enterprises to carry out financial aid to the poor, and to develop some poverty alleviation products with both economic and social benefits." Enterprises to do poverty alleviation, often more consideration is how to make it hematopoietic, and truly out of poverty, and this is just the best to help the poor.

Dr. Ma Guangyuan was appointed as the "delta sky financial group experts"

In the following interview process, Ma Guangyuan gave us a lot of examples of financial poverty alleviation, including the concept of industrial poverty alleviation and the concept of poverty alleviation, and how to better integrate finance with the two helping the poor...... These examples, for the transit financial assistance, solidarity village, poverty alleviation, is the best example.

"Financial live water""Li Keqiang, premier of the State Council, delivered a speech at the two session of the twelve National People's Congress"Financial living water, irrigation, rural dreams.""As a public theme helping unity village out of poverty of the battle, not only embodies the profound, to the country and transit financial strategy of Guizhou precision interpretation, but also reflects the transit of finance has been concerned about people's livelihood, with the pulse of the times, always practice"Mind the overall situation, extreme responsibility"Enterprise concept.

The Guiyang transit center 201 real map

Give full play to financial strength and concentrate on poverty alleviation. The concept of finance will be embedded in the poverty alleviation and public welfare undertakings, and through the innovation of financial products and services, a steady stream of fresh blood will be provided for the poverty alleviation.