Koreans say iPhone8 is made in Korea. Where does this courage come from?

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Koreans say iPhone8 is made in Korea. Where does this courage come from?

2017-09-12 20:34:41 137 ℃

Apple's new iPhone8 release soon, around the new iPhone news can be described as an endless stream, but there is one of the most popular news, this is the Korean media recently released a news:

In September 8th, a news report by the Yonhap news agency entitled "the decision of the South Korean manufacturer to represent the price of iPhone8, which is represented by Samsung, the Apple Corp's biggest competitor," sparked a heated debate among Korean netizens. South Korean netizens have ridiculed Apple mobile phone without Samsung's help, nothing is, "iPhone should be written above 'Made In Korea'."!"

For a time the Internet outcry, a long time, Apple products China manufacturing can be said to have become a habit of Apple products, one of these was the South Korean excitement seems a bit confusing, we have to talk about today, Koreans say iPhone8 is made in Korea, the courage to come from?

Since Apple mobile phone and a full range of Apple products are Chinese manufacturing, the famous foundry Foxconn is manufacturing orders because Apple has become the world's largest ODM manufacturers, in this respect, each iPhone behind the "Made in China" sign in some time is a reflection of China world factory however, in our pride, South Korea's sudden provocation seems to make people feel very strange, why South Korea will say so? We first let the cultural conflict between countries do not say, do not discuss the Koreans will not think the world is their heart, we calm look, why South Korea dare say iPhone8 is made in South korea.

We carefully analyze the news of South Korea, in fact, everything is a reason, we say that certain country manufacturing definition is often the final assembly of products in certain countries, but with the continuous refinement of international division of labor, the most sophisticated products, whether large aircraft, ships, or small, mobile phone the camera, which parts are less likely by a country to produce finished with our most commonly used Airbus aircraft as an example, an aircraft parts are often dozens of countries jointly produced, and then assembled in one country.

So, from this point of view is assembled, iPhone8 is China made this no doubt what, but the question is, as everyone knows, China, electronic products in the field of precision parts production in fact has not been dominant, such as chips, Qualcomm basically occupy most of the high-end chip production, Taiwan MTK is the possession of the main low-end mobile phone market, the other parts are often made by foreign enterprises.

The South Korean media has seized on this point, and the South Korean media said that a significant portion of the NAND flash used by the Phone8 is supplied by Samsung Electronics and fourth bit SK Hynix, which holds first of the world market share. Moreover, iPhone8 uses a flexible OLED panel and OLED touch panel, and now the world's smart phone OLED market, Samsung display occupy 97% of the market share, in fact, is a big one. Moreover, most of the dual camera components used by iPhone8 are produced by LG Innotek, a subsidiary of LG, the maker of Korean electronic components. IPhone8 also uses Samsung Electronics and PCB boards manufactured for Korean smartphones for smartphones.

We start from this point, South Korea made parts indeed occupy a lot of new Apple mobile phone parts, and these parts are often due to a mobile phone cost in bulk, so the South Korean media said the South Korean production of components to affect the final pricing iPhones, this is not much of a problem. This time we can comb the entire apple mobile phone industry chain:

The product design (from USA) - key parts manufacturing (controlled by Japan) - manufacturing core chip, display (South Korea manufacturing) - other parts (China manufacturing) - assembly (Foxconn, mostly in China).

In fact, this issue has been very clear indeed, South Korean companies have certain advantages, but that a iPhone is made in South Korea is overdone, the core of the design and production of key parts of the United States and Japan did not speak it? Han's return is still not coming.

Two, China's worries really exist

Although we say iPhone8 not to Korea here chaos speech, but South Korea said iPhone8 is the problem we cannot easily be ignored, this problem is China smile curve exists for a long time, we can see from the top of the industry chain, the key production of high added value, such as product design the core, key parts, parts of the production are not completed by Chinese, and Chinese can only occupy the low-end part of the smile curve, such as the other parts, such as the assembly production, these things on the surface to China brought a China manufacturing reputation, but in fact we only profit earned, according to Foxconn report the production of a mobile phone, apple, Foxconn will be able to get the contract fee only ten yuan, but Apple's mobile phone price is up to thousands of dollars or even To close to 10000 yuan (the recent price of iPhone8), in such circumstances, we do not make money issue has become a serious practical problem.

Recently, a lot of people are saying that China's manufacturing industry is stagnant, and small businesses are experiencing difficulties in operation. Large enterprises are experiencing overcapacity, but is it really a manufacturing slump? We see the high iron China is the best-selling products in the world, Chinese payment technology especially mobile payment technology has been in various countries study, so the real competitive market with innovative products is not manufacturing downturn, China manufacturing downturn in what areas? Labor intensive industries or low added value, such as clothing, toys and other low-end products, iron and steel, cement or heavy industry, we say that the so-called shadaheicu products, is actually a lack of fine technology and value-added products. For example Chinese the iron and steel industry is very developed, our iron and steel production capacity even ranked in the world, but until shortly before the Chinese still cannot make steel ballpoint pen refill, until some time ago to overcome the technical problem.

So, China is not really overcapacity, but the relative surplus of production capacity, high-end products, high-tech products such as technology to streamline our production capacity is really a serious shortage of production capacity, we only in the low-end products overcapacity, many years ago we used vehicle skin clothing and toys for foreign exchange planes, so many years the products we make is still the low value-added, high labor intensive products, so our real problem is the lack of industrial restructuring and upgrading.

Why a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises along the coast are not the boss to open factories to real, the reason is that the business is low profit, but why the enterprise profit is too low, after all is that we lack the core competitiveness, the industrial added value is really too low, we earn money is hard, but the normal profit is not the industry, so China most enterprises do not own innovation, industry position from the low-end of the smile curve on both sides to transfer, so as to get more profits from, build their own core profit advantages with the core technology advantages in this aspect of their own, although it is difficult, but we have to say, we made a refill steel ball pen, we produced its own mobile phone CPU kylin, surging, we created our own large aircraft, although the speed is not fast, but every step Both are steady.

China enterprises need to give up as soon as possible to marketing as the core, the assembly for the advantage of the "fast money thinking" to the low end, to study under the heart sink, build their own core competitiveness, the only way to realize the transformation of industrial upgrading, grasp the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Koreans say iPhone8 is made in Korea, do you agree? Everyone is welcome to leave a message.

Author: Jiang Han, research fellow of Suning Financial Research Institute, financial columnist, financial commentator.

Author WeChat public number: Jiang Han field of vision observation (jianghanview)