Dongguan technical talent is hard to find: salary doubled to 1 times to recruit nearly all in the rush of people

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Dongguan technical talent is hard to find: salary doubled to 1 times to recruit nearly all in the rush of people

2017-09-12 21:23:03 148 ℃

"Almost all the workers are now being robbed, and the wages of temporary workers are doubled. They are not always able to recruit people.". Under such circumstances, we rely on technological transformation to enhance the level of automation, reduce employment, last year to this year, high-precision equipment investment of about 20 million yuan." Recently, Dongguan's main mobile phone parts production of Guangdong, the Link Communications Inc general manager Chen Yi told the first financial reporter.

Although this amount is not low, but whether he is willing or not, technical transformation has become the trend of the times. In the industrial shortage of workers, labor costs continue to rise, technological upgrading and other pressures, enterprises are heavily invested, increase investment in technological transformation, and promote transformation and upgrading.

Recently, the first financial reporter visited the manufacturing hub of Dongguan, the city is getting rid of dependence on low-end manufacturing, the urgent need for technical transformation. In "upgrade was eliminated" under the pressure of market, local business owners have already embarked on the road of technological transformation, technological transformation from the passive type to run past the government initiative to adapt to market competition, even for future orders of uncertain enterprises also carefully try in some production input transformation funds. At the same time, the talent challenge brought about by technological transformation is also a problem they need to face.

The coexistence of industry 1 and 3 needs technological transformation

Technical innovation, as the name suggests is refers to the enterprise to achieve technological progress, promote the upgrading of products, the use of new technologies, new processes, new equipment and new materials, the existing facilities, process conditions and production service transformation, updating and upgrading, development. Obviously, enterprises want to improve the quality, efficiency, upgrade and sustained and steady growth, technological significance is significant.

In recent years, the state has promulgated corresponding technological transformation policies to improve industrial competitiveness. Local governments are also responding. Dongguan economic and Information Bureau data show that in 2017 1~7 months, Dongguan industrial technological transformation investment 18 billion 70 million yuan, an increase of 43.4%, up 36.2 percentage points over the same period last year. 1~7 months this year, the investment in technological transformation in Wuhan reached 63 billion 736 million yuan, an increase of 1.2 times. At the same time, the total investment in technological transformation of Sichuan's whole society totaled 398 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of 17.8%, and the investment in technological upgrading achieved two digit growth. Investment in technological transformation in Anhui was also completed 395 billion 580 million yuan, an increase of 14.2%, an increase of 4.6 percentage points higher than the same period last year.

According to data recently released by the National Bureau of statistics, in the 1~7 months of this year, the technology investment in the manufacturing sector was 47576 yuan, an increase of 10.3%, an increase of 5.5 percentage points higher than that of the manufacturing sector. Transformation and upgrading of investment growth faster, but also means that the optimization of the investment structure of the manufacturing sector continues to advance.

Comprehensive Development Research Institute (China Shenzhen) minister of information Zheng Yujie to the first financial reporter analysis, in the first half of this year, the national economy as a whole is good, technical investment growth is very normal.

Zheng Yujie said that in recent years, technological transformation has attracted much attention, because China's manufacturing industry is large and not strong, some traditional industries not only lack of technology, equipment level is not enough, need to promote technological transformation and upgrading through technical transformation.

Not long ago, Zheng Yujie went to the southeast of a province to investigate the clothing industry, and found that the overall technical level of the local industry and equipment automation level is low, some of the links are still hand. He said: "China's industrial level is multifaceted, you can see very backward, but also to see the very advanced.". Industry 1, 2 and 3 exist at the same time, unlike the overall level of manufacturing enterprises in Germany, which is relatively consistent."

Jiang Lin, director of the finance and tax department of South of the Five Ridges College of Zhongshan University told the first financial journalist, technical innovation is a proper noun Chinese characteristic, involves two aspects, one is to improve the existing technology, "if you do before export, and now want to do so into the domestic demand, production line directly in turn is not enough, must have technology transformation. For example: sell products to the United States, the applicable voltage is 110V, sold to the domestic applicable voltage is 220V, the production line can not be directly converted."

Another aspect is the input of new technologies. Jiang Lin explained: "for example, in the past the production of electronic components, semi-finished or finished enterprises now do intend to use this electronic technology, compared with the past is to upgrade, the upgrade process requires modification."

Technological transformation not only involves the introduction of new equipment and technology, but also is closely related to R & D. Many enterprises easily confuse the two with each other. Jiang Lin said: "technological transformation contains the elements of research and development. R & D must be combined with technology to become a technological transformation, not simply say that R & D belongs to technological transformation. In addition, technological transformation also involves other factors, such as building a factory building. We can simply say the building does not belong to the technology, such as the original is now to be transformed into general equipment, special equipment, the workshop is not suitable, to be transformed into a new plant, the technical supporting for construction of the plant can be considered as technical inputs. This is a broad concept."

For the construction of technical support, the workshop can also be counted as investment in technological transformation

Technical transformation effect immediately

At present, Dongguan has more than 120 thousand industrial enterprises, involving more than 30 industries and more than 60 thousand products of the complete manufacturing system, electronic information and other 5 pillar industries and furniture and other 4 special industries.

Dongguan low-end industry concentrated in recent years has been vigorously promoting technological transformation. Take one of the town's economy Houjie Town, the first quarter of this year, the industrial investment growth of 29.6%, the industrial technological investment growth as high as 125.7%, the continuation of the upward trend in industrial production, the regulation of industrial added value of 3 billion 497 million yuan, an increase of 7.5%.

A person in Houjie Town Government on the first financial reporter said that the first quarter of this year, investment in technological growth doubled, although because of some big project of the pull, but in recent years, including the Houjie town of Dongguan all have ongoing technological transformation, both the government and enterprises have a strong positive.

Dongguan, once a "world factory", had felt the urgency of technological transformation earlier, and began to make technological change more than ten years ago.

Around 2000, Dongguan put forward "one city, three, five," first". Among them, the "one city" refers to the city of modern manufacturing, the "three hit" means innovation development mode, innovation system, innovation and development ability. But in 2005, industrial policy began to be truly implemented. Dongguan municipal Party School professor Zha Risheng memories in accept the first financial reporter to interview: "in 2005, Dongguan began to pay more attention to technological innovation and technological transformation, then put forward the" 5 Dongguan ", one is" Dongguan science and technology "."

At that time, the "labor shortage" the historic words began to appear, the range showed a "labor shortage", especially in the Pearl River Delta, discussed the human resources and the demographic dividend inflection point problem gradually warm up. Dongguan is also facing a shortage of land, labor-intensive enterprises to take the land is no longer so easy. Under the dual pressure, local enterprises urgently need to improve labor productivity and try to find ways to improve their productivity.

Check the sunrise, Dongguan investment in recent years has kept increasing trend, because of rising labor costs, companies recruit people, we need to strengthen the intelligence, information and automation of the three block, the three block is related to technical innovation.

The effect is immediate. The clothing brand in Dongguan YISHION Group Co., Ltd. vice chairman Liu Jinzhi told the first financial reporter, the company in the investment of about 10000000 yuan, total automation of intelligent warehouse, the original dozens of people moved to move on the warehouse now need only through computer operation, improve work efficiency, also let the workers work easier, retain workers.

In a workshop located in Houjie Town Enterprises coomo furniture, introduction to the first financial director Zhou Wenxue pointed to the reporter in the noisy machines in new equipment: these devices are cheap to about 700000 yuan, such as drying machine; expensive to millions of yuan, such as imported CNC drill drilling machine. These are bought this year, although spent almost 20 million yuan, but we order quantity stability, production has not stopped, spend this money is worth. Just because it saves manpower, a machine can replace at least 3 workers." Model furniture has spent a lot of money buying new equipment and revamping it over the past few years.

Furniture enterprise model is located in Houjie Town, Dongguan, in recent years, continue to invest heavily in the purchase of new equipment, technical transformation.

Liu Quanguang carefully told, just from saving manpower cost consideration, the purchase of the pipeline, about 5~6 months to recover the cost.

The cost of labor savings is not big. Liu Quanguang said: "more importantly, our production efficiency has increased by more than 50%, the previous day can only install 20 units, and now can hold more than 32 units, production capacity has expanded by half.". A sales price of around 20 thousand yuan, a day will increase 240 thousand yuan, a year down almost 1 hundred million increase in sales. Compared with the traditional manufacturing industry, our product value added must be much higher. If the production equipment and processes to do some major transformation, the increase in value and profit margins will be far more than some traditional enterprises."

From passive technical transformation to active attack

Then, how about the actual technological transformation of these labor-intensive enterprises and high-tech enterprises? The electronic information industry in Dongguan is one of the pillar industries, the electronics industry association secretary general Yin Jianwen on the first financial reporters, high-tech enterprises in the electronics industry is mostly in automation, in recent years, many of them in the understanding of how technological transformation. Although there is not an exact figure, more than 70% of the estimated technical modifications have been carried out, and the scope of technical transformation involves software and hardware.

The traditional industries in the electronics industry may have to worry more about technical improvements. Yin Jianwen said: "there are also some enterprises in the electronic industry which are labor-intensive industries and need more people.". For these enterprises, technical transformation is mainly in this piece of equipment, new equipment or machine substitutions. But similar to furniture and other traditional industries, it is more troublesome to change, and there is no good reform of electronic automation. Many enterprises are reluctant to do so."

In addition to the transformation is not good, these enterprises are also concerned about whether the input and return of technological transformation is proportional to. For labor-intensive enterprises, technical innovation need to update large-scale equipment equipment, good point to millions of dollars, the general should be several hundred thousand dollars, business owners may be disturbed: has invested so much money, what time to return to this? But if several people, how much money did one month but 349 yuan.

Yin Jianwen said: "many of these enterprises are on behalf of processing, fear of unstable orders, worried about the effectiveness of investment in technical transformation.". Unlike high-tech enterprises, competitive, not afraid of no orders."

However, labor intensive enterprises more urgent technical transformation, coupled with peer technical transformation pressure, whether business owners willing or not, have embarked on the road of technological transformation, technological transformation is moving from passive to active.

Yin Jianwen found that most member companies go in this direction, even if the money is tight or not sure about the future status of orders, but also cautious shot, for example in a process on the first purchase of a small amount of technical innovation, production line, save manpower.

He also found that some labor-intensive enterprises even increased investment in technological transformation, although the quantity is not many, but this is a welcome sign. "Because the economic environment has improved, orders have changed, and the vacancy rate from the factory will be able to see that the year before last, there are empty factories in Dongguan, but this year almost can not see, the factory is now better rental. Of course, in addition to the economic upturn, but also partly because of some enterprises in Shenzhen moved."

Talent challenge

What follows is the challenge of talent. A few years ago the factory moved from Shenzhen to Dongguan on the first financial industry electronic business owners told reporters, on the quality of talent requirements to improve the technical innovation, need more and more qualified technicians, advanced equipment and new operation, such as programming, and used to be a worker at the machine running on the line. "And, in the process of using, always change the programming according to the requirements or procedures of the product. This kind of talent is not very good in Dongguan. Large factory brand resting on it, some small factories need to recruit better, fewer people, move quickly, like our small factories most difficult to recruit." He said.

Model furniture suffers the same. Li Zhen said: "traditional manufacturing in new equipment, new software applications, lack of talent.". In the past we only focused on the training of worker masters. We didn't spend enough energy to save this kind of talent. Now we can only recruit from outside, but there are fewer people on the market, not just in Dongguan. This is a small area, although a lot of software users, but not much used in the furniture industry."

He added: "next, our investment in technological upgrading should be stable or moderate growth, not too fast.". Otherwise, if we walk too fast, we can't keep up with ourselves."

Since 2011, Dongguan has invested 1 billion yuan per year, vigorously implement the "talent Dongguan" strategy, and high-level talents are divided into five categories: special talents, talents, two types of talents, three types of talents and four categories of talents. These five types of talent can enjoy preferential benefits in housing, taxation and children's enrollment.

At the end of 2015, Dongguan human resources department drafted 5 talent policy documents, involving ordinary skilled personnel. The new deal includes: 12 talents home Dongguan City financial threshold is lower and lower; the highest subsidy of 5000 yuan per person per month, arrangement of Higher Vocational and secondary vocational students attend the international course to overseas universities internship exchange 3~6 months; self rating personnel home enterprises, employees will be home decided delegated to the 7 types of enterprises to carry out talent evaluation skills; each type of enterprise, evaluation of subsidies of 30 thousand yuan.