From the start he Mason as this year, revenues of 251 billion 600 million yuan, far exceeding the Ali

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From the start he Mason as this year, revenues of 251 billion 600 million yuan, far exceeding the Ali

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Author: Chen Guang, dodo

- Commissioning Editor: Yang Zhijia

In September 10th, the China Enterprise Association and the China Entrepreneur Association jointly issued the list of "top 500 Chinese enterprises in 2017".

In the forefront of the list, "Hengli Group" seems quite strange, it is 251 billion 647 million yuan in revenue ranked sixtieth in the list, and behind it, lined with Alibaba, Vanke, Hengda and other well-known enterprises.

And the group, in the glittering entrepreneurs groups, constant founder Chen Jianhua reputation is not obvious.

[From the masons to entrepreneurs]

In 1971, Chen Jianhua was born in the town of Shengze, Wujiang District, Suzhou. Since ancient times, Shengze is one of the important origin of China textiles, the ancient "sunrise 10000, by the praise of the world".

However, in the memory of Chen Jianhua's growth, this is only a small town in the south of the Yangtze river. When I was young because the poor at home, at the age of 13, Chen Jianhua had to drop out due to their inability to afford the tuition, living out domestic subsidies, to become a Mason on the building site.So until the age of 18, Chen Jianhua felt that he was a contractor at the end of his life, but an accident changed his fate.

The accident, he fell from high places, lying in bed for several months, from now on because of physical reasons can no longer do mud tile. No background no qualifications, Chen Jianhua can not find a good job, no, he began riding a bicycle to travel extensively, business, the sale of chemical fiber silk.

Being forced into business seems to activate Chen Jianhua's talent,Within 5 years, his small business continued to grow, and in the early 90s of the 20th century, he had saved more than 200 savings. At that time, becoming a millionaire was a great thing, but Chen Jianhua, who was out of poverty, began to have a bigger idea. He wanted to start a business of his own.

On May 1994, when he passed through the collective weaving factory in Nan Ma Zhen, he heard that the factory planned to sell it. Chen Jianhua felt it was a good opportunity to talk to the town leader at once. The negotiations were not smooth, and the town did not want to sell the factory to a private owner, let alone a young man. Finally, Chen Jianhua play emotional card: "I also sell my factory, South Ma, than to outsiders."

Negotiate,Braved the risk of borrowing, only 23 years old, he subscribed to the factory for 3 million 690 thousand yuan, and renamed it Wujiang chemical fiber weaving factory, which is the first formal private enterprises in Wujiang region.

[Striding reform]

What Chen Jianhua didn't expect was that he had just taken over, and the employees of the factory all disappeared overnight, leaving only the old guard and the chief of the security department.

He quickly looked for the staff to understand the situation to leave, that there are many disadvantages: the original factory, the staff put forward their views to solve these problems, always ignored; the factory performance is poor, it is always on the verge of collapse, until the end of wage settlement. Therefore, after the factory changed hands, employees saw such a young boss, felt no hope, and left.

To understand the situation, Chen Jianhua immediately made system: one is the replacement of all money owed wages, and set the rules, 15 monthly wages on time; two is the introduction of the "three" principle: no guarantee, no debt, not into the relatives and friends, to eliminate the drawbacks and triangle debt management; three is to import raw materials and product sales of two off, reducing the number of full-time management personnel, to avoid the phenomenon of corruption within the factory.

Wages for employees to return to the factory, the new system is more equal pay, arouse the enthusiasm of the people, this 1 years ago is also on the verge of collapse of the enterprise, wood rejuvenation. In 1995, weaving factory profit about 10000000 yuan, in 1996, earnings doubled to about 27000000.

However, the development is not constant at that time, the self-employed Everything is going smoothly., business is very difficult, the water power is restricted, is always "scissors", forcing business owners continue to "evolve" innovation, insight into the market direction.

In the first month of the acquisition of Wujiang chemical fiber plant, Chen Jianhua eliminated the existing shuttle looms and borrowed money to introduce 1200 spindles. Later, he went to Zhejiang to study, he found more advanced counterparts - Zhejiang textile factory use of shuttleless loom, each employee can watch more than 10 machines, 400 meters of cloth every day; and his staff can only watch 2 machines, one day only 40 meters of fabric.

After returning, he immediately bought 88 shuttleless looms in the water jet loom, the introduction of Korea produced whole pulp and 1 sets, the new three branches and Acer built branch.

After that time, Chen Jianhua continued to make money into the equipment upgrade.

At the beginning of 1998, Chen Jianhua bought 306 sets of international advanced water jet loom, did not want to, the Asian financial crisis hit, many enterprises have been closed down, Chen Jianhua's business also suffered the biggest blow in history.

But he felt:As long as people have to wear clothes, cloth will not have no demand. As a result, he not only did not shrink the front, but absorbed by the bargain, took almost all net worth, introduced 500 international advanced water jet looms.

Finally, he won the bet. In August of that year, the textile industry recovery, profit rate increased, because purchases a large number of machines, the production capacity is greatly improved, making a "full house".

[Tigers winter]

"When and what?"",It's an old saying that Chen Jianhua often says. He is very proud of his own market looking forward to control, but its behavior in the eyes of others, but almost the "great leap forward" style of madness".

In 2008, the textile industry, which relies heavily on import and export trade, plunged again into depression. Chen Jianhua told the team:The cat shrinks in the hole in winter, but it is different from the snake. The snake is asleep, but the cat is always staring out. Enterprises want to "cat winter", not "snake winter."".The global financial crisis is a reshuffle of the industry, the global industrial technology in change, the national industrial structure in the adjustment, this is a historical opportunity.

Thus, from 2008 onwards, Chen Jianhua continued to spend money to expand the industry chain. He not only in Suzhou launched 200 thousand tons of industrial silk, 600 thousand tons of chemical fiber polyester project. I also, in Suqian, Dalian, Nantong, Yingkou and other places have voted to build the project.

In the process, he has created the world's largest industrial yarn production enterprises, the world's largest ultra light silk production enterprises, the world's largest PTA factory, set in Germany, South Korea and Japan and a number of equipment investment record. Each to a place, Chen Jianhua's investment amount of more than 10 billion, every investment in a project, he will do the world's largest.

Just a few years, the "cat winter" constant holes became the tiger group formed from the petrochemical industry to polyester fiber filament, weaving and high-end textile machinery complete industrial chain, has become the world's largest textile enterprises.

Winter to spring, constant force became great fat "fat tiger", each chain has gained impressive profits in 2012, another round of crisis, the group exports contrarian growth of nearly 20%, the annual sales income of nearly 100 billion yuan.

Holding enough capital, Chen Jianhua has successively diversified industries such as real estate, thermal power, finance, machinery, trade, hotels and so on, becoming the leading force of China's private economy. At the same time, the group also uses capital to expand into the logistics, aviation, and accelerate the expansion of overseas markets.

Now worth hundreds of billions of dollars of foreign Chen Jianhua, but still low-key, low-key style did not hide his dominant industry momentum, when asked about the situation of "overcapacity, countermeasures" constant when he said: "the leadership of the global market, can be in an invincible position in the global market do not missing one. Can not do, went bankrupt."


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