Diving day 130 billion day turnover of lithium stocks decide on what path to follow?

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Diving day 130 billion day turnover of lithium stocks decide on what path to follow?

2017-09-12 22:01:42 124 ℃

Recent trends in lithium battery index

Lithium battery plate diving sharply late today. Innovation shares take the lead in limiting, Hua friends cobalt fell 8.17%, Gan Feng lithium industry fell 7.7%, leading intelligence down 7.39%, Qi Li lithium industry fell 6.83%.

The lithium battery concept, Huayou cobalt, Ganfeng lithium, leading intelligence, Tian Qi Li industry, win technology, Wei Li billion, Luoyang molybdenum industry, Hengdian East, Sheng and resources, shanshangufen fell in after reaching record highs. All day, the entire plate traded more than 130 billion yuan, the largest volume in history.

In addition, Tibet mining, duofuduo, Grammy, power source, Accor Group, when the rise of science and technology and other stocks intraday exchange rate over 20%. Ganfeng lithium, Grammy, Tian Qi Li industry today, turnover of more than 5 billion yuan.

Today is part of a lithium battery billboard stocks (buyer refers to the number of digital agencies)

Exchange data show late, Tian Qi Li industry institutions sold a net 200 million yuan, win technology institutions sold a net 64 million 850 thousand and 800 yuan, Rong Jie shares institutions sold a net 26 million 928 thousand and 200 yuan, innovation, Accor Group net buying shares. Among them, the innovation shares five institutional seats to buy 160 million yuan, three seats sold 100 million yuan, the cumulative net purchase of 60 million 138 thousand and 500 yuan.

For the lithium battery plate sharp concussion, Kim hundred temporary consulting Qin Hong believes that the new energy automotive industry chain stocks Monday, most trading board, Tuesday morning was also the collective impact of trading board, in fact, this also means that the main short-term or alarming. Moreover, lithium, cobalt and other upstream resources stocks have been running in the rising channel recently, so Monday and Tuesday's early morning pull up is the climax of the wave. Therefore, the emergence of profit taking collective taking is also reasonable. In the direction of position allocation, it may be necessary to reduce the amount of new shares of new energy vehicles at present. Instead of opening some big financial industry stocks, coal gas to benefit varieties.

Guangzhou Bandung believes that if a start speculation lithium battery logic is that the industry continues to add production capacity, the three quarterly report is expected to produce dazzling performance results, so on the weekend from the Ministry of good news, from lithium to lithium batteries and new energy vehicle charging pile and surrounding the whole industry chain is more of a collective outbreak the influx of premium effect caused by short-term funds. But once the market wind is wrong, the profit margin is bound to flee and trigger a stampede. So this afternoon after a wave of diving market sell, fear of high spirits began to breed, including time shares, such as lithium battery, the continuous increase of the recent large high share of short-term or callback risk further, investors pay attention to avoid.