Your social security card has changed a lot, not a big loss!

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Your social security card has changed a lot, not a big loss!

2017-09-17 09:31:26 300 ℃

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Recently, the ministries and commissions of the State Council held a news conference to introduce the focus of work in the coming months. After summing up, the people are about to receive eight benefits.

The state has sent 8 big benefits

1, social security card new functions, "flash" payment

Human resources and social security department will pilot the third generation of social security card, continue to promote the issuance and use of social security card, increase the non contact type function flashed, let the masses through the mobile phone can quickly complete the payment of social security, health insurance and other matters.

2, direct medical settlement in different places!

June, the Ministry of human resources and social security specifically deployed to carry out inter provincial medical treatment, direct settlement hundred days battle, that is, in 7, 8, 9, three months time to basically complete this task. Requirements before the end of September launched a comprehensive national remote medical billing system and network operation, to ensure that the online filing personnel inter provincial offsite medical hospitalization expenses of all direct settlement.

The health and Family Planning Commission recently issued a circular on deepening the reform of the "discharge clothing" and stimulating the vitality of investment in the medical field, and launched ten key reform initiatives in the field of health care, which include:

Clean up all kinds of unnecessary evidence in the relevant documents or specifications!

When a medical institution applies for medical advertisements, a copy of the medical institution's practice license shall be cancelled, and the official seal of the administrative department of health planning shall be affixed to the applicant's official seal.

To carry out social work, medical institutions need to issue capital verification certificates related materials, clean up the abolition of work, strengthen follow-up supervision.

Promote information sharing and work commitment system, work for the masses, life facilitation!

To cancel the relevant certification materials submitted by the applicants for the grant of the family in the rural areas.

Cancel the western region "rich" project for life education history, to implement a long-term contraceptive measures certificate and other related materials, information related to the health administrative department of health through health inspection information system.

Floating population marriage remote information query, promote information sharing, cancel the paper have proof.

4 sharing bike or sharing cars?

Sharing bikes

The day before, with the approval of the State Council, the Ministry of transport and other 10 departments jointly issued the "guidance" to encourage and regulate the development of the Internet rental bike, put forward:

Registered users use the real name system management and service agreement, express charging methods and standards, establish a complaint handling mechanism to purchase personal accident insurance for the user, is prohibited to provide services to children under the age of 12.

Encourage the use of deposit free way to provide leasing services, enterprises have to charge a deposit or advance funds, to set up a special account in the registration, the implementation of earmarking, perfecting the refund system, transportation, finance and other departments to accept supervision.

Shared car

The day before, by the Ministry of transport, the Ministry of housing and urban construction to develop the "guidance" on promoting the healthy development of small micro car rental was promulgated, put forward:

Implementing the identification system. Small mini car rental operators shall have the identification of required facilities, provide valid certificates to the lessee for inspection, record information about the vehicle lease contract, and specify all driver ID and driver's license information

Enhance online and offline service capabilities. Time sharing leasing operators should adopt safe and compliant payment and settlement services to ensure the safety of user deposits and funds, and ensure the safety of personal information. Encourage timeshare leasing operators to adopt credit mode instead of deposit management.

5, employment assistance! Graduates are better at finding jobs

The Ministry of human resources and social security will continue to do well in the employment of college graduates in the first half of the year, and carry out employment assistance activities:

Targeted assistance for underemployed graduates.

Real name registration for graduates leaving school without employment, targeted employment, entrepreneurship guidance, post information, vocational training, employment probation and other services.

Give priority to helping the disadvantaged groups in employment.

Providing guidance and service to graduates with family difficulties, women with employment difficulties, graduates with disabilities and minority nationalities.

6, environmental protection is everyone's responsibility! Lifelong responsibility system will be implemented

The environmental protection department will strengthen supervision of hazardous waste, accelerate the improvement of the management system, to promote the revised "solid waste pollution prevention law" and other laws and regulations, clear hazardous waste generating units of harmless disposal and lifelong liability.

The implementation of corporate responsibility and government oversight responsibilities, the establishment of environmental protection information disclosure platform for enterprises, public exposure of illegal enterprises, joint punishment. Hazardous waste management should be included in the supervision and environmental responsibility for life, and strengthen accountability of Party and government leading cadres.

7, large mass sports events are more abundant

Recently, the national development and Reform Commission and the relevant departments issued a "support for social forces to hold marathons, bicycles and other large mass sports events action program (2017)":

We should do a good job of service support, such as the establishment of multi sectoral joint one-stop service mechanism.

Improve support policies, such as the establishment of social forces to support large-scale mass sports events of the specific program.

Promote standardized development, such as the establishment of industry credit system.

8, the great development of rural tourism

Recently, the national development and Reform Commission and the relevant departments promulgated the "promotion of rural tourism development and upgrading program of action (2017)" proposed:

To improve the rural tourism infrastructure and supporting services, such as to encourage and guide private investment through PPP, and other ways to participate in the public building private toilets and sewage treatment, parking lot, tourist information service center of rural infrastructure construction and operation.

To promote regional differentiation of rural tourism, such as in the northeast to build a group of skiing, mountaineering, hiking, camping and so on as one of the ice and snow tourism resort.

The most comprehensive practical guide to social security cards

New social security card loaded with social security applications and financial functions, will operate in their own independent environment.

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