Gold broke a big stock market bad news, next week, the market is a bit hung

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Gold broke a big stock market bad news, next week, the market is a bit hung

2017-09-17 20:20:01 249 ℃

Gold notice said,Since September 18th when the settlement, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 and SSE 50 stock index futures contract trading margin standards from the current contract value of 20% adjusted to 15%. Shanghai and Shenzhen 300, SSE 50, CSI 500 stock index futures contracts, the current trading standards for warehouse transactions to adjust the transaction value of 6/10000 points, nine.

This is the second time this year, the index of deregulation, is the first time in February 16, 2017, had gold will CSI 300, SSE 50, CSI 500 stock index futures contracts for each level of this warehouse transaction fees for the adjustment of the standard turnover of 9/10000 two. Second days, the three major stock indexes fell across the board, the Shanghai stock market fell 0.85%, Shenzhen fell 0.55%, but then the market Yang Yin, recover all lost territory.

During the stock market crash of 2015, in order to reduce the abnormal fluctuations in the market, excessive speculation inhibition of the futures market, stock index futures has been limited. Since the beginning of July 2015, gold has 4 of the stock index futures trading margin, fees, the number of days open were extremely strict tightening, September 2, 2015, gold announced a series of strict control measures of stock index futures, index futures will keep non set warehouse margin increased to 40%, improve the liquidation fee to 10000 the 23 day trading volume, opening a single product more than 10 hands identified as abnormal trading behavior, to further curb excessive speculation in the market, and promote the smooth operation of stock index futures market norms.Since the crash of the stock index futures to tighten the market stable, positive, so the market, deregulation of stock index futures is of course bad, it can be seen from the market trend in February 16, 2017.

Of course, the stock index futures is a double-edged sword, the market well, let go of the stock index futures is conducive to the market upward, because the big money can approach to do more, the market is not good, the stock index futures is bearish on the market, because of the weak market is much easier than short, big money a little intimidation, you'll be out of the stock, the market structure further under pressure. Of course, in the long run should open stock index futures, because of the large capital needs a hedge, large funds admission, only individual investors, the market is difficult to stabilize, it is difficult to get out of the big bull market, mature markets are generally large funds is the main metaphor, such as Britain and the United States are insurance funds, mutual funds and pension the stock market funds hold a majority stake, while the A shares are just the opposite, the majority shareholding is the individual, the difference between the individual and organization is the most unstable state of mind, technology is poor, is the ultimate A stock volatility, prone to crash, so the deregulation of stock index futures is conducive to the healthy operation of the stock market long-term.

On Friday, the market began to step back down, one is technically the market set for a long time can not break down, only the back foot; two is the market in 3331 near the gap has not recovered, constitutes a constraint on the market upward; three is the lack of a hot market, black futures fell across the board, have a certain impact on the stock market the four is the weekend, the stock index futures market deregulation, in response to certain.

Next week the market should have stepped back down near 3331 points, covering the market upward gap, do not rule out a 30 day homeopathy stepped back near 3320 points, then the market should still more than 3500 near the school, so the market downward or everyone opening opportunities. For detailed analysis, please pay attention to our daily live broadcast.

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