Jumei.com "Yan value loan" suspected of lending to students, the Industry advised to strengthen its main business

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Jumei.com "Yan value loan" suspected of lending to students, the Industry advised to strengthen its main business

2017-09-18 09:47:39 446 ℃

- trainee newspaper reporter Yu Ruoxi

Recently, in the face of domestic fiery consumer financial market, jumei.com's a cash loan business "Yan value loan" quietly on-line. At the bottom of the jumei.com APP homepage, it claims "cash borrowing, no waiting," specifically for the beauty of the cash loan artifact you provide".

In addition, "Yan value loan" also declared safe and convenient, 10 seconds audit 2 minutes arrival, flexible repayment, the maximum borrowing 300 thousand yuan. Rates, jumei.com said, borrowing 1000 yuan, borrowing 1 days only 0.5 yuan, the daily interest rate of 0.05% (whichever is the actual borrowing interest rate).

However, the reporter found that there are micro-blog users Tucao "Yan value loan" interest rate is too high, borrowing 4000 yuan, 3 months need 500 yuan interest. The reporter found that in the user's repayment shots, 4000 yuan of loans to pay off three times, each time to pay the principal and interest and management fees, the first repayment, in addition to the need to pay 1317.92 yuan capital, need to pay interest of 46.6 yuan and 150 yuan management fee. Three repayments are required to pay 150 yuan in management fees.

Alleged lending to students

"Securities Daily" the reporter tried to apply for "yen value loan" business, jumei.com in the mobile phone APP but after reporters enter the basic information and upload personal photos, jumei.com reporter Yan suggested value is divided into 621 points, still need to be improved, temporarily unable to borrow. The page also gives tips on how to improve your value: first, buy more at jumei.com, and two keep good personal credit.

It is understood that "Yan value loan" is not true by Yan value do installments loans, but according to the user credit record launched a product. In August 31st and September 1st, jumei.com's CEO, Chen ou, was also on micro-blog for "Yan value loan" played advertising.

However, recently, the media broke the news, "Yan value loan" suspected of lending to students. It is reported that, in Chen Europe for "Yan value loan" advertising micro-blog, there are self party students in micro-blog message below, saying his loan success. According to the "Securities Daily" reporter confirmed that the loan from the "Yan value loan" successful student is from a university in Guangdong.

In addition, the "value loan" provided in the agreement, there are many terms involving students. For example: the 1.9 model called "cash in service" shows that users are students in school, and the consumption of borrowing funds is for learning and working purposes only." Paragraph 4.11; stressed that "if the user is in school, the user to ensure the written consent and guarantee the user borrowing behavior has been obtained according to the agreement of parents and other managers, and that authorizes or third party platform to the user query using the second source of repayment party to verify the situation the user personal information, second party payment."

At present, college students continue to borrow negative news, regulators have expressly prohibited mutual gold platform loans to college students. Recently, the Ministry of education deputy director Zhao Jianjun stressed that the conference Financial Secretary for the Ministry of Education held in the day before, any network lending institutions are not allowed to grant loans to college students.

Poly customer service can not respond

Insiders said in an interview with reporters, jumei.com belongs to mutual gold platform, if the loan directly to students, that is irregularities. But if it is docking bank funds, the loan contract is signed by the student and the bank, the bank is responsible for the loan management and collection, it may basically comply with the relevant provisions of the regulatory authorities.

For the terms of the agreement involving students, "Yan value loan" responded that this is the old version of the agreement, before the relevant provisions came out, but the actual business has been strictly in accordance with relevant regulations to carry out. The agreement has been updated in the near future.

"Securities Daily" reporter called the jumei.com artificial customer service. Consulting its "Yan value loan" suspected of granting loans to college students, the other party responded that the specific situation on the matter is not clear, but also said that frontline customers can not respond to questions. Subsequently, the reporter asked whether it can provide jumei.com public relations department telephone, the other said no public relations department telephone, suggested reporters through other channels to find the relevant phone.

Insiders advised them to consolidate the main industry

In recent years, Chen ou and his jumei.com continue to try new cross-border business. Not long ago, jumei.com announced that it had completed the acquisition of Shenzhen street electric technology. RiverInternationalHolding, a wholly owned subsidiary of jumei.com, will hold 60% of Street Electronics technology. Chen Europe earlier said publicly to the media, sharing the charge treasure is a market with tens of billions of dollars, jumei.com's investment in the project without limit.

However, Chen Europe's investment "street power", but because it has been passed to the service provider, the lack of funds, financing failures and other issues, has recently become the focus.

In addition to sharing the treasure, jumei.com spent $14 million 300 thousand investing in the warm strings of the city's love drama, starring Zhang Han, Janine Chang, and adapted from the quiet novel of the same name.

Today, Chen Europe will turn to the financial circle of "cash loan" business, but just launched soon "Yan value loan", it was suspected of violation of fines to college students. Plus recently, the United States small shareholder shelling Chen Ou, many management quit, jumei.com recent turmoil.

Insiders said that in recent years, as jumei.com beauty electricity supplier, the development is not satisfactory, very quickly by the NetEase and vip.com to catch up with the koala, for jumei.com, currently the main business should consider how to do.

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