Just after the "female richest man" addiction, now Sun Li is expected to become the controlling shareholder of the text

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Just after the "female richest man" addiction, now Sun Li is expected to become the controlling shareholder of the text

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The hit TV series "circle" in the month that bloom Sun Li as the richest woman in Shaanxi in the late Qing Dynasty Zhou Ying doing business, a quite resourcefulness; but in reality, she is holding and Hai run for the proposed hand Investment Holdings (600715, SH) of the news, once again return to the capital perspective.

This can not help but arouse public speculation, Sun Li's road of capital can be as perfect as the end of the play?

Yesterday afternoon (September 20th), the investment holding line held a major reorganization of assets investment, and investors in the exchange part of the Investment Holdings said: the company will strive to promote this major asset restructuring related matters.

Sun Li is expected to become the controlling shareholder of the text

The suspension of more than two months of the investment holdings, released a major asset restructuring progress announcement in early September 9th, the disclosure of its proposed reorganization of the underlying asset is Hai run, this news release immediately triggered a hot market.

Announcement, the transaction of the major asset restructuring intends to issue shares and cash paid way to buy the company's equity interest, and raise matching funds. The major asset restructuring will not lead to changes in the control of the company, does not constitute a backdoor listing.

However, the announcement did not disclose, the investment holdings is 100% stake in the acquisition of Hairun film, or part of the acquisition, and the valuation of Hairun film and television is not disclosed.

In September 21st, the investment holdings issued "on the major asset restructuring of investors that the situation will be held notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "meeting"), because of this major asset restructuring program has not yet been determined, the company will increase in the future does not rule out the underlying assets or to the underlying assets may be adjusted. And repeatedly stressed that the company will strive to promote the major asset restructuring related issues".

In view of the meeting raised by investors whether the investment holding has signed a reorganization agreement with Hairun film and television, Wen Investment Holdings said that it has not yet signed a restructuring framework agreement, please pay attention to the company's follow-up announcement.

"Hairun film works" sword "critical acclaim (2009 / map)

It is understood that Hairun film is a veteran of the domestic well-known film company, according to Hai Run official website, the company was founded in 2000, is one of the largest private television production company, at present, has been formed in TV dramas, both film and television media group development in the field of network drama, artist management, music etc..

Speaking of Hairun film and TV works, I believe that many people are very familiar with: "never in peace" "Jade Guanyin" "sword" and the recent "rouge" "North Canton" and does not believe in tears.

Film and television companies and stars, writers and other deep binding is already commonplace. Therefore, as a big brother of the Hairun film and television naturally, there are also a number of star shareholders blessing.

According to Qi Xinbao and Hairun pictures (836583, OC, Hairun film wholly owned subsidiary) related announcements,

Actor Sun Li (formerly known as Sun Li) holds 4 million 965 thousand and 500 shares of Hairun pictures, with a shareholding ratio of 6.13%;

Actor Guo Tao holds 3 million 546 thousand and 800 shares of Hairun pictures, with a shareholding ratio of 4.38%;

Actor Liu Shishi (formerly: Liu Shishi) holding 3 million 546 thousand and 800 shares, the shareholding ratio of 4.38%;

In addition, actor Zhao Liying also holds 1.7734% stake in Hairun pictures.

The pictures of part of the shares of Hairun structure (Qi Xinbao / map)

Therefore, if the successful integration of Hairun film and television Investment Holdings, the above public stars at the initial price of the shares of Hairun pictures, will certainly have greater appreciation.

Hairun film and television bumpy listing Road

In fact, although Hai Run valuation has not been announced, but from last year, Yu woo handing (300300, SZ) acquired a 3.69% stake in the Hairun film can be seen glimmer. Last November, handing you Yu announced plans to use its own funds 103 million yuan acquisition hirun 3.69% stake in film and television, according to this calculation, Hai run when the valuation of 2 billion 791 million yuan. And now, in the past 10 months, Wen Investment Holdings on the valuation of Hairun film and what changes?

On the other hand, we have to mention that although the position of Hairun film and television industry is prominent, its approach to the capital market is also step by step.

According to the relevant data show that in early 2011, Hai Run plans listed in Hongkong, but taking into account the market reasons to terminate; then, in June 2014, Hai run to *ST A to enter through the backdoor Tymoshenko shares, according to the plan, Hairun film price amounted to 2 billion 522 million yuan, value-added rate of 336.08%. There have been media calculations, if the success of the backdoor *ST Tymoshenko, Sun Li's stake in the hands of the valuation of 200 million yuan, but in the end the reorganization failed to reach an agreement, failed.

"Hairun film works" rouge "(2009 / map)

Therefore, the investment in the acquisition of shares of Hairun film and television is considered to be another launch of the A-share market A. Interestingly, although this year the film industry supervision in the capital market is very strict, but several companies like Hai run general "tenacious" tried to enter the A market, for example, contemporary Oriental (000673, SZ) announced that the proposed acquisition of Yongle Film is the fifth time in the A shares, while the new Laguna media, as for IPO, happy twist but because of various reasons reluctantly terminated.

After each television reporter called Hai run public telephone, said this with the hope that the company can respond to the marriage of investment holdings, but the Hairun film staff said: "the recent interview is not convenient, very busy." The reporter further asked when the interview was possible and the staff said it was uncertain.

First issued securities research report said,

Through the past two years of development, the investment holdings of industry status, profit size and market influence will gradually surpass some of the old film and television enterprises. And through the acquisition of Hairun film and television, the company can fill the gaps in the business, at the same time catch the whole network drama express, further establish the company as a pan entertainment industry, a new leading enterprise status.

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