The evening of September 25th may affect the price of news summary (of shares)

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The evening of September 25th may affect the price of news summary (of shares)

2017-09-26 09:07:01 214 ℃

A securities news:

Li Keqiang: I hope the US side will give fair treatment to Chinese enterprises to invest in the United States

CCTV news network news, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met in Zhongnanhai on the 25 U.S. Secretary of Commerce Ross. Li Keqiang said that China US relations have enjoyed a good momentum of development. President Xi Jinping met with President Trump many times, and dialogue and exchanges between the two countries continued to advance. As the largest developing country and the largest developed country in the world, China and the United States have a healthy and stable bilateral relationship. They are in line with the interests of both countries, and also a common expectation of the international community.

Li Keqiang pointed out that China and the United States are each other's largest trading partner. The mainstream of economic and trade relations between the two countries is cooperation, and the common interests are far greater than differences. We are ready to expand trade with the United States in the spirit of mutual respect and win-win cooperation and properly handle frictions and differences through dialogue and consultation. We hope that the US side will give fair treatment to Chinese enterprises to invest in the United States and relax the export of high-tech products to china.

Ross said the United States welcomes China steadily accelerate the pace of opening up, is willing to take a pragmatic attitude with China to strengthen dialogue and communication, expand trade and investment cooperation, expand cultural exchanges and personnel exchanges, and strive to promote more cooperation results as soon as possible, promote further development of Sino US relations.

State Council: support innovation and development of entrepreneurs, guide entrepreneurs to actively join the national major strategy

Recently, the State Council issued a healthy growth environment to carry forward the excellent entrepreneurs to create entrepreneurship better play the role of the entrepreneur's opinion, put forward to protect the legitimate rights and interests of entrepreneurs in accordance with the law, better play the exemplary role of entrepreneur law-abiding, fulfill its responsibility, to promote entrepreneurs with head of business law, conscientiously fulfill their social responsibilities, to establish a good political environment, purify the social atmosphere, create a delicate air environment to contribute more.

Create a "pro", "Qing" new political and business relations, innovative interaction mechanism of government and enterprises, improve the positive incentive mechanism of entrepreneurs, improve property rights protection system, and enhance entrepreneurs' innovative vitality, entrepreneurial power. Adhere to the party in charge of personnel, follow the laws of the market and entrepreneur growth pattern, improve the precision of support policy, to promote the implementation of the policy ground, firm confidence of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs are expected to create the rule of law, stability, transparency, fair policy and public opinion environment.

Commission: all efforts to ensure smooth operation of the capital market

25, the Commission held a video conference, the SFC system to meet the party's nineteen big work re mobilization, deployment, and the education of national day, Mid Autumn Festival during the two remind, again. The meeting called for all efforts to ensure a smooth operation of the capital market. From the political point of view, to maintain the stability of the market is extremely important, from the perspective of politics and the overall situation, to do a good job of maintaining market stability measures. We should strengthen the monitoring and analysis of international and domestic market operations, give full play to the role of the exchange line supervision, and actively and timely guide the work of capital market public opinion, and effectively strengthen the coordination of financial supervision and system work.

NDRC: corporate leverage steady decline, debt risk tends to decline

25, the development and Reform Commission Policy Research Office issued a document, said, after all parties active action, initiative as leverage, comprehensive measures to achieve preliminary progress. Market debt to equity swap has made a good start. As of September 22nd, all types of implementing agencies and 77 enterprises signed market-oriented debt to equity swap framework agreement, the amount of more than 1 trillion and 300 billion yuan. Bankruptcy according to law, to promote market clearing efforts. In 2016, the number of newly accepted bankruptcy cases in the national court increased by 53.8% over the previous year. In the 1-7 month of this year, 4700 cases of compulsory liquidation and bankruptcy cases were accepted by the national courts, which rose steadily compared with the same period of last year. New steps have been taken in the construction of the modern enterprise system, and the reform of state-owned enterprises has resulted in the formation of a 1+N policy document system, and various reform measures are being implemented. Equity financing scale and share expanded further. As of the end of 7, equity financing balance of 6 trillion and 300 billion yuan, an increase of 1 trillion and 50 billion yuan over the same period last year, accounting for 3.75% of total social financing, an increase of 0.21 percentage points over the same period last year.

Notice issued by the Ministry of industry on Soliciting Opinions on the guidelines for the construction of the national industrial standards system for vehicle networking industry. Notice that the Ministry of industry and information technology, the National Standardization Management Committee jointly with the relevant units of the organization to carry out the "national car networking industry standard system construction guide" series of documents, including the general requirements, intelligent network, information communication, automotive electronic products and services etc.. Early, "national car networking industry standard system construction guide (intelligent network car)" has been part of public opinion.

Hebei governor Xu Qin: resolutely obey the initiative service, Beijing City sub center construction

According to the Hebei Daily reported that in September 24th, Hebei governor Xu Qin chaired a meeting of the governor office, the implementation of the provincial Party committee special meeting of the deployment, further refine the opinions of the construction of Beijing city center support in Hebei province. Xu Qin stressed that resolutely abide by, active service, the full implementation of the CPC Central Committee on the overall planning of Beijing city and the construction of Beijing city deputy center of major decision-making. The main measures, to strengthen the planning docking, strict control of urban development boundary, the implementation of real estate management, carry out the "double violations remediation clean-up, strict industry access, promote regional traffic interoperability, strengthen environmental protection, promote the construction of public service system.

Two, hot events:

Faraday's future response: Nevada factory is not over

According to a financial report, the company denied the recent news that Faraday's factory in Nevada would end in nevada. "Nevada is still our project, and it will work with Chinese factories," Faraday wrote in response. But our most important task at the moment is to implement the mass production plan as soon as possible. To achieve this goal, the fastest way is to select our new plant in Hanford, California, which is part of the initial production plan with the Nevada plant. The plant is smaller, but there are existing plants ready for mass production by the end of next year."

Three, the event positive:

Star private have dispatched thousands of capital a week research three companies

According to the Securities Times reported that last week, the market fell slightly, in a flat market, institutional research is fire, about 130 companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen disclosure of research reports. Chung Chung investment, freshwater springs investment, rosefinch investment, have also dispatched. In public research records, compared to other well-known private equity, Wang Yawei in charge of thousands of CO capital show little, but recently its figure is obviously active. Last week, thousands of capital has investigated new and become, large supply and marketing, China media holdings. Thousands of capital concern vitamins stocks, new and Cheng also attracted the Chongyang investment, freshwater springs, Jing Lin assets, clear water and other well-known private visit. The new value of the investment, Qingshuiyuan high emerging investment research; Suzaku investment research step; investment research Fuhan micro bo.

Four, Nuggets

- - definite increase, recombination - -

Hi Tech announcement, the termination of the reorganization, the reason is that the company and the counterparty on the transaction mode, the transaction price and other key provisions of the repeated discussions and communication, it is still difficult to reach an agreement.

Vail shares announcement, termination of the reorganization. The company intends to planning for the acquisition of digital image processing solutions provider in Beijing Howell, Beijing Howell industry type of computer, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry, and the company belong to the same industry. Beijing Zhuhai Howell due to shareholders' equity investment partnership (limited partnership) clearly oppose Beijing Howell other shareholders equity will be transferred to the company, said it had no intention of giving up the preemptive right. The company believes that continue to promote the restructuring of the conditions are not mature enough, decided to terminate the major asset restructuring. The investor meeting will be held in September 26th.

Yu Yu group announcement, the termination of major asset restructuring, shares resume trading on September 26th.

The biological bulletin, the reorganization of the underlying assets of Hunan far Thai biotechnology limited company of more than 50% of the shares, each transaction of Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group Co. Ltd., Shenzhen City, Fu Cheng faith equity investment partnership, a natural person to silver sand, specific programs are still under negotiation. Continued suspension.

The conclusion of the operation was terminated because of the lack of mature conditions for the major asset restructuring of the parties to the transaction. Shares resume trading on September 26th.

Vail shares announcement, the termination of major asset restructuring, investors will be held in September 26th briefing.

China Aluminum bulletin, planning matters involving the issue of shares to buy assets, since September 26th, according to the major asset restructuring continued suspension. The latest shareholder situation shows that the company's holdings of gold certificates by the end of the two quarter of 469 million shares fell to 255 million shares, while the social security fund substantial holdings of more than 200 million shares.

Tanaka fine machine disclosure reorganization draft, intends to price 334 million yuan acquisition of COSCO Xiang Rui 45% stake, to achieve a wholly-owned holdings.

The disclosure of the draft reorganization, intends to 2 billion 400 million yuan acquisition of 100% stake in Doppler, low molecular weight heparin heparin market directly into the industrial chain of high-end, the resumption of stock in September 26th.

- - stop, resume trading - -

Kelvin new material announcement, terminate the reorganization of assets, shares resume trading in September 26th.

BOCO notice, is planning major issues involving asset trading, the stock since September 26th suspension.

China Wuyi announcement, intends to be listed on the transfer of 30% equity interest in Beijing Wuyi, in order to introduce strategic partners, shares resume trading on September 26th.

Coase Wood announcement, signed 19 million 176 thousand yuan acquisition of Shaanxi Longmen education 1.31% equity agreement of intent, the stock resume trading on September 26th.

-- investment cooperation --

Jointo energy announcement, to be signed an investment agreement with China Nuclear Technology Investment Co. Ltd., Refco Group Ltd, Zhejiang Shenhua zheneng power Limited by Share Ltd, jointly set up in Hebei Nuclear Power Co. Ltd. (tentative name), for traveling wave reactor nuclear power technology and project investment.

Dingli announcement, the company intends to purchase 360 million yuan in cash, Shanghai Beauty Management Consulting Co., Ltd. 100% stake.

Dongjiang environmental bulletin, intends to use its own funds 130 million yuan acquisition of Nanjing Hebei Li Chen wanders and held wanders (Tangshan Caofeidian) Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. 80% stake.

Yongding shares announcement, the company intends to own funds to acquire 55% stake in Beijing force.

Kim Ji Technology announcement, intends to 151 million yuan acquisition of a subsidiary of Kim Ji Sheng East wholly-owned holding the remaining 49% stake, to achieve.

Johnson Electric announcement, the proposed acquisition of about 300 million yuan of new board company yunkong electronic approximately 99.36% equity, and from the new three board delisting.

Chenming paper announcement, will set up leasing business subsidiary, registered capital of 1 billion yuan.

Changqing group announcement, two biomass cogeneration project approved by the government departments to build, with a total investment of about 754 million yuan.