Dong Dengxin: A shares of the company's main business losses of 14 years, employees only 11 people

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Dong Dengxin: A shares of the company's main business losses of 14 years, employees only 11 people

2017-09-28 18:34:02 227 ℃

The main loss of 14 years, the staff only 11 people

Most junk stock 50 file (19)

Oriental Silver Star

Professor Dong Dengxin, director of the Institute of financial securities, Wuhan University of Science and Technology

"Changjiang Daily" said the number of new perspective "column

The author: garbage stocks are a trial result. Will junk stocks be garbage after the reorganization? Understanding junk stocks is the quickest way to recognize A shares. Junk stocks delisting, will become reality A shares. Most junk stock 50 file series, for investors to provide garbage benchmark. Respect facts, numbers speak. Kindly remind those who issued audit reports for the super junk stock accounting firm, not for others and not to bow down, to fight for the law!

Oriental Silver Star listed 20 years, have 17 years of profit loss; excluding non recurring gains and losses, the company's main business is the cumulative loss of 14 years. Company staff from 1220 to 11 people, and in 2009, 2010 and 2011, three consecutive years of operating income of less than 10 million yuan, according to the delisting of new regulations, it has long been delisting. After delisting of the new regulations, it will barely maintain annual revenue of 10 million yuan on the bottom line. Obviously, this is a standard garbage company unable to reach the minimum to maintain the listing standard ", the fate of only two: either the RTO, or be delisting.

Stock name and code: Oriental Silver Star

Formerly known as: GST ST Hikuma Bingxiong company, Bingxiong.

Currently registered: Henan, Shangqiu province.

Listing time and market: September 27, 1996, Shanghai Stock exchange.

The largest shareholder and the latest shareholding ratio: private holdings, 32%.

The main business: real estate investment; industrial investment; chemical products (excluding hazardous chemicals), building materials, decoration materials, plastic steel doors and windows, hardware, mechanical and electrical products (excluding cars), metal materials (excluding rare metals) sales.

IPO price: 5.18 yuan.

IPO sponsors: None

Cathay Pacific securities.

Issue capital: 20 million shares, IPO total fund-raising 103 million 600 thousand yuan, issue fee of 6 million yuan.

Total share capital after completion of IPO: 80 million shares.

Current total share capital: 128 million shares.

Share capital transfer: cumulative 1 times (1998).

Refinancing: no allotment, no fixed increase.

Cash bonus: accumulated 2 times, total 6 million yuan.

Total assets: 207 million yuan. Prior to listing, the company has more than 250 million yuan of total assets.

Net assets per share: 1.13 yuan (as of the end of the first half of 2017).

Earnings per share: listed 20 years, has been 17 consecutive losses, profits. After excluding non recurring gains and losses, the company accumulated losses of 14 years.

Undistributed profit per share: -0.98 yuan (as of the end of the first half of 2017).

The current paper accumulated losses: -1.25 billion cumulative.

Operating income: annual revenue has been maintained at 10 million yuan delisting bottom line.

Current staff: only 11 people. Prior to listing, the company had 1220 employees!

Number of shareholders: 7535.

Latest stock price: 26.90 yuan. Garbage is like this, there is a blue chip share price. Besides gambling, gambling!

Latest market capitalization: 3 billion 400 million yuan.