5G concept hangs fried sky! Half an hour late assault, controlling shareholders accidentally rub their stocks down!

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5G concept hangs fried sky! Half an hour late assault, controlling shareholders accidentally rub their stocks down!

2017-09-28 18:44:31 357 ℃

The recent 5G stock compares fire!

How far is the fire? For example, a large area limit, in addition to the recent good performance of the pass goldmine, or larger also, you just posted a few volcano.

Today, you find a volcano, the concept of 5G shares of the controlling shareholders generous holdings of shares, and also on the billboard billboard on holdings of this kind of thing which should be regarded as relatively rare.

Since 5G is so hot, in the end of the text, the volcano king also on the 5G concept of the industrial chain has done some sort of, for reference purposes only.

Holdings of the controlling shareholder on billboard

State information technology, the main business for the wireless network optimization design, implementation and maintenance service system, and optimize the system of wireless network equipment R & D, production and sales.

The shares involved networking, intelligent wearable, 4G, 5G concept, as of today's closing market capitalization of circulation of only 2 billion 760 million yuan.

In April 20th this year, the company announced that its controlling shareholder Zhang Wenqing intends to stock holdings since April 21st within 6 months, the size of the holdings of funds from 50 million yuan to 150 million yuan.

Chart boomsense technology is today

Today morning, 10:30 minutes after the state information technology stock market began to slowly rise, trading in the last 15 minutes has experienced a wave of accelerated rise in volume, and then in the last 4 minutes sealed daily limit.

Shortly after the close today, the company announced that its controlling shareholder Zhang Wenqing, Department of investment through the actual control of the rich (Xiamen) partnership (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as "rich exchange") in the market of the two holdings of shares 1 million 11 thousand and 800 shares, turnover of 14681979.50 yuan, the average transaction price of 14.511 yuan / share.

We exchange rich total holdings of state information technology situation

(data source: announcement of listed company)

It is worth noting that in April 20th this year, the state information technology released on the controlling shareholder intends to holdings of shares in the company's announcement plan. In the previous few trading days, the share price has experienced "flash collapse" limit.

As shown below, until July 17th of this year, rich TopHuman began buying boomsense technology.

We state information technology since March 31st this year the Japanese chart

From July 17th to July 28th, the stock has been sideways in the narrow adjustment, and low volume trend. However, this is the state information technology controlling shareholder quietly in the moment. And, until July 31st this year after the closing, the company has just released controlling shareholder progress announcement holdings.

Visible, whether the stock price from the disk form, or from the announcement time, today's performance of its controlling shareholder is somewhat different from before.

Billboard hidden mystery

As shown below, the state information technology today charts show CICC's 3 business department do exist the behavior of T days. Among them, the business department, CICC well-known billboard and commodity trading in Shenzhen Fuhua business department is today the most powerful force to do T, sold a net amount of only 88 thousand and 700 yuan.

Today we boomsense technology billboard information list

At the same time, the CICC Shanghai branch and the CICC Beijing Jianguo Street Sales Department, the amount of buying and selling amount is not much difference.

Obviously, the three of CICC's business department, the state information technology in today's operation, there is some degree of similarity.

However, what really makes you volcano bright blind eyes is today at the state information technology billboard to buy 3 seats of the Great Wall securities Beijing Road business department.

Comparison of investors careful business department today the purchase amount, and the amount of buying today after the rich exchange can be found, they are exactly the same.

This means that today's A shares 5G concept at the onset of the subject, the state information technology controlling shareholder Zhang Wenqing actual control of the rich exchange due to the large funds to buy, have hit the billboard today.

In addition, there is a body seats in buying large billboard today.

Rich exchange trading buy

Volcano Jun inquiry today boomsense technology timeshare transaction details found from 14:31:18 this afternoon to start the stock price was not less than 14.51 yuan / share.

Visible, rich sinks in today's late half an hour before buying the stock act.

At the same time, as shown in the following figure, today's stock at 14:50 minutes ago, and the stock price is not less than 14.51 yuan / share turnover of only 509 thousand and 800 shares, the transaction amount is only 7414725 yuan. The amount of money only for the rich exchange buying today amounting to about 50%.

Today we boomsense technology today 14:50 before, not less than 14.51 yuan / share timeshare transaction details

Data source: Eastern fortune choice data

Therefore, combined with today's state information technology time charts can be found: the rich exchange possible in the last 10 minutes late today, the state information technology and the impact of the daily limit on the occasion of the purchases.

5G how to dig the concept stock?

Recently, 5G stocks are popular, and many investors don't know much about this concept. Today, volcano Jun has carried out a simple comb for reference.

First of all, from the scale of investment, the Dongxing securities research report estimated that the total investment of 5G network construction will exceed 1 trillion and 300 billion yuan, an increase of more than 67.9% over the same period of 4G. Among them, the amount of investment in communication network equipment reached 520 billion yuan, accounting for 39.2%.

Second, what are the specific stocks for the 5G industry chain? See below:

Third, what are the competition patterns for these segments?

1, operators

In addition to these three operators, there are also Dr. Peng operators.

2, communication equipment manufacturers

In 2016, NOKIA successfully acquired Alcatel lucent as a symbol, with HUAWEI, Ericsson, NOKIA and ZTE as the representative of the global communications equipment manufacturers quadrupedal initially formed.

3. Base station antenna

At present, the global base station antenna manufacturing enterprises are numerous, and the competition is fierce.

4. Fiber optic cable

Fiber optic cable industry chain from upstream to downstream, including fiber preform, fiber and fiber cable. According to CRU statistics, the world's major manufacturers of optical fiber preform is about 20, of which there are 8 main China manufacturers, including optical fiber, ZTT, Fortis and prosper, the flames of communication etc..

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