China's richest and powerful 6 women, each worth over 10 billion!

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China's richest and powerful 6 women, each worth over 10 billion!

2017-10-11 15:14:14 125 ℃

When it comes to business circles, men seem to be the world before. And over the years, the rise of some business women, whether it be business acumen or the ability to suck gold, has far exceeded some men. Of course, there are some rich two generations, but no superior strength, is not likely to be reusable in a wealthy family, his business is done fast, in addition, these women are those who start empty-handed business woman who all have been worth over ten billion!


The daughter of He Chaoqiong King

She is the king He Hongshen and the two is Lucina's daughter by her daughter, children ranked fifth, ranking fourth. "Although many children, but the most important to her, she grew up on the set-up, given expectations, she has a steady disposition, do things low-key, in business for many years quite popular.

At present, she served as chairman of Sindh, MGM Chinese group managing director, in charge of Sindh strategic development and enterprise management business, in addition she is also chairman of the Standing Committee of the National Federation, the CPPCC Beijing Municipal Committee and office. In January Two015, she became the richest woman in Hongkong for $5 billion. She is not a female star, but regardless of fame or beauty, she does not lose female stars, and her intelligence is more than men can not match.


Forever godmother - Tao Huabi

She can't read, without any financial knowledge, but she has a wonderful memory; she love studying, brave, dedicated to want to do; she resolutely. In 2012, she went to Hurun's China rich list with a net worth of Three billion 600 million yuan. She does not accept media interviews, do not engage in marketing. No lack of money, no loans, even if the government does not promote the listing. 8 yuan a bottle of spicy sauce, sold 1 million 300 thousand bottles per day. She is the founder of the old godmother Tao Huabi. Known as the condiment industry inspirational version of the national goddess".


Bossy woman president - Dong Mingzhu

Dong Mingzhu, chairman of GREE electric, ranked first among China's 50 most influential women in Fortune magazine, the world's most influential woman in 2016. She was able to "fortune" magazine ranked the most influential women in the first place, there is a reason, she is chairman of GREE, is a domineering female president, style is also very resolute, is also a net red, GREE group, many management personnel, also influence the progress and development of a large number of people.