Bitcoin has soared after being banned by many countries! Yuecuoyueyong or the last radiance of the setting sun?

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Bitcoin has soared after being banned by many countries! Yuecuoyueyong or the last radiance of the setting sun?

2017-10-12 13:04:03 198 ℃

10, Russia, following China, South Korea, announced that it would be closed to provide bitcoin sites. Side is blocked by multinational, while the sharp rise, back to $4800. Bitcoin has experienced a dramatic situation within a day Rainbow Night Yuecuoyueyong, is still the last radiance of the setting sun?

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Reuters 10, citing the Russian central bank's first deputy governor Shvetsov said that Russia will be closed to provide bitcoin sites. Earlier, Thailand, China and South Korea have also banned bitcoin transactions in the country, Britain and other countries have introduced policies to strengthen bitcoin regulation.

But bitcoin prices do not seem to have been really affected, after a brief adjustment, and quietly rebounded to a record high.

9, bitcoin prices hit $4612; 10, bitcoin prices soar to $4800, approaching the highest point in history, is the lowest point in September 60% rebound, to recover the decline since the ban issued regulatory Chinese lost at the beginning of September.

What about the future?

In fact, for the future trend of bitcoin, the parties have never been controversial.

Widely known, JP Morgan chase CEOJamie Dimon has said that digital money is a "scam", worse than the tulip bubble, will eventually burst.

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But although Jamie Dimon believes bitcoin is a scam, the company will still be bitcoin and copper, crude oil, natural gas and other mainstream assets listed together to quote customers.

Internationally renowned investment bank Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman expressed a different point of view. He believes that bitcoin will not be three minutes heat, bitcoin anonymity provides investors with a great privacy protection.

"Bitcoin may not have been free from regulation, and keep the 'anonymous'", Harvard University professor of economics and public policy Kenneth Rogoff 9, the author pointed out that the monetary history shows that the innovation country will eventually regulate private sector, although the bitcoin technology will flourish, but the price will collapse.

Kenneth Rogoff warned that, in order to strengthen supervision, central banks are also creating their own digital currency, the central bank will use regulatory means to make the rules of the game tilt to them.

Regulatory strengthening, anonymous property is difficult to save; countries create their own digital currency, change the rules of the game, row by bit bitcoin and a series of initiatives, bitcoin prices continue to remain high, almost impossible.

But Lagarde, President of the International Monetary Fund, recently announced that virtual currencies could be no less valuable than existing currencies and central banks in the future.

Lagarde believes that the refusal to accept the virtual currency is not wise, in the effective operation of monetary policy at the same time, central banks should be open to new ideas and needs.

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Author: Wang Qingkai

Editor: Sun Qiuxia, Xu Guibao