Economics behind the price rise of Express

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Economics behind the price rise of Express

2017-10-14 11:43:06 295 ℃

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Capital market performance spur

"Double eleven" is approaching, explosion scandals is still one of the various courier companies are most worried about things.

This scandal has only angered consumers, and the latter has no choice. In 2016, SF and the "three links and one Da" entered the capital market respectively. From the family business to the public company, they needed to be responsible for the stock price and investors, so they had to care about the quality of service.

In 2016, SF and the "three links and one Tatsu" landed on the capital market respectively

"Once the explosion if the courier company's brand and price will be directly damaged. Investors are also advising them to adjust prices to compensate for the quality of service through the price leverage." A courier industry researcher said, from the point of view of the courier company itself, even after the price adjustment, the number of courier decreased slightly and no big deal, "double eleven of them are tough, the quality of service than the number of key services."

Today, these express companies are also going to accept incentives for performance commitments.

In 2017, 2018, Yuantong promised in 2016 net profit of not less than 1 billion 100 million yuan, 1 billion 330 million yuan, 1 billion 550 million yuan; rhyme performance commitment is 1 billion 130 million yuan, 1 billion 360 million yuan and 1 billion 560 million yuan; Shen Tong promised results for 1 billion 170 million yuan, 1 billion 400 million yuan and 1 billion 600 million yuan.

In 2016, the performance report showed that both of them fulfilled their first year commitment.

Cash for the next two years performance promises, need the express company extended the new battlefield, such as a May 2017 announcement, intends to spend HK $1 billion 41 million acquisition of the first international logistics Co. Ltd. holding 256 million shares, the latter in the global scope of the main air and sea cargo transport agency.

"The domestic courier market, the old battlefield is still cash cow, we are relying on this business guarantee performance commitments, can not relax a moment."." The courier company executives said.

Is the price hike a temporary measure or a long-term decision? Tencent finance failed to get a public response to it from the point of view of tact, tact and rhyme.

The State Post Bureau statistics, the fourth quarter of the whole industry express business accounted for about 33% of the year, the first quarter due to the Spring Festival holiday and other reasons, business volume accounted for about 19% of the year, the industry off-season.