The value of the investment period, the "national team" false start step, these stocks fell in love with the pet!

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The value of the investment period, the "national team" false start step, these stocks fell in love with the pet!

2017-10-19 02:31:06 2971 ℃

I don't know. Do you pay enough attention to this sentence?

In the past few days, there are private equity chiefs believe that the A-share market has entered a three-dimensional era of value investment A. The volcano thinks it makes sense.

In order to keep up with the great era of value investment, it is necessary to study the ownership of institutions that are worth investing in.

Since October, listed companies have begun to disclose three quarterly reports. Unlike the annual reports and annual reports, the three quarterly reports are less than 1 months, and the timeliness is stronger.

As the "national team" of social security fund, Huijin Company, certificate company as the benchmark of value investment, their shareholding undoubtedly has a strong reference value.

As of October 16th data, volcanic Jun found that in the three quarter, the social security fund has entered a number of shares of the ten major shareholders of circulation, mainly in cement, building materials, chemical industry. And carefully comb these stocks can be found, basically the three quarter performance outstanding companies, but also verify the social security fund stock selection "performance is king" logic.

So, what about the three quarter holdings of the gold certificate company and Huijin Company? Today, the volcano commander comes to chat.

"National team" in the three quarter gallon of these shares

As a representative of the "national team" funds, the position of the social security fund has been the focus of attention of the market, its move is regarded as investment stock selection weathervane. With the disclosure of three quarterly reports of listed companies, the latest position of social security has gradually surfaced.

Data show that as of October 16th, according to the disclosure of the listed company three quarterly, the social security fund holdings of listed companies have China Stonehenge, Fuling Wanhua chemical, electric power, building materials, three trees, black cattle food, Ju Hua Technology and open stock etc..

In these stocks held by the social security fund, MAKIHARA shares, Wanhua chemical, BNBM, open the shares of the social security fund in the three quarter holdings. In the new building materials, 4 social security funds are 101 combination of social security fund, 413 combinations of social security fund, 418 combinations of social security fund and 118 combinations of social security fund. Among them, the social security fund 101 portfolio holdings of 14 million 558 thousand and 500 shares, social security fund 418 portfolio is the three quarter of the new entrants into the company's ten major shareholders in circulation.

Volcano Jun also learned that in the three quarter, the fund has entered 4 new shares, respectively, Qilian Mountains, Xiamen tungsten industry, materials science and technology, Ningxia building materials. Although access to social security concerns and cannot believe the stock future will be strong in the big city, but overall, social security stocks tend to focus on the fundamentals of quality standard, thus the risk benefit ratio is generally higher than other stocks. Specifically, the 412 combination of social security fund to hold 4 million 975 thousand and 100 shares, ranked second major shareholders of Ningxia building materials, the number of shares held by the total capital ratio of 1.04%. Compared with the semi annual report disclosure of the ten largest shareholder list, the social security fund did not list.

The data source: Oriental Wealth Choice data

It is worth noting that, as of now, kibing group of listed companies was a portfolio of social security fund and the withdrawal of ten shareholders, but in the semi annual report, 412 of the national social security fund, the national social security fund 105 combinations, 116 of the national social security fund portfolio were ranked fourth, fifth and 8 shareholders of circulation.

In other "national team" funds, Shun trust in the three quarter by the company's large holdings of 52 million 683 thousand and 600 shares of gold, the number of shares in the total share of capital increased from two in the 2.31% quarter to 3.47% at the end of the three quarter.

From the three quarter of the national team Huijin holdings data, as of now, compared with the end of the two quarter, the end of the three quarter of the stock has not changed.

For the "national team" shareholding, professionals believe that, first of all, should be concerned about their holdings of circulation market value of the top stocks, for a large gallon of further research is worth focusing on. Second, and then from the market value of the top stocks, screening those stocks at a low level of stock, third is a detailed study of these stocks in the basic.

At the end of the first quarter of this year, the performance of the top 8 market capitalization companies before the two quarter of the company's stock price performance, you can find that most of the gains are better.

Blue chip stocks favored

After the volcano Jun comb, understand, from the industry point of view, the social security fund in the three quarter of these new shares are mostly distributed in the cement construction industry, chemical industry. From the performance point of view, the distribution of social security stocks, in addition to the torch technology and other minority shares in the three quarter performance decline, the performance of other stocks have increased significantly, especially the cyclical chemical industry.

In the three quarter, from the financial statements, a large number of cyclical stock performance is indeed released. In the social security investment shares, Xiamen tungsten industry the first three quarters of this year net profit of 588 million yuan, an increase of 283.85%; sinomatech before the three quarter attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 599 million yuan, an increase of 77.16%. Sinoma science and technology for the glass fiber industry market demand, while the gas cylinder industry in 2016 to complete the integration of internal asset business, business performance improved significantly, resulting in three quarterly net profit soared. Three chemical stocks also said that with the gradual improvement of the network marketing and brand awareness rising, operating income growth over the previous year. Thus, the social security fund in the choice of stocks, in the three quarter is still adhere to the "performance is king" logic.

Volcano Jun also learned that the social security fund for the purchase of the sinomatech and sankeshu is only one of several companies in the chemical industry profits surge. Specifically, in the three quarter, chemical stocks, large chemical net profit rose 187.82%, Jiangshan chemical growth of 979.41%, growth of 164.70%, Red Star Development Wanhua chemical growth of 212.41%.

For the three quarterly highlights, Thailand securities that have been released from the three quarter results, the profitability of cyclical sector is not bad, after the adjustment still has the value of the configuration, it is recommended to focus on non-ferrous metals, chemical plate and second tier liquor stocks in the three quarterly report for. From the wheeled industry point of view, the past few cycles in the end of the market performance of the market, pharmaceutical biotechnology, electronics, electrical equipment, leisure services, construction and other industries tend to have a relatively good income in the period of market tail. From the point of view of valuation and earnings matching, the financial and real estate sector valuation is low, the fund allocation ratio is not high, with a higher margin of safety.

Tianfeng Securities believes that the future prices of industrial products and corporate profits continue to maintain at a relatively high rate of about three of the Quarterly Bulletin, entered the window period, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, chemical industry concerned about the proposal and other performance than expected plate. In addition, the market for next year's performance began to have a clear prediction, the opportunity to switch valuations will gradually unfold. Continue to focus on two directions, cement and finance.

Every reporter Liu Haijun

Edited by Wu Yongjiu He Xiaotao

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