Another big brother "ran", even the shell of A shares are not

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Another big brother "ran", even the shell of A shares are not

2017-10-27 11:36:30 464 ℃

2 years ago, Jiuding investment to spend 4 billion 100 million yuan backdoor Zhongjiang real estate capital God operation, when the capital market set off a climax of public opinion, cock wire counter attack story is often staged.

Among them, the most classic is business with Jun.

And after the completion of the acquisition, and business by crown shares of the impact of the table, the first half of 2016 revenue increased by 2239.87% to 701 million yuan; net profit of 65 million 739 thousand and 200 yuan, an increase of 402.53%.

The double growth of net income of revenue reflects the capital operation of Jun Shang, and is praised by the market as a typical case of the annexation of A shares by the new third board company.

Some even believe that this may be the new board on the three except Jiuding group, the most cattle X capital operation.

But after 2 years, the story of this superb capital operation will have a very different result.


That's what happened.

October 25, 2017, that is, this evening, and Jun business issued a major asset restructuring plan called:

And your business will hold its unitop 15% shares at a price of 1 billion yuan transferred to Zhuo Feng investment, and agreement, and upon receipt of the transfer price after Jun business, 6.22% of the shares corresponding to the rest of the voting rights, irrevocably entrusted wholly Zhuo Feng investment exercise.

And among them, the major shareholder of the joint stock is not only a business one, but also its third largest shareholder, Shenzhen Wanfang Industrial Co., ltd..

Shenzhen Fu Fang will hold all shares of its shares (5.98%) at a price of nearly 300 million yuan transferred to Zhuo Feng investment.

As early as 2 years ago, he became the largest shareholder of the crown shares at the cost of 1 billion 400 million.

Data show that in June 18, 2015, and the business to the price of 1 billion 400 million yuan transferee Jun Tibet danbei unitop investment holding shares of 21.91% shares, the Department of crown shares corresponding to the valuation of 6 billion 390 million yuan.

It is worth noting that, in the acquisition of the moment, because the shares of the crown shares belong to the gem, in accordance with regulatory requirements shall not backdoor.

In this regard, and Jun business also made a clear commitment: "real control person Wang Mingfu and the second largest shareholder of listed companies Wang Wenqing no association, the future will not seek concerted action relationship.". In addition, it does not have any plans to follow up the crown shares of the business and its actual controller, and undertakes not to inject assets beyond the scope permitted by the laws and regulations of the state."

Although it is clear that the business is not going to come back, it has become the most important source of revenue.

Public data show that in 2016, the crown shares 1 billion 696 million yuan revenue into and business, accounting for business income and 94.25%; followed by the incorporation of 159 million yuan net profit, accounting for 76.81%.

As of the first half of 2017, the Department of crown shares revenues of 846 million yuan, and the first half of Jun business revenue 917 million yuan, accounting for 92.30%; the Department of crown shares first half net profit of 60 million 388 thousand and 900 yuan, and the king of the first half net profit of 76 million 236 thousand and 800 yuan, accounting for 79.21%.


In fact, with the business of the crown shares, once triggered the market for its backdoor landing A shares guess. After all, at the time, and in addition to Jun Hua Education business, backdoor ST plans are also being carried out in xindu.

Public data shows, 2012, 2013, 2014 and Jun business achieved operating income of 7 million 880 thousand and 600 yuan, 11 million 514 thousand yuan and 30 million 562 thousand and 700 yuan respectively; net profit of only 333 thousand yuan, 1 million 982 thousand and 200 yuan, 6 million 382 thousand and 500 yuan.

With the amount of assets mentioned above, it is no more than "swallow the elephant" to buy the shares. Therefore, the merger also makes the market realize that the capital behind the business is not to be underestimated.

In the business and the king in the list of shareholders, including thousands of capital Wang Yawei, Yu Minhong, Dai Zhikang, with New Oriental Shanghai Qianhai micro focus bank president Cao Tong, Hu Jiqiang, Conba bloomage international Zhao Yan, new Fujian, Hu steel, Yao Huiqiong 20 galaxy and real estate heavyweight people.

In addition, there are various well-known investment institutions: A shares sunwoda, knowledge investment, investment in Lotus Peng figure among them.

In the year of 2015, three times of business school were established and 1 billion 729 million yuan were raised.

It is also the 3 time will increase and the Tunxiang capital operation, and make business and behind the "Jun Jun and reputation system in the capital market.

As a matter of fact, he is so good at capital operation that he is not related to his leader Wang Mingfu.

According to the Beijing news reports, Wang Mingfu both capital operation, but also very emotional, he disdain to hype the stock price, but in a higher level, the market value management to enhance the value of the company, so it is known as the market value godfather.

From the Beijing news reports, the investment preferences of the company and the king favored the relatively dispersed small and medium-sized market capitalization company, after holding deeply involved in the management of the investment company.