Step on the thunder, step on the reelkang pharmaceutical, step on the thunder god fog environmental protection, the middle post fund management fee still receive?

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Step on the thunder, step on the reelkang pharmaceutical, step on the thunder god fog environmental protection, the middle post fund management fee still receive?

2017-12-06 18:36:19 137 ℃

, bakery wrote an article about the Pingan bank bravely stepping on the thunder damping team, causing a hot discussion in the circle. In fact, in the capital market, in addition to the frequent trampling of mines in the capital market, there is also a kind of financial institution that is also a big investor - public fund.

11 23, the suspension of more than half a year of Erkang pharmaceutical finally resumed, and ushered in the unexpected drop board, the market value of the six trading days to evaporate more than 9 billion.

according to the bread and finance statistics, by the end of the three quarter, the top five of the heavily loaded stocks included the public funds of Er Kang pharmaceutical, at least 10, among which the most shining non China Postal fund is its two funds, ranking the top ten largest shareholder list of Er Kang. As the first fund company to enter the new three board,

has made brilliant achievements in China's postal fund. However, with the drop in the number of small and medium-sized businesses, many of its fund's performance declined. In recent years, it is more thunder. Under

, we'll take a look at the mines that the Chinese mail fund has stepped on.

tramway network: participation in the list of the ten largest shareholder.

said that Lei Lei and A share are not comparable to Lt.

small and medium-sized board of this super large minefield, how can less the shadow of the Chinese mail fund?

11 15, China Post Fund issued a notice again down music network valuation, adjusted price of 3.92 yuan / share. According to the down price calculation, the total market value of the music network is about 15 billion 600 million. In May 2015, the market value of music was up to 152 billion 657 million when the market value was highest. This means that, according to the latest valuation, the total market value of the network has evaporated by 137 billion more than that of the peak value.

has 0.77% stake in China Post strategic emerging industry fund, and China postal information industry fund holds 0.75% shares, holding 60 million 510 thousand shares altogether. About 1/3 is held by the increase in the 2016 music network. In July

2016, the music network was set up with 45 yuan / share price, and 21 million 328 thousand and 600 shares were allocated to China Post Fund and 960 million yuan. As of today, the day of the restoration of the music network is still unsolved.

do not know how to hold the thunder in the mood?

tramline pharmaceuticals: more than 5 of its funds are heavily owned by

. If we want to list the rankings of the A share market this year, we believe that Erkang pharmaceutical will win the top three.

in August 8th of this year, the SFC has carried out a case investigation on the letter of illegal and irregularities to elkang pharmaceutical.

11 23, the suspension of more than half a year of the re - Kang pharmaceutical finally resumed, and issued a notice of correction of accounting errors. According to the announcement, the total revenue after the correction in 2016 was 255 million less than that before the correction, down by 8.6%, and the net profit was reduced by 231 million yuan, down by 22.8%.

look at the role of the Chinese philatelic fund in elkang. By the end of the three quarter,

has two funds listed in the top ten largest shareholders of pharmaceuticals, 1.94% of China's strategic emerging industries (001227.OF) and 1.92% of China's postal information industry (001227.OF). Besides

, there are 4 other funds of China Postal fund, all of which are heavily owned by "Er Kang" pharmaceuticals -- 002397.OF, 000545.OF, 000545.OF and 002223.OF.

this may be the legendary "hug".

and in November 29th, the exchange sent another inquiry letter. One of the focuses of this concern is whether Henan yuxingkang pharmaceutical company, chairman of Shuai ban Wen, is against the IPO's competition commitments.

so, maybe Kang pharmaceutical Zaoxin thing is far from over. Will the list of the top ten list of the top shareholders choose to stick to it?

nearly 5 months of suspension with

God fog environmental protection department Shenwu can be considered the two stocks is big, remains to be the test of time. After all, the reason for its official suspension is a major asset restructuring.

, but from the perspective of share price, the five trading days before July 17th began to evaporate more than 8 billion of the market value, and the stock price was also low at the end of 2016.

coincidentally, the Post Fund's fund is also equipped with the stock system especially the fog, God mist green. Although

in the three quarter awkwardness in the top ten have not see the fog line figure, it is unclear whether the reduction or market capitalization accounted for the decline in the relationship. But according to God environmental fog after the suspension, the content of the announcement Post Fund issued, at least for now is still holding the two stocks. According to the Post Fund announcement: the company will from September 11th (i.e. two Shenwu stock suspension period), the fund's holdings of the "energy saving and environmental protection fog fog index gains law" to be valued, until the resumption of trading.

by the end of June 2017, the core theme of the post (590005.OF) holds 2 million 200 thousand shares of God environmental fog was ranked fourth, awkwardness, holding such Shenwu 1 million 850 thousand shares, was ranked sixth in the post awkwardness; Multi Strategy (000706.OF) holds 340 thousand shares of God environmental fog in the two quarter, the new ten awkwardness list.

do not know, after the resumption of the two stocks will really become big?

stepped on so many management fees received?

said so much of the thunder event, what about the product performance of the China mail fund?

, according to wind data, by the end of December 4, 2017, the median net worth of the 39 products of the postal fund was 1.0437 yuan, of which 11 products were broken. Lowest net value