China had an Iraqi family wealth as Li Jiacheng, fabulously rich, but no one knows

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China had an Iraqi family wealth as Li Jiacheng, fabulously rich, but no one knows

2017-12-06 18:36:24 137 ℃

to bring up the rich in Hongkong, you always think of Li Jiacheng, Li Zhaoji and other four rich. In fact, many rich people in Hongkong, including the four rich, are not Hongkong native. But Hongkong as an international metropolis, where the rich not only China, there are people around the world, such as the Kadoorie family.

in Asia rich three generations of the super rich family, including the Kadoorie family, their family wealth can be said as Hongkong tycoon Li Jiacheng, Chinese in this family has developed a number of generations, the family still fabulously rich. In Chinese but almost no one knows.

the Kadoorie family from Elie Kadoorie began, and now Michael Kadoorie is the third generation, the second generation of Roland Kadoorie's death, according to statistics he left four or five billion HK $wealth.

the Kadoorie family took control of Hongkong's two largest listed companies, CLP Holdings and Hongkong Shanghai Hotel company. In the famous Hongkong super five-star hotel The Peninsula Hotel is the Kadoorie family wealth.

the Kadoorie family is the Iraqi jews. The Kadoorie family came to China in 1880, when big brother Kadoorie family with East India Company in China, when he joined the Hongkong cousins, went to VS industry office. This development is also introduced later brother Elie Kadoorie to Hongkong.

Ellis Kadoorie a few years after the birth of Roland Kadoorie, and to Hongkong as a springboard to the largest urban East Shanghai development. The beginning of Elie Kadoorie operating in Shanghai tea and ceramics, relying on trade business, Elie Kadoorie lucrative. When Eli Gadarrigan arrived in Shanghai, Shanghai just prospered. He bought a lot of land on these profits. Until Shanghai really developed, the land had gained several times of profits.

he took the money came to Hongkong, he opened the a stock broker, Jewish born business talent, Kadoorie soon in the stock market to earn money. Then he kept the money through in the stock and got a huge profit for years. He began to diversify the money again. In 1903, Eli Kadoorie cooperated with his friends to set up a China Light and Power Company.

World War II, Elie Kadoorie had spent heavily saved tens of thousands of homeless people because of the war.

when Roland Kadoorie school in Shanghai, 19 year old father came to Hongkong to join the China Light and Power Company. In 1926 two people set up a family with his father Sir Horace & Sons company. Before the Second World War, the family was one of the wealthiest families in Asia. Their businesses were in electricity, real estate, trade, finance, hotels and other industries, from Shanghai to Guangzhou to Hongkong.

is the era of Li Jiacheng kadoorie.

but in Hongkong was occupied by Japan, the Kadoorie family assets suffered enormous destruction, they in the mainland business fell into the hands of the Japanese, power plant in Hongkong in order to stop the Japanese while they destroyed. Even the hotel was expropriated by the Japanese army.

Kadoorie one family are the Japanese caught up in 1944, Elie Kadoorie died in a concentration camp in japanese. After the war, Roland Kadoorie inherited his father's behest, to restore the family business.

Roland Kadoorie returned to Hongkong, to support the power plant and the The Peninsula Hotel. In 1964, Roland Kadoorie also worked with the world's famous oil companies to establish a peninsula power company. In 60s, the Kadoorie family invested billions in Tsing Yi Island, new crane park place to build power plant. In 80s, Roland Kadoorie also invested 20 billion to expand the power plant.

in the development of Roland Kadoorie on the Kadoorie family assets to a geometric level. Now the electric company is Hongkong's top ten companies, the company is also the most profitable business in the Kadoorie family.