Uncovering Xu Xiang's case through reverse thinking and finding the black hand behind the curtain (with video)

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Uncovering Xu Xiang's case through reverse thinking and finding the black hand behind the curtain (with video)

2017-12-07 00:33:38 148 ℃
2015 in June, behind the volatility of Chinese securities capital market, trouble is investors become "China private brother Xu Xiang. This thought was "standing in the above regulation, no one can beat people", was the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau of economic investigation department locked evidence in the data.

reverse thinking from rising out behind the

responsible for the investigation of the case, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Corps political commissar Hu Bin Yong, won the CCTV2017 legal person of the year also opened this with hundreds of millions of shareholders and stakeholders. The story behind.

" case data of hundreds of millions of , we must from unraveling the we have to race with time; and more to fight intellectual suspects." With the support and trust of the party and the people, Hu Binyong led the case group into a mass of data.

war Comrades have participated in the investigation of large cases of economic crime expert, quickly entered the state; however, the degree of difficulty of the task is far more than the previous , not only beyond the existing financial players master the knowledge of , but in the number of billion securities futures trading information find illogical and possibly illegal crime traces .

Hu Binyong morale at the same time, also led the team to try new ideas for detection analysis.

Hu Binyong, on the basis of summarizing and analyzing the experience and lessons of the previous stage, introduced the investigative thinking of the ad hoc group to a new field: before, we kept looking at the reasons for the decline of the stock market during the period of stock market volatility, but failed all the time. Why don't we "think reverse" and change an analytical point of view, starting from the cause of a big rise in the stock index?

, however, is another problem in front of Hu Binyong, the head of the project team. The time of stock market fluctuation is , which is just a few weeks . The analysis of market trade in this stage by the task force took for nearly 4 months and time. Before the stock index has risen sharply for nearly half a year, the workload and complexity of its data analysis is self-evident.

step back, if this road does not work. As time goes on, the police may miss the best fighter plane to break the case.

billion of the information in the search for traces of the

Xu Xiang test is the massive data analysis ability of , from the early accumulation of experience, want to break the case, must through professional technology and professional means of Shanghai and Shenzhen two city transaction cross industry, cross market data analysis, just as many as securities trading data more than 300 TB.

- how much is the data?

- a 2000 word document of word is 30KB, 1024KB is 1MB, 1024MB is 1GB, 1024GB is 1TB, in this case only securities transaction data is up to more than 300 TB

but the direction is selected, the bow is no turning back, no difficulty to be overcome.

has proved that Hu Binyong's choice and strategy are correct. In just 2 weeks, hundreds of stocks with specific nodes were selected from hundreds of millions of hands trading. They had the same characteristics: rose sharply to 1 times or even 2 times before the sharp fluctuations of the stock market, and then dropped 3 times or even 4 times. and behind these stocks, there is a trace of the operation called the "Ze hee" .

of the investment management company's controller, it is known as the "China private brother Xu Xiang. "performance aggressive, difficult to surpass , this is the investors of his evaluation.

caught Xu Xiang

on the cross sea bridge. After mastering the clues of Xu Xiang and others, the higher authorities asked the special team to arrest the suspect quickly with the power of thunder.

at this time, the project has reached the most critical moment. The successful arrest of the suspect has become the top priority for Hu Binyong, the leader of the ad hoc group.

through the formulation and validation scheme to capture several sleepless nights, Hu Binyong put forward the total arrest strategy: strictly confidential, and all the suspects to synchronization by surprise.

finally, through several days' work, the police arrested the main criminal Xu Xiang in Ningbo's cross sea bridge. , all the other suspects in the case were in sync.

in synchronized trial at the same time, Hu Binyong led everyone involved in selecting stock samples are successfully based on the analysis of , operation of the anti money laundering data through the software, < strong> establish correlation between accounts, confirms the continuous multi branch of the Xu Xiang deal