A firm bullish on China's economy and no fear of a fall in the stock market

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A firm bullish on China's economy and no fear of a fall in the stock market

2017-12-07 00:33:48 103 ℃

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reading" > this time losing money will be two types of people, one is playing a sword "Ding Chunqiu", the two is no brain basebred Ding and his disciples. The stock market fell don't be afraid, macro economy did not change much, China industry chain has been formed, as long as they do not die, won't die. Find the subdivision leading, the price is low, the cash flow is good, the enterprise that has credit, have what can worry about.

/ no Wen Ye Tan finance nvxia | tongue heart

12 month 6 days, investors almost attack heart disease.

stock index in early trading tiaokongdikai, breakdown of the 3300 point mark, before closing all the way down, late suddenly pulled transaction, decreases rapidly narrowed. The business board refers to the decline in the early market, and the same big rebound.

is too painful to die, and too happy to die.

's stock market falls don't be afraid, the macro-economy has not changed too much, and the earnings of the earnings, the elimination of the elimination. But China industry chain has been formed, so long as we do not die, won't die.

index by pulling the dead today, white horse shares lake is the biggest risk. The Shanghai index is

tota kings from its 2015 high, about 3333 points to March 2016 fell, fell to around 1900 points, then all the way up, in December 6, 2017, close to 2875.73 points.

in the 1000 case is just the opposite, reflecting the situation of some small and medium-sized shares, the days are very bad. In June 2015, the highest to 15000 points, the lowest in early 2016 and 7500 points in December 6, 2017, and 7016.76 in December 6, 2017. The white horse was proud and the black donkey was injured. Rose

12 on Sept. 6, the national team's shadow that is true partly hidden and partly visible, tota kings.

fell this time, and the ordinary shareholders were injured by the cow. The villagers, don't follow their own insurance giant go.

12 5 months, the media disclosed the Commission administrative penalty decision No. 1 issued by the Guangdong province Foshan city Chancheng District Liao Guopei handling 15 stocks given administrative punishment, and confiscated about 80000000 yuan out of the document, this is the largest penalty for individual investors.

from January 2014 to June 2016, Liao Guopei 28 securities account manipulation of 15 shares, shareholding advantage of capital advantage, through the large, closed limit, limit price and false declaration, intraday lift closed limit etc., in the limit price to buy a large number of effects, stock closing price and trading volume, in the reverse sell at a profit.

is a simple way to manipulate the market, and the Foshan Gang is not a simple place.

"Foshan Gang" in the stock arena as famous as Ding Chunqiu, their weapons stocks, their battlefield is the stock market, their jietouanhao is slang. On the 21 day of

4, "Ding Chunqiu" came out.

"Foshan No shadow kick" fast eat Han Zhong Seiki all sell orders, with 13 million hand pay sealed limit. With a single letter pay to follow suit, once reached 270 thousand hands around the charts show buying 2.3 million.

exchange call Foshan No shadow kick window guidance, sorry, Foshan No shadow kick off, refuse withdrawals, 13 million in hand to pay all of the transaction. Afternoon, through the window guidance institutions began zapan, trading was breaking. Then seal the board at two degrees.

is nothing, they are cursed with a cross language. I have 641 under 748, hang out of order. There are three flowers of intelligent control, direct word plate limit, 190 thousand letters a single hand, two hands 641, 3, four, five are bought to buy 74 hand guadan. This flying letter appeared in 641 al Qaeda, the following single guadan. It is speculated that

, Foshan No shadow kick is likely liao.

is so wanton and so dirty. It seems that Sao Xiong has been frustrated, and the manipulation has made some cattle angry and reckless. You think you cow, you don't have it. Some people believe that

is a hero, I bah! But is Zuozhuang cattle, pulled over a group of people, there is no loyalty, aggressive tactics, what good cattle.

is more funny is Wu Junle. The cumulative loss of "Xinhua brocade" was 178 million yuan, and the penalty was one million. that's what it's going to be punished for breaking the law. < /