Urgent notice: the adjustment is the opportunity, the dips to build this kind of stock! (attached stock)

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Urgent notice: the adjustment is the opportunity, the dips to build this kind of stock! (attached stock)

2017-12-07 00:33:52 175 ℃

today to give you an invitation to the well-known private sun senior trader, senior securities analyst Yu kylin teacher , he served as the special guest financial website, writing the stock in each big financial column in today's headlines, snowball network, all have a loyal fans, won the favorite of investors and friends.

jade kylin 94 year veteran in the stock market since the original jade kylin trading system, accelerate the profit pattern of dragon cat's tactics, using the original system in 15 years precisely to escape the top of the circle of friends, admire his trading ideas, called visionario!

jade kylin teacher Hello, time flies, time flies. After the stock market crash of 3 from the January 2016 outbreak, it has been almost two years??

yes, one and a half years later, a bit like nightmare 3300 A shares, as to this location will be short of relentless selling, it is interesting for two years, the Shanghai index rose nearly 0!

, Qilin teacher, as the end of the year is approaching, the capital market faces tension. Is there any opportunity to intervene in the market? From the

pattern, the Shanghai index is with the technical conditions of the Manniu market launch. At the end of the year, the increasingly tense situation, we have to do is to choose the undervalued stock, lurk in.

, well, what hot spots can I suggest?

has been hot for nearly a month. We can see that in terms of concept, such as domestic chips, 5G and other hype, we also have hype about semiconductor and AI. These will continue to appear in the later period, what we need to do is to seize the opportunity to hold it tightly.

is very grateful to Kirin teacher's explanation above. Next, let the Kirin teacher give you to analyze the existing risks and opportunities in the A share market.

Hello, everyone, I am jade kylin, yesterday's trend is basically consistent with our prediction, the overall market is still dominated by structural differentiation, but small cap stocks have been warmer recently, and the current market is still weaker.

3300 point, the weight callback is inevitable! The

Shanghai Composite Index has returned to the 3300 gateway. Technically, the 3300 point is not only the important point of the pre - pressure line, but also the position of the 120 - day average. This is a strong support position.

is always a hot spot in the market, but the sustainability of the hot spots is not good. It can be kept and no longer down is also due to the strong variety of value. three low breed is the future hope.

Jedi meet, dig potential opportunities!

we also need to pay attention to a point, A shares nearly a month is in shock, but foreign capital still shares through and through the deep Shanghai shares through a net inflow of billions of yuan, foreign than domestic investors optimistic about the A shares did not stop the pace of entering. foreign capital has a good sense of smell and is good at discovering investment opportunities.

industry from the inflow of funds into the stock up, we can see that there are three aspects of the investment opportunities worthy of attention:

is the consumer to upgrade opportunities, such as liquor, beverages, household appliances and other industries;

two is a new industry on behalf of the economic transformation, such as 5G, domestic chip, new energy vehicles and artificial intelligent;

three is the supply side structural reform push and demand pull under cyclical industries, such as cement, nonferrous metals, iron and steel etc..

this kind of stock has been started! Which one do you buy?

12 month and January pullback in place, probability will have a large band of high , like the several plates I mentioned at the beginning, the conservative buy 100-200 billion in market value, bold value analysis in place can buy 300-500 billion in market value! precision pulse fourth quarter hype main wealth to seize opportunities, share investment opportunities!

30% returns a stock!

, because of the relevant policies and specific stocks, I can't tell you here. If you want to get this valuable stock, you can add my WeChat to the top 200 readers. In the current round of rebound, has less than 30% gain.

, or add

, and , in addition to the fish you want, I will give you a lifetime of fishing. in the current market, the risk is far greater than the opportunity, and you will never look at you a lot of money in the market. But from the moment you choose the wrong trend, the money doesn't belong to you anymore! So learning is more important than real war at the moment.

I was this time