International oil price opening and rising mode, oil prices are expected to be raised in some parts of the country

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International oil price opening and rising mode, oil prices are expected to be raised in some parts of the country

2017-12-22 18:35:26 308 ℃

- reporter Su Shiyu

boosted U.S. crude oil inventories fell for 5 consecutive weeks, the United States tax bill, the weakening of the dollar and other factors, the international oil price rise to restart. And the price of refined oil in some areas is also facing up.

in December 21st, JOYOU information monitored the average wholesale price of PetroChina and Sinopec in 30 main provinces and municipalities in China: the price of Pu Chai was 6820 yuan / ton, which was 16 yuan / ton lower than the previous working day, which is 673 yuan / ton lower than the retail average price. Guo five 92 gasoline price is 7331 yuan / ton, compared with the previous working day, it fell 5 yuan / ton, and the five five diesel price of the country was 6862 yuan / ton, which was 14 yuan / ton compared with the previous working day, and gasoline and diesel were respectively cheaper than retail, the average price was 1635 yuan / ton and 588 yuan / ton.

according to the gold LIAN monitoring system shows that at present, the rate of construction in Shandong is nearly 70%, and the historical record is constantly refreshed. Although the market of refined oil continues to turn weak, and the refinery quotas are basically exhausted, some crude oil trade is also restricted. However, there are plenty of raw material stocks in the field refining, and at the same time, the overall refining profit can still be reduced. The refinery starts to maintain more vigorously.

yesterday, the domestic product oil market continued a steady downward trend, a small increase in some areas. The product oil in the southwest region is steadily down 100 yuan / ton to 200 yuan / ton, and the downstream demand is limited and the shipment is not smooth. Shandong refinery has a small increase of 20 yuan / ton to 50 yuan / ton, with a good overall shipment and relatively obvious increase in gasoline prices. In Southern China the price of gasoline and diesel prices will continue to rise slightly, down 50 yuan / ton to 100 yuan / ton. In the North China market, the price rises and falls mainly, the low price region is small, the high price region falls, the range is 20 yuan / ton to 100 yuan / ton. East China's main low level fluctuations limited to 50 yuan / ton to 100 yuan / ton, and gasoline prices pushed up by 30 yuan / tonnes. The price of the main gasoline along the river market is stable, and the price of diesel oil is down 50 yuan per ton to 200 yuan / ton. Under the influence of small international crude oil, the price of the northeast main battalion remained firm, and the price of the diesel oil was still down 50 yuan per ton. The market in the northwest is stable, and the purchase and sale are not good. In social units, Tianyuan, oil rich and other manufacturers continued to reduce the price of diesel oil at 100 yuan / tonnes to 150 yuan / tonne. JOYOU

information oil analyst said in an interview with reporters, the "Securities Daily" in Troy yesterday, the international crude oil, U.S. crude oil inventories fell and the continuous weakening of the dollar as oil prices boost crude oil futures continued to close up. On the domestic side, the downstream of the gasoline market has just needed support, and the shipments continue to be stable, in December 22nd or some of the manufacturers. Diesel prices bearish sentiment weakened, manufacturers inventory pressure drop decline has slowed recently, it is expected in the short term, domestic gasoline and diesel prices trend stabilization based, prices continued to decline, the individual area price increases. Gen

Jinlian oil analyst Xu Peng yesterday to accept the "Securities Daily" said in an interview with reporters, for the next oil market, the contradiction between the pile up in excess of requirement will also become a bad market restriction, if not awesome performance of crude oil, diesel prices rebound is difficult to achieve real. In addition, the holiday of new year's day will come, the demand for gasoline stock is coming, or the rise of domestic oil price is boosted.

(Su Shiyu)

editor: Ren Wanshun