300 billion to enter the market, the stock market hopes to come?

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300 billion to enter the market, the stock market hopes to come?

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remember Yao Zhenhua of the treasure group? Stuck for more than a year, the old savage returned. Chery announced yesterday that it would be with the strategic investment view of the Beng group. Next, together with Chery, Quantum (2007) LLC, will share a total of 6 billion 500 million.

and Boland group related responsible person also said that the public will respond positively to the call of the party and country, want to make a difference in the field of manufacturing Chinese, make a solid contribution to the development of manufacturing industry Chinese. To tell the truth, Yao boss really is a smart person, after Vanke earned tens of billions of dollars, a positive response to the national call to make contributions to the manufacturing industry. But you have to take the eye of Yao's boss and look at this year's Vanke and GREE. It's all big bull stock!

says that this year's new energy car is really a fire, and everyone wants to get a piece of the soup. However, in the A stock market, there is no stir in the market, and it is still good for the future. After all, whether it is the support of the national policy, or the direction of the development of the times, the market prospect of new energy is still very broad. Therefore, investors can focus on the opportunity to find layout.

in the A share market this year is basically the increase in the organization, the capital is withdrawing. This is yesterday there are heavy news, the first single hammer to occupation pension, which marks the following basic pension, enterprise annuity, A shares will usher in the new capital. According to the rough estimate of the Interim Measures for occupational pension fund management,

will have about 300 billion of the capital into the A share market in the next 5 years. So in the next few years, the liquidity of A shares is at least not too much to worry about. As long as the standard is good, there is still a chance to make money. From the investment style of these big funds, the leading industry with strong and good liquidity will be the first choice. Therefore, we should take a look at these leading industries.

, a farmer who sells milk powder, can actually lay down 22 houses. To tell the truth, it is really unthinkable. Just yesterday, Beingmate announced that it would sell 22 sets of property in northern Guangdong and other places, with a total income of 102 million yuan. To tell you the truth, Beingmate is also a wonderful company, the two price of the company's milk powder, but this year has lost nearly 4 hundred million, but the house made tens of millions of easily. In accordance with this algorithm, after the sale of milk powder ah, direct housing.

, to tell you the truth, Beingmate is also fighting for not being carried a hat. The real estate sales revenue is 47 million 400 thousand, the profit from the ranch sale is almost 50 million. The top priority is estimated to be 250 million at the government subsidy, otherwise, it will be unsafe to turn it around. But for this kind of company, investors still have to be careful, after all, not the growth of the main business, the company can not have so many houses can be sold every year. If there is no room to sell, can the company be able to sustain it?

these days gas plate is bullish by the rising price of gas stimulation, plate for 3 consecutive days hit the climax. And the natural gas gap will be more obvious with the coming of winter. Plate is worth paying much attention later. But in the short term, it is not recommended that you catch up again. After all, risk is rising. When risk is greater than profit, it must be cautious.

today the 360 plate was affected by the 360 restructuring of the Department of commerce through the anti - monopoly review of the Ministry of Commerce, and there was a wave of high tide in the plate. The river Nanjiajie electric restructuring, property that the SFC brother probability through audit is still very large. After all, it is a benchmarking enterprise. And many of the shares in the plate have fallen nearly 50%. Therefore, investors can take proper attention to find investment opportunities.

market has risks, and investment needs to be cautious.

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