A shares have entered the inactivation period

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A shares have entered the inactivation period

2017-12-25 09:29:33 284 ℃

this weekend the market news is very dull - from the experience of the past, it is a good thing. The past few months, almost every time, are a disaster for the investors.

currently has about 3200 trading stocks on the market every day, of which more than 400 of them are less than 1000W, and more than 1000 of them are less than 2000W (less than 1000W), 1/3 shares are less than 2000W.

, a large number of stocks have maintained low volume for a long time, and the market has entered the state of inactivation. The amount of land has become a long time can not see the prophecy.

, which means that a large number of stocks are lack of liquidity. For large funds, they dare not rush ahead. When they rush in, shipments become the biggest problem.

, for example, for a 5000W's hot money, if we buy a daily trading volume of only 1000W, he will pay a huge cost of time or break down a few stops when shipping.

is becoming more important at the inactivation, the originally unimportant reference dimension of liquidity. This is also an important reason why many funds have to go to the big stock market.

billboard, once the line becomes extremely active, hot money is also frequently shot past line of hot money continues to trade a stock of tens of millions of the event has ceased to exist.

, if it corresponds to the bull market in 2007, is now in 2011 - a bull market, a slump, a rebound, and an inactivation.

in the current, a lot of stock every day in half-dead state, small amplitude to the poor -- many stocks daily amplitude of less than 1%, timeshare trend like weaving machine, a few cents to play one day -

we know that volatility is the source of profit of all -- of course, but also a source of losses the. When the market's fluctuation, investor is no trading impulse, not even see Kanpan impulse, the impulse is not the market news.

will last for a long time. The last wave lasted for three or four years. Although this wave has leverage, I think it will be normal for one or two years to lose its life. The partners should be prepared for this.

of course, this is for investors in the stock market out of savings funds in the stock market the product storage experience cultivating tolerance good time -- and if you want to participate in the long-term stock market, then the loss of current even in the market, should not give up on the stock market's attention, otherwise you or the next wave of leek.

what I'm talking about here is not a day to do business, but through a variety of channels to maintain a understanding of the market, with a minimum of sensitivity.

since volume has become the most scarce resource in the market, when we invest in stocks, we should choose to have large resources stocks, try to avoid those stocks that are low in volume, but to choose active varieties with large volume.

active variety selection, on the one hand, the volume of the day, the amount of transactions, on the other hand to see the turnover rate.

does not necessarily depend on how much the amount is, but it also looks at the ranking of all A shares. For many stocks, ranking two in the city, in closing, basically in 1 hours before opening a similar early opening after a period of time, can brush two, all A stock turnover, turnover and turnover ranking, do short-term, generally only ranking.

12 22, two A -

the last few days of the hot wheeled concept --

12 22 July heat front concept with oil and gas energy, oil change, oil and gas, combustible ice set service, such as shale gas. There is no big fluctuation in the international oil price, which is mainly related to the rise in the price of natural gas. If

fails to track the concept of natural gas price increase this time, for those spot or futures prices have risen, but the price of stock market has not received feedback, the related companies can consider paying attention in advance. The hot concept of

12 22, compared with the previous days, is almost no repetition - the concept wheel speed, faster than the electric fan. Who dares to chase it, is easily hanged.

is still in the night newspaper repeatedly said that sentence, this kind of feeling do not chase high, only ambush. After the ambush, wait for the market money to come to turn the sign - a lot of luck.

to this, many people say no language - what is the strategy, not to make people make money, they have to make time to make money.

I understand the mood of this part of the investor very much. But what I want to say is: you haven't realized the cruelty of the market.

many people think that the market default is to make money, not to make money is to lose - this idea is extremely wrong.

the wrong thoughts, will lead to erroneous behavior - the most obvious manifestation is not to stop, afraid to miss the opportunity, never know or Qingcang short wait.

under this market, what does not wait to be able to do? In the market with the main tone of the loss, it is more safe to wait than to buy and sell frequently. Does the crocodile take a few days to wait until the opportunity is big enough to strike?

if the Shouyang intolerable, my approach is to open a small deposit, tens of thousands of dollars, a few more familiar, large volume, rangebound obvious stocks, short-term.