After 7 years' imprisonment in a white hat, revenge, tragic predators will usher in the Commission Gao Ying Gu Chujun, innocent of the crime

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After 7 years' imprisonment in a white hat, revenge, tragic predators will usher in the Commission Gao Ying Gu Chujun, innocent of the crime

2017-12-27 09:27:56 263 ℃

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seven years of experience in jail Greencool Kelon original founder, chairman Gu Chujun, the prosecution of the Commission have made new progress.

12 26 days ago, Gu Xiao Jun issued a statement on its personal certified micro-blog. The first intermediate people's Court of Beijing decided in December 22, 2017 that the CSRC would open the rules of securities and futures investigation to it. At the same time, the Commission also ruled China within the statutory time limit, the public in 2005 of Gu Chujun Guangdong Kelon Electrical Holdings Co start the investigation procedure the president office meeting the investigation of reason, investigation conclusion, meeting time, list of participants, the meeting content, meeting content, meeting minutes.

from the first generation of capital operation to become influential man, prison prisoner, to claim innocence frequently after prison, 12 years of life experience, Gu Chujun countless ups and downs.

2012 in September, seven years in prison, the prison 8 days later, Gu Chujun, he wore a white paper hat held a press conference, declared his innocence and real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing a number of commission officials. After that, he submitted a petition to the Supreme People's court and asked for the revocation of three charges of its judgment and acquittal.

before the jail was all-powerful Gu Chujun capital predators.

from 2000 to push Green Cole began listing in Hongkong, Gu Chujun has entered the Kelon Electrical, MeiLing electrical appliances, Yaxing, Xiangzhou shares of other companies, in January 2005, he appeared on the second session of the "Hurun capital control" top 50 list. Before this, he has also been in the 2003 Hurun China hundred rich list.

that did not seem to feel the Gu Chujun catastrophe, in the case, he also publicly stated that Chinese commission to strengthen the supervision of listed companies, is conducive to further standardize the management of Kelon, is conducive to long-term development of kelon. Cologne welcomes the survey and will cooperate fully.

more than two months later, 9 Cologne and Karl, including Gu Gu Jun, were controlled by the police. After that, they were arrested by the police on suspicion of false investment, false financial statements, misappropriation of assets and job encroachment. In 2009, the Guangdong High Court announced that Gu Chujun made false registered capital crime, illegal disclosure, non disclosure of important information on the crime of embezzlement, sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, fined 6 million 800 thousand yuan.

a month later, the SFC responded that the securities and futures Investigation Rules belong to the internal management information of the CSRC and do not belong to the government information disclosed by the government information publicity Ordinance. At the same time that Kelon Company to start a criminal investigation procedure of the president's office meeting, the investigation conclusion, the reason for the meeting time, the list of participants, meetings, meeting content, meeting minutes and other information are state secrets, and to refuse to provide.

later, Gu Xiao Jun sent the CSRC to the first intermediate people's Court of Beijing. The case was first heard in Beijing in April 1, 2016.

court decision that the relevant provisions of the "rules for the investigation of securities and futures" rules have been used as the legal basis for external enforcement, and should not belong to the category of internal management information. The SFC will refuse to disclose the grounds of internal control information on the grounds of the "rules for the investigation of securities and futures cases", and the reason why it cannot be established is based on the fact that the notification is based on the fact that it is unclear and should be revoked in accordance with the law. In addition, the CSRC did not provide evidence to prove that the reason for the investigation of Kelong case is a state secret. The notification book is also unclear and revoked according to law.

third party information platform eye survey shows that currently 14 companies as a corporate Gu Chujun, 3 are in a continuous state. Among them, it was first founded in 1995.