8 million "swallowing" 3 billion 500 million yuan market value of listed companies! Do you understand the leverage game of capital brokers?

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8 million "swallowing" 3 billion 500 million yuan market value of listed companies! Do you understand the leverage game of capital brokers?

2017-12-27 09:28:00 236 ℃

A shares backdoor transactions increasingly cold, but the starting price of the shell fee is not the 2 billion get down. However, recently there was a capital game player, but with the price of cabbage added 800 million , become the actual controller of the listed company.

Gee, the suspension of the listed *ST carbon, recently sold the holding of about 10000000, and the cheaper shell than this?

is such a thing. Last month, Beijing Hong Xiao and major shareholders of Huiyuan communication exchange, Wai Ao Feng Yin Fu on the signing of the agreement, the former took out 1 million yuan transferee Hui Yin Ao Feng holds 1 million yuan partnership share Wai rich steed, on behalf of all foreign Wai rich steed execute the partnership affairs, obtained 20.68% of the shares of listed companies. After the transaction was completed, the actual controller of Huiyuan communication was changed from the real controller of Beijing hung Xiao to Li Hongxing.

two years ago, Hui Fu I spend 600 million yuan acquisition of Huiyuan communication 20.68% stake, becoming the largest shareholder. Hui Yin Feng Hui Fu Australia as steed GP (general partner), invested only 1 million yuan, accounting for 0.17% of the total; Hui LP rich steed (limited partner) exchange Yin Feng 6 Macao invested about 600 million yuan, accounting for 99.83% of the total investment. Hui Yin Ao Feng No. 6 of the actual investor including class a principal abci and B principal Zhuhai Wang Pei, shares were 400 million yuan and 203 million 500 thousand yuan, the leverage ratio is about 2:1. And Beijing Hongxiao is the manager of Zhuhai Hongpei.

, and the real controller of Beijing hung Xiao, has also changed a long time ago. The details of

's transactions were restored in the December 25th evening announcement of Huiyuan communications. According to the disclosure, Beijing Xiao Hong was founded in April 2015, the registered capital of 10 million, owned by Han 100%, the purpose is to set up the operation and management of Zhuhai Wang pei.

at the beginning of November this year, Li Hongxing invested 7 million yuan transferee held by the Beijing Hong Han Xiao 70% shares, became the controlling shareholder. After Beijing Xiao Hong to spend 1 million yuan transferee Hui Yin Ao Feng held rich steed partnership Wai share, so as to control the listed company.

through the "two steps", Li Hongxing invested a total of 8 million yuan, control of Huiyuan communications, the market value of 3 billion 500 million yuan of listed companies.

the Han why you want to quit? Notice that the Han investment management mainly focus on the education industry and public welfare undertakings, no more effort and team to promote the realization of assets of listed companies. Li Hongxing and Han in the investment business has had a lot of cooperation, investment and management experience, both parties of equity transfer. What is the background of

new boss? Li Hongxing was born in 1974, served in Anhui trust and Guoyuan securities, Ping An Securities and the Milky Way securities, mainly engaged in risk investment and mergers and acquisitions, has invested in more than 10 companies, business covers technology, Internet, new media, tourism, business, sports, short video etc.. In addition, in cloud computing, big data industry contacts and reserve a number of high-quality assets, the core team member Ceng Cao knife Sanan optoelectronics canyuan photoelectric acquisition of Taiwan listed companies, mergers and acquisitions, Bohai Wanda cinema HOYTS lease (now Bohai Holdings) Seaco SRL Cronos Ltd, cross-border mergers and acquisitions and other large projects. But

, the master Huiyuan communication is an important premise condition: Beijing Hong Xiao to exchange Yin Feng Australia issued on "Yin Ao Feng Hui to undertake and complete the original restructuring commitments related to asset restructuring" in June 24, 2018 before the commitment letter. Before the exchange, also sent a letter inquiries of the performance capabilities of Li Hongxing.

unfortunately, Beijing Hong Xiao side show muscle, while louqie and Li Hongxing said: the company itself does not have the industrial resources and industry operating experience, and the company registered capital of 10 million yuan, financial strength is limited, only through the market way for mergers and acquisitions group subject and fulfill the restructuring commitments and support the subsequent development of listed at the same time, affected by market conditions and restructuring policy changes and other factors, the risk of being unable to fulfill the restructuring commitments.

", Beijing Hong Xiao is still the role of brokers. It is not good to say that the restructuring promises can be cashed.

, another detail is that Han is not a major shareholder, but still holds 30% stake in Beijing Xiao Hong, but he is also Zhuhai Wang Pei limited partner, paid 50 million yuan. Business information, the two shareholders of the Cci Capital Ltd or Ningbo Xiao Hong, Han and Li Hongxing stake were 90%, 10%. As a result, the relationship between the two people is not the same.

, of course, is concerned with the prospect of Huiyuan communications. Beijing Hong Xiao said that it will consider the industry as the direction, choose and layout the industry that has good prospects in the next ten years. It will focus on the ICT (information and communication technology) upstream and downstream (5G communications, cloud computing, big data), semiconductor chips.