As of January 1st, VAT is levying over 100 trillion management products. These changes are related to your investment.

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As of January 1st, VAT is levying over 100 trillion management products. These changes are related to your investment.

2017-12-27 09:28:04 257 ℃

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reports group members: Hu Fei Ma Chuan Mao Zhan Wang Yuling

in the morning to the end, "value added tax" is undoubtedly the highest degree of concern of the information management organization is one of the key words. Because the

in accordance with the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation "on the issue of value added tax information management notice" (Hao Wen 56), VAT taxable behavior information management product management operations and information management products in the process of the pipe product management of VAT taxpayers to human capital, pay VAT in accordance with the 3% rate of levy, levy the date designated as January 1, 2018. The

information management products value-added tax relates to bank financial products, trust funds, collective investment management plan, raised funds, private equity funds, equity and debt investment plans and the combination of insurance and information management products, the scope is not wide, is far-reaching, the information management industry for information management products which should be how to tax taxation and controversial. On 25

12, the Ministry of finance once again issued a "patch" document in Article 56, and further supplemented how to tax the sales of management products.

recently, a Chinese journalist has participated in a number of training of value added tax for fund managers sponsored by the Ministry of trusteeship, and learned that the relevant VAT rules remain unclear. Hundreds of institutions involved in training have expressed many doubts about the value added tax products.

information management products levy VAT seven new aspect
1 and the Ministry of Finance and the "patch" what are the contents of the

according to the reporter, in December 25th, the Ministry of Finance issued a notice "on the leased fixed assets input tax deduction and other value-added tax policy" (No. 90), by the information management agency that is number 56 the "patch" file, clear policy convergence issues in the process of handling tax related loan services and financial transfer of goods.

previously, many agencies involved in taxation question about product information management point, for example, in March 2017 issued a one-year loan interest income in 2017 was not confirmed until March 2018, one-time recognition of interest income is recognized in accordance with the full tax income tax, interest income is generated after January 1, 2018? The answer given by the Ministry of Finance 90 is the latter.

gave another example of the transfer of financial products. In March 2017, he bought a stock and sold the stock in March 2018. Then the buying time is March 2017 or January 1, 2018?

90 text explanation is made before the December 31, 2017 transfer of stocks and bonds, funds, non commodity futures, can choose to calculate sales in accordance with the actual purchase price, closing price, bond valuation or to the last trading day of 2017 (stock valuation in the debt of Financial Center Limited company or China Securities Index Co to provide bond valuation), goods the futures settlement price as bid prices, net sales of non fund shares.

fixed income securities brokerage team pointed out in the report, the agency must be used, "which is high" principle is more favorable. The definition is clear, so it is not necessary for the institution to sell the floating surplus financial products before 2018, and to buy low cost prices in 2018 to avoid additional market fluctuations.

2, which management products need to pay VAT? According to Article 56,

, a deputy chief inspector of one of the four largest accounting firms, told reporters that almost all financial institutions in domestic financial institutions need to pay value-added tax during operation.

56 ", explicitly put forward, including financial products, trust funds (including capital trust and single trust fund), property trust, public offering of securities investment fund, specific client asset management plan, the aggregate asset management plan, the directional asset management plan, private investment funds, debt investment plans, equity investment plan, investment plan, combined with a debt asset backed plan, insurance asset management products, security management products, other products and the provisions of the tax department.

"but it is not clear whether the enterprise annuity and pension products are also included in the scope of VAT." The above tax deputy director said, "next step, this part of managers should pay attention to whether the policy will be clear, or further tax communication with the local tax bureau."

3, the preferential tax is not clear and controversial

at the same time, according to previous relevant tax documents, the current information management products value-added tax as well as part of a preferential tax policy, tax and tax are divided into two kinds of situations, not tax refers to a taxpayer has not paid the tax exemption right, refers to the tax preferential policies for the stage.

information management products without VAT included in the project, such as bank deposit interest tax, deposit interest; financial holding period (including maturity) made of non guaranteed income, do not belong to the nature of the interest or interest income, not levy value-added tax, such as dividends; the sale of equity and debt is not taxed.

meets the tax-free items of information management products, including treasury bonds, interest income of local government bonds, securities investment funds (closed securities investment funds, open securities).