22 years ago, why did not understand the technology of Ma Yun, why insisted on the choice of Internet entrepreneurship?

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22 years ago, why did not understand the technology of Ma Yun, why insisted on the choice of Internet entrepreneurship?

2017-12-27 18:33:50 918 ℃

everyone lives in his own experience world, and journalists are no exception. In

2000, "computer world", when my new book, "China.Com" was published, I was sent to the booth to sign the book.

when I was talking to others happy, a reader tore me, "you should pay attention to Ma Yun. His Alibaba has opened a new foreign trade channel for small and medium-sized enterprises. His attempt at the Ministry of foreign trade and trade is also pioneering and meaningful. "

I smiled, not the reader's words to heart, turned to chat. At that time, my heart was full of three big doors, full of Wang Zhidong and Ding Lei.

, I don't do foreign trade and never go to alibaba.com. So in July 10, 2000, Ma Yun appeared on the cover of Forbes. The media reported that Ma Yun is the first Chinese entrepreneur to win the honor in 50 years.

2002 year's day, I went to Hangzhou to interview the new president of Zhejiang University, Chen Chun. Walk in the West Lake, I suddenly thought of "fun" "West Lake mountain", I think of ma. I know the relationship between Wang Juntao and Ma is very good, Wang Juntao is the first and the second session of the "West Lake mountain" guests. I have a good relationship with Wang Juntao.

I dialed the Wang Juntao phone, and I said, "I'm in Hangzhou, and I'm looking for Ma Yun." Wang Juntao said, "I'll let him call you right away." Just put down the phone, and Ma Yun's phone is here. At the end of the interview, Ma Yun told me that his grandmother died, he had to catch up, and could not invite me to dinner. "If you don't have anything else tonight, I'll ask you to drink tea."

on the West Lake tea house, after the final interview, Ma Yun began to chat with me DoNews. "More criticism on the DoNews and a place and way to speak to the enterprise," he suggested. Later Sheng Tian implemented this idea, that is, today's news.

even though Ma Yun left a good impression on me, I didn't dare to write Ma Yun back to Beijing. I'm afraid I'm writing a magic story that doesn't exist. At that time, the Alibaba website was still far away like the "sesame opening" in a fairy tale. I can't find my true feelings, can not find the "Ma Yun in the United States was the underworld kidnapping" circumstantial evidence. In May 10th,

2003, Taobao was established. It began to grab the eBay eBay C2C market. Before long, Ma claimed that Taobao had already surpassed eBay eBay. I smiled and said, "how can it be? EBay used to be a 90% market share." In August 17th of

2005, YAHOO announced that it would exchange for 1 billion dollars in cash and all assets in YAHOO at the cost of Alibaba's 40% share and 35% voting rights, including YAHOO's Chinese assets discount 600 million dollars in private. The news of

let me start reviewing the interview 3 years ago. I wrote in my own Blog: "fragments of history, pages and pages fall, and good people pick up their favorite pages."

Ma Yun has succeeded.

Ma Yun is successful, can he prove that all the stories he told is true? But I like you all as much as you like to hear the stories of successful people, who love to hear successful people to summarize successful experience, so as to achieve the purpose of inspiring and inspiring themselves. It does not exclude the possibility that false stories encourage true stories.

reporters may never be able to touch the truth, but reporters can touch himself. So in my story, "Ma Yun was kidnapped in the United States by the gangland" in the story. "Ma Yun and Sun Zhengyi in the bathroom financing" are omitted.

2005 October, 09, Beijing Oriental Jun Yue Hotel lobby, I asked Ma Yun to drink tea. Ma Yun said to me, "there are only two kinds of media or websites that can survive: one is distinctive; the other is scale." "DoNews before left, right now." "The boy should not be too. It's not interesting to do Sina Technology. " On the day of

, Ma Yun, who was intoxicated in the joy of success, told his news outlook. "Done it. Be sure to write it down, or not to do it. The next person will make the same mistake. " "Wang Juntao can write, I can say." Ma Yun has a good opinion of the people who write their views and facts together. "If you guess, you have to explain, this is my point of view." On the day of

, I asked Ma a question that seemed to be agreeable to him. "Why do you have today, but also clever China e-commerce pioneer Wang Juntao still in entrepreneurial effort?" Ma said: "I said before, the speech, to do publicity, as if, while behind me, there is a group of people at work, for me to work, but Wang Juntao no 18" Arhats ". I said, someone did it; he said, said it, just said it. "

2006 in November 3rd, DoNews 5G in the discussion of "Ma Huayi pay 30 million of the advertising costs, but he is a shareholder of Huayi Brothers, whether this is related transaction?" Ma after that, SMS is involved in the discussions told Mou Zhengpeng: "I ma not cheap, ha ha. I ma if people like to do what? "The answer

Ma reminded me, Ma shares to 18 Arhats, abandon Ma with VC money Yangda Alibaba holding, these facts point to Ma is a thing only success, regardless of small profits, but Ma is indeed shareholders Huayi Brothers, Huayi Brothers indeed paid 30 million high advertising costs...... More news that the day before the acquisition of the Alibaba shareholders Ma Mrs. Zhang Ying reputation network