Behind the gossip boss Zhu Shimao: 8 companies, forty million movies to receive 4 million box offices

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Behind the gossip boss Zhu Shimao: 8 companies, forty million movies to receive 4 million box offices

2017-12-28 18:29:48 766 ℃

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| Luming Liu Xiaoran recently, Zhu Shimao rumored: being candid photos of him sitting in the car, close with a 20 year old woman, suspected of kissing. Later, netizens shouted: "you have to see this guy with big eyes and bushy eyes have betrayed the revolution! "

has the media contact with Zhu Shimao's agent, and the other party says it is angry to see the news, which is a defamation of the old artist. The broker said that the end of the day's gathering ended. Zhu Shimao sent the woman home for safety reasons. "Is it possible for a 63 year old public figure to kiss the driver on the bus and the driver's presence? "

at 2 pm today, Zhu Shimao personally sent micro-blog to deny derailment. "A small part of the media," he wrote, "there is nothing in it... I strongly condemn it! " We don't know the truth of

, but this news made Zhu Shimao, who had been silent for a long time, return to the public view.

Zhu Shimao, who was often accompanied by Chen Peisi on the Spring Festival Gala stage, has been performing many of the most widely known classic pieces since 80s. Unfortunately, they were later killed by the copyright dispute accuse CCTV. What did Zhu Shimao do out of the stage these years? The answer to

is that he is going to open a company and be a boss, and become an expensive investor. And he's involved in a wide range of fields.

AI financial agency in the third party information platform to check on the eye see Zhu Shimao as a legal person or the shareholders of the company has a total of over 8 companies, involving many fields of film and television art, hotel management, real estate brokerage, technology development, investment management, etc.. Now he's company, is mainly the "spider" and "1" 2.

, the earliest "Beijing Oriental spider Co., Ltd." and "Haikou old Mao Industrial Co., Ltd." were all registered in 1992, and have been revoked. Zhu Shimao is a legal person of two companies. His registered capital is 500 thousand and 1 million. These two figures are also a huge amount in the same year.

is Zhu Shimao film investment for years, but it seems that costs are small cast film, a good two is not popular, poor performance. This year, Zhu Shimao was determined to keep up with the aesthetic taste of the post-90s. The youth love film "the summer of Poplar", which was invested and directed, was quietly released in October. There were media reports that the director of the monitor cried more than the actress when he saw a breakup in the field.

, however, he is not down, the present days are quite moist. The evidence is that in June this year, his deluxe version of the long S - Benz was photographed by the media.

people exclaimed: This is the most expensive in the Mercedes Benz cars, auto show are hard to see her, but also with the high value of the Beijing A8 license! Zhu's boss is a real tyrant!

thanks to his original capital accumulation. He was one of the earliest people in China, and he had been in the market with more than 100 million of his savings. According to his recollection, he was ready for the worst psychological preparation at that time, even though "100 yuan was thrown away", but the final result was good.

he and Chen Peisi also catch up with the real estate rose, this is also an important part of the original capital.

he also opened a hotel and catering business, not only in Beijing, in Hefei, Wuhan and other southern city also has a name for "layout, Xiyuan no.". However, in a city park Hefei's number one Hot pot shop opened two years will collapse.

has also been in trouble with his brother. Zhu Shisheng and his brother, together with his brother, were accused by the Beijing Eastern spider real estate brokerage Co., Ltd. about the issue of dividends. They were accused of preemptive share. But after the trial, the court rejected the plaintiff's request.

is also a golf enthusiast. He has taken the lead in the establishment of China celebrity golf club. He regularly hosts high ball star events, including Eric Tsang, Sun Nan, Wang Zhiwen and others. The club also raised money through tickets and charitable auctions.

in recent years, he is also busy for 91 years born, the son of the United States, Zhu Qingyang invested in film, film and television star road. At present, Zhu Qingyang's company is Dad's Beijing century spider Culture Communication Co., Ltd., the director's masterpiece "spy Lotus" and "Sun Goddess" are all behind Zhu Shimao's figure.

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