Today, a 50 billion Ponzi scheme crumbled!

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Today, a 50 billion Ponzi scheme crumbled!

2017-12-28 18:29:51 851 ℃

, Qian Bao network crash, just like a stone stirred up waves. After e rent treasure, it shocked people again.

a swindle in a gorgeous coat that finally came to an end. announced the founder's surrender to the police in the morning. Later, the company officially confirmed the news, and Nanjing police have launched an investigation.

the founder of this surrender is called "Zhang Xiaolei", which is only one word from WeChat's Zhang Xiaolong, and its career has also been done like "Zhong Tian". But, unfortunately, the cause is a scam!

Qian Bao network has previously official data show that as of September this year, the flow of mobile Internet platform is more than 50 billion yuan, and the number of registered users is more than 200 million.

QIAN Bao network itself circulation a virtual currency called "money treasure", and the exchange rate with the RMB is 100:1. According to the relevant cases of Qian Bao network, if the user can pay 100 thousand yuan deposit and guarantee that a certain amount of ad watching task is completed every day, it can get a minimum income of 4000 yuan and a maximum income of over 10000 yuan per month.

however, the total fraud to be exposed, but sooner or later.

today, the coat reveals that Zhang Xiaolei's so-called "financial innovation" is just a Ponzi scheme.


from the current data analysis, Qian Bao net is probably a financial pyramid selling platform with various coats.

Network Financial pyramid, these years have been common. Their technique layer is not poor, Bianzhuohuayang deceptive, but the same is three characters.

1, cloak of science and technology. they are often dressed up as a high rate of return, high-tech rich handsome, the use of funds complement a person on a personal income, flower drum transfer, and even the use of Pro Pro, kill cooked cooked routine, a wave with the dream of riches people in the pit.

2, is high income, annual minimum of more than 40% also claim to protect interest. For example, Qian Bao, known as the annual income of 40-70%, the master of the big mother look at this number, that is not a straight eye, rushed to the inside!

3, is to encourage the development of the downline of , each of the development of a line of money to reward a sum of money. Any of the two items can not be said to be dead, but there must be a problem that conforms to the two. Because there is no high income in payment, you must come in and make up for the old.

shares of 3500 listed companies, net assets yield can reach 20% to 100, more than 30% of the very rare, want 40% you really can only go abroad to sell arms or drug trafficking.

once the flower drum transfer down once again also nobody involved, so all the money will be wasted, the crash is just a matter of time.

is even more ironic that the official account of the Public Security Bureau has been sent to confirm that a large number of people who invest money do not believe this is true, and the investment group is still comforting each other.

e, both domestic Pan Asian rent treasure, Shanxi, or foreign to what MMM WV, the financial mutual Dream Tour, the final story of the same: when . The end of the chain, the Ponzi scheme will suddenly break, only a feather. It is too late to wait until the investor suddenly realizes it.

even someone knew this is a hoax, but be Bo silly luck, hope to have more stupid than their own, borrow disc at a high level, to find the "scapegoat" to help you again and even reincarnation, consciously or unconsciously become a liar accomplice.

greed is the devil, and finally, the evil that you do can only carry yourself!


history does not repeat itself, but always with the same rhyme.

started from the "tulip bubble", from the Ponzi scheme, and the human nature has not changed much. Today, we are not much better than the Dutchman who was frying the tulip.

actually, in fact, these Ponzi schemes are not so unique, only