Ma Yun and Ma Huateng are working for the same person, he said that no one in universe second dare to say the first

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Ma Yun and Ma Huateng are working for the same person, he said that no one in universe second dare to say the first

2017-12-28 18:30:05 826 ℃

online has often been discussed such a problem: the Alibaba and the Tencent is the corporate or foreign? Who is the bigger boss behind the scenes? Give you a clear answer today.

1999 was the last year of the Internet boom, and Ma Yun founded the Alibaba in Hangzhou. In 2000, the Internet bubble burst and Ma Yun rushed around to find no investment. He went to Beijing and saw dozens of investors, including the Lei Jun, and none of them was successful.

was good when Wu Ying found Ma Yun, saying Sun Zhengyi was looking for new entrepreneurs. Because before that, Sun Zhengyi invested YAHOO in a big reputation. Wu Ying UT Sidakang also got Sun Zhengyi's $30 million investment, so Wu pull strings to help Sun Zhengyi looking for new entrepreneurs in Chinese.

Wu Eagle

under the introduction of Wu Ying, Ma Yun saw Sun Zhengyi, two people talk very well. Finally, Sun Zhengyi decided to give his original decision to another $20 million in E - commerce.

from then on, Ma spent the most difficult time of the Internet bubble. After that, Sun Zhengyi also invested about 40000000 dollars in investment and became the largest shareholder of Alibaba. At the most time, Sun Zhengyi's Softbank owns 39.6% of Alibaba.

, and now, the $about 60000000 in Softbank investment has become almost $200 billion. By June 9, 2017, Softbank held a 29.2% stake in Alibaba, still the largest shareholder.

is worth mentioning that YAHOO holds a 15% stake in Alibaba and is the second largest shareholder. Ma Yun holds a 7% stake in the company, which is the third largest shareholder of the Alibaba. Although Ma

design partner structure, control of the Alibaba, but only with the management of Ma stake of about 10%, many people are always worried that one day fall into the hand of Japanese Alibaba, after all, Ali now holds Chinese is more than half of the e-commerce market. The current market value of Softbank is $100 billion, with Sun Zhengyi holding 20% of its shares and the largest shareholder in South Africa's standard bank.

South African Standard Bank believes that everyone is not familiar with the company, a shareholder of the South African newspaper group. And the South African newspaper group is the parent of the Tencent's largest shareholder, MIH.


surfaced in 2017 according to the Tencent holdings reported, Ma Huateng holds 9.1% of the shares of the Tencent, and the Tencent's largest shareholder, is holding 33.51% shares to $132 billion by the Milad International Holdings Ltd. (MIH). This company is a listed company in the US NASDAQ and Holland Amsterdam stock exchange market. It mainly invested in the traditional TV platform and the electronic platform has already been invested in the Internet platform. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of South Africa newspaper group (Naspers).

so we can see Ali and Tencent have a common, Standard Bank of South Africa is actually their boss.

, but in January 29, 2014, the first ICBC of the universe signed an agreement with standard bank to acquire 60% of the issued shares of standard bank public limited company, and became the largest shareholder of standard bank. How do I get this? Now I understand that love doesn't exist. It's cattle 13. The big BOSS behind Ali and Tencent is actually ICBC. It's a round of circles and still can't run out of the palm of Buddha.