A shares are "super market"! Hainan plate 70% stocks rise and down, start to "eat meat"?

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A shares are "super market"! Hainan plate 70% stocks rise and down, start to "eat meat"?

2018-04-16 20:25:02 226 ℃

, the biggest intraday hot today, all belong to the Hainan section of the collective outbreak, has also led to other FTA and the SAR to follow the trend of compensatory growth, such as Guangdong Bay area and Pingtan free trade zone . The related industry concept also benefits, including horse racing, lottery, shipping, hotel and so on.

in the 24 trading Hainan local stocks, 21 limit up

, at present, Hainan has 30 A share listed companies, mainly in Haikou and Sanya. , 24 of them were in the trading , and all of them rose this morning. On the surface, the new continents A (5.680, 0.52, 10.08%), (4.480, 0.41, Shennong gene 10.07%), hippocampus car (4.590, 0.42, 10.07%), (12.610, 1.15, the high-tech tungsten 10.03%), the East China Sea A (12.940, 1.18, 10.03%), Hainan (6.800, 0.62, 10.03% rubber) Luo Niushan, (10.880, 0.99, 10.01%), (37.880, 3.44, the shares of 9.99%), Hainan (7.730, 0.70, 9.96% high speed) 21 stocks all limit .

is affected by Hainan's new deal. Apart from Hainan's local stock outburst, lottery and horse racing stocks are also sought after by funds. racing concept plate has increased by more than 5%, and the concept plate of lottery has increased by more than 4%. Why is the

Hainan plate skyrocketing?

2018 in April 13th, is Hainan's 30 birthday, what is more remarkable is that ushered in a series of heavy reform policy, known as "one of the world's heavy good": the island of Hainan to support the construction of free trade zone, Hainan gradually support exploration, steadily promote the construction of free trade Chinese characteristics step by step, the establishment of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Policy and the system of free trade in stages. On the day of

14, the State Council officially issued the guiding opinions on supporting Hainan's comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up, and gave the planning and timetable for Hainan's construction of free trade area and free-trade port. Among the 20 initiatives, the most notable development of Hainan is mainly the following aspects:

1, exploration and development of competitive guessing sports lottery and large international competitions, namely lottery.

2, encourage the development of horse racing, and so on. supports the construction of the national sports training southern base and the Provincial Sports Center in Hainan, and encourages the development of beach sports, water sports, horse racing and other projects, and supports the establishment of the national sports tourism demonstration area.

3, promote the integration of culture and tourism. vigorously develop animation games, network culture, digital content and other emerging cultural consumption, and promote the upgrading of traditional culture consumption. The Turisthotellet is allowed to receive overseas TV channels approved by the country.

4, promote the integration of military and civilian development. has made Hainan a demonstration base for the integration and development of the military and the people. We should build a national strategic energy reserve base.

5, encourage overseas institutions to settle in Hainan. supports Hainan to promote the construction of headquarters base, and encourages transnational enterprises and large domestic enterprise groups to set up international headquarters and regional headquarters in Hainan. To support the establishment of the twenty-first Century Silk Road culture, education, agriculture and tourism exchange platform in Hainan, and to promote the construction of the experimental area for Qionghai's agricultural opening and cooperation.

6, the establishment of the Hainan free trade port investment fund. , according to the needs of Hainan province's free trade pilot area and exploring the implementation of Hainan's free trade port policy, we must give full authority to Hainan's relevant management authority. The Hainan free trade port construction investment fund is set up in accordance with the market-oriented mode.

7, a high starting point for the development of the marine economy. actively promote the gas hydrate in the South China Sea, sea mineral commercial exploitation, encourage private enterprises to participate in the development of the South China Sea resources, accelerate the development of marine organisms, seawater desalination and comprehensive utilization of renewable energy, marine, ocean engineering equipment research and development and application of new industries, to support the construction of modern marine ranching.

8, about Islands's duty-free shopping policy. implements a more open and convenient Islands duty-free shopping policy to achieve full coverage of Islands passengers and increase the tax free shopping limit.

9, about the route. support the opening of Hainan multinational cruise route, support Sanya cruise port to carry out high seas tour routes to the pilot, to speed up the development of Sanya cruise home port direction. Relax the control of yacht tourism. In order to promote the development of tourism resources in Xisha in an orderly way, the island tour is steadily open.

10, about Boao loecheng International Medical Tourism first area. is fully implementing the policy of Boao Le Cheng International Medical Tourism front area, encouraging the research and application of new medical technology, new equipment and new drugs, and formulating a facilitation policy to support the overseas patients in the first district.

11, allowing foreign investment to involve cultural industries. allows foreign investment to be set up in Hainan and set up a performance brokerage agency in the province, allowing foreign investors to set up performance venues and business units in the approved cultural tourism industrial agglomeration area of Hainan province. The performance shows need to comply with national laws and policies.

12, the gradual prohibition of the sale of fuel vehicles. scientifically and rationally control the amount of motor vehicles, accelerate the promotion of new energy vehicles and energy saving and environment-friendly vehicles, and gradually prohibit the sale of fuel vehicles in Hainan Island.

13, green and green. completely prohibits the production, sale and use of disposable non degradable plastic bags and plastic tableware in Hainan, so as to accelerate the application of green packaging in express delivery industry.

14, the construction of "digital Hainan". will promote the full coverage of urban and rural optical fiber network and high-speed mobile communication network, accelerate the implementation of information entry to village and household projects, and strive to enhance communication support capabilities in the South China Sea.

15, the establishment of international energy, commodity and other trading places. supports the establishment of international energy, shipping, commodities, property rights, equity, carbon emission rights and other trading places in Hainan according to the compliance of the law.

16, creating a strategic highland for space science and technology innovation. is facing strategic areas such as deep-sea exploration, marine resources development and utilization, and aerospace applications. It supports Hainan's layout and construction of a number of major research infrastructure and conditional platforms, and builds a major technological innovation base in the field of spaceflight and the South Center of national deep sea base.

17, rural land expropriation, collective management of construction land market, land reform system in Hainan Province as a whole, the establishment of different ownership, different construction uses reasonable price adjustment mechanism and benefit distribution mechanism, different regions, and have not the same type of land farmers income.

18, strengthening regional cooperation and interaction. Close and Hongkong, Macao cooperation in maritime, maritime police, fishery, maritime search and rescue and other fields, and actively docking Guangdong Bay area construction.

19, the implementation of the most stringent land saving system. implementation of the total land and the strength of double action, promote the renewal of the city, the inefficient land scattered, overall integration, unified development, to ensure that the Hainan construction land on the basis of the existing does not increase, the per capita urban industrial land and per unit of GDP of construction land use area declined steadily.

20, to formulate a plan to stabilize the market expectations, and resolutely guard against speculation in speculation.

lottery, horse racing and Hainan stocks sought

first view "on the guidance" support Hainan comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up in the two hot spots:

to explore the development of the sports betting lottery and the lottery of major international events.

supports the construction of the national sports training southern base and the Provincial Sports Center in Hainan, and encourages the development of beach sports, water sports, horse racing and other projects, and supports the establishment of the national sports tourism demonstration area.

, moreover, there are 30 A share listed companies in Hainan, mainly in Haikou and Sanya. As of April 13th closing price, HNA holdings topped with 53 billion 419 million yuan; Hainan foundation, the total market value of 43 billion 609 million yuan; Haihong holdings 38 billion 81 million yuan, ranked third.

nearly ten years history of Hainan plate hype

12009 August -2010 year in April

2009 year period August -2010 year in April, Hainan sector rose 80%, while the market index barely rose. The driving factors of this market in

09-10: the Hainan international tourism island planning is soon to be approved. Some analysts expect the construction of the international tourism island to boost Hainan's total tourism revenue over four times over the next five years. A bull stock luodunfazhan, Hainan high-speed, & etc..

22015 -12 at the end of September the end of the month

2015 -12 at the end of September the end of the month the Hainan index outperform more obvious. The Hainan plate has risen by about 60%. The market has risen by about 20%.

plate driving factors: in September 29th

2015, Hainan announced the outline of Hainan provincial master plan (2015-2030). "The draft" positioning of Hainan "three" one point two, "one point" is the strategic fulcrum of the Silk Road on the sea in twenty-first Century; the "two zone" is the national demonstration area of ecological civilization, the National Experimental Zone of the reform and innovation; "three" is a world-class ocean leisure and holiday tourism destination and a national industrial base, the South China Sea Tropical Resources and maritime rescue base.

in accordance with the request of the draft, Hainan will carry out a multi-disciplinary reform. The planning of ecological environment protection, basic farmland protection planning, forest protection, water resources planning and wetland protection planning, resource and environmental constraints of planning and a number of planning and construction of international tourism island development program, the main function zoning, land use planning, urban planning, planning of marine functional areas, ecological function zoning, protect the ecological red area planning space planning coordination.

"draft" said that Hainan will upgrade the existing Guangdong ferry facilities; and strive to achieve the opening of EMU ferry, Hainan high-speed railway and national rail network. Hainan Raj, Niugu luodunfazhan, Yan head holding.

Hainan plate can again lift the theme of the stock market?

net friend "Spring River Snow": there are 30 stocks in Hainan, will they all benefit? Netizen "

suiyueruge": buy Hainan shares quilt last week, today should get out of trouble?

netizens, "sunflower": Hainan plate seems to be coming every two years, but the end of catching up will be miserable. What's going to be different this time?

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