One year later, Xiang Junbo is going to stand in the dock!

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One year later, Xiang Junbo is going to stand in the dock!

2018-04-16 20:25:08 158 ℃

Xiang Junbo case has made the latest progress.

recently, the people's Procuratorate of Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, has brought public prosecution to the intermediate people's Court of Changzhou City, Jiangsu province.

: the prosecution accused the defendant Xiang Junbo use his position as vice president of the people's Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China China party secretary and governor, the Agricultural Bank China Limited by Share Ltd party secretary, chairman, Chinese Insurance Regulatory Commission party secretary, chairman of the convenience for the benefit of others, or the use of authority and status of the formation conditions the staff positions in other countries act for others to seek illegitimate interests, illegally accepting other huge property, taking bribes shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

Xiang Junbo involving former Secretary of the Party committee, chairman of China Insurance Regulatory Commission, the bribery case, designated by the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the conclusion of the investigation by the Jiangsu Provincial People's Procuratorate of Jiangsu city of Changzhou Province, after the transfer of the people's Procuratorate for examination and prosecution.

dates back to a year ago. At 14:30 on April 9, 2017, the website of the Ministry of supervision of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection announced that Xiang Junbo, the Secretary and chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, was suspected of serious violation of the discipline and is currently under the scrutiny of the organization.

immediately, China CIRC Party committee held a meeting about the Party Central Committee Organization decided to review Xiang Junbo, expressed strong support for the CPC Central Committee decided to obey, and effectively promote the CIRC system clean government and anti-corruption work.

2017 in from April 9th to 10th, the CIRC has Chinese Party committee meeting held by the CIRC and the departments, the insurance regulatory bureau, control units will be the main person in charge of the enlarged meeting of the Party committee, informed the Party Central Committee of Xiang Junbo alleged serious violation of the organization to review the decision. CIRC CIRC party, Party organizations at all levels and Party members and cadres to resolutely support the decision of the CPC Central Committee and resolutely thinking and action with the central spirit, and promote the insurance system and the anti-corruption work, to maintain stable and healthy development of the insurance market. In April 17th

2017, Xinhua news agency, according to the head of the Central Organization Department, Xiang Junbo, the chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission and party secretary, was suspected of serious violation of discipline. The central government has decided to remove its leading position. Shortly thereafter, the CIRC issued a document again, said resolutely eliminate Xiang Junbo alleged serious violation of serious damage and adverse impact on the insurance supervision, adhere to the bottom line of thinking and problem oriented, and constantly improve the ability to prevent and resolve risks, in order to maintain the financial security of the country to a high degree of insurance supervision, resolutely defend the systemic financial risk does not occur the bottom line. In May 5th

2017, the state new office issued a bulletin to avoid Xiang Junbo's chairmanship of the China insurance supervision and Administration Committee. In September 23rd

2017, the news from the Central Commission for discipline inspection showed that Xiang Junbo, the former party secretary and chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, was sacked from the party and public office seriously.

2017 in September 29th, according to people's daily affairs department issued client account "of the Supreme People's Procuratorate" news, the day before the Supreme People's Procuratorate, after reviewing the decision, according to the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, the former party secretary, chairman Xiang Junbo on suspicion of bribery crime investigation and take coercive measures.

Xiang Junbo in the China Insurance Regulatory Commission when the scale of growth of insurance industry and the great leap forward premium:

in Junbo CIRC office, "the new ten" (the "State Council on accelerating the development of modern insurance services issued a number of opinions"), the insurance industry ushered in the history of the largest dividend policy. Data show that the premium income increased from 1 trillion and 400 billion yuan in 2011 to 3 trillion and 100 billion yuan in 2016, an average annual growth rate of 16.8%; 1 trillion and 760 billion yuan from 556 billion 600 million yuan in 2011 increased to the end of November 2016 the net assets of the insurance industry. The total assets of the insurance industry increased from 6 trillion in 2011 to more than 15 trillion by the end of 2016.


1957 years Junbo was born in January, Chongqing

1974 in August to work, Peking University researcher dr.. He served as vice president of Nanjing Audit University, Commissioner of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei special administrative office, director of personnel and education department, deputy auditor general, deputy governor of the people's Bank of China, governor of Agricultural Bank of China, chairman of the board of directors and Secretary of the Party committee. In October 2011, he was the chairman of the China insurance supervision and Administration Committee and the Secretary of the Party committee. Since October 2011, it is also a member of the monetary policy committee of the people's Bank of China. The Seventeenth Central Committee of the Central Committee and the eighteenth Central Committee of the Central Committee.

1974, August, participated in the work, Peking University law doctor, researcher.

1993.01 - 1996.04 Nanjing Audit University assistant dean, vice president (1994.02)

1996.04 1996.11 audit management division deputy director

1996.11 1998.05 Audit Office Tianjin Office Deputy Commissioner (presiding)

1998.05 - 1999.12 Beijing Tianjin Hebei tepaiban audit Commissioner

1999.12 2001.02 Audit Office of education personnel Secretary

2001.02 2002.02 audit party members, education personnel Secretary

2002.02 - 2002.11 Deputy auditor general audit, Party members and education personnel Secretary

2002.11 - 2004.07 Deputy auditor general audit committee member, vice president,

2004.07 - 2007.06 people's Bank of Chinese Party committee director of the Shanghai headquarters, Party Secretary (2005.08 - 2008.12)

2007.06 Agricultural Bank President and Party China

2008.12 - 2011.10 Chinese agricultural Secretary Industrial Bank (restructuring) chairman and party secretary

2011.10 - 2017.4.9, chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission and Secretary of the Party committee

, the seventeenth member of the Central Committee, the eighteenth Central Committee. In April 9th

2017, the organization was under review on suspicion of serious violation. In May 5th,

2017, the State Council was relieved of its chairmanship of the CIRC. In September 23rd

2017, it was expelled from the party membership, dispose of public office and terminate the eighteen major representatives of its party, and was examined on record.

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