Hong Kong media: millet, the fastest in May for $65 billion to $70 billion valuation of the Hong Kong stock market

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Hong Kong media: millet, the fastest in May for $65 billion to $70 billion valuation of the Hong Kong stock market

2018-04-16 20:25:15 134 ℃

in April 16, the new latitude client according to the Hongkong Economic Daily reported, millet will be the fastest in May for Hong Kong stock market valuation is expected between $65 billion and $70 billion, then consider using CDR (millet Chinese securities) listed in the mainland.

as one of the most popular Unicorn company listed millet is recognized as the world's largest listing in 2018. Beijing business daily had reported in March 15th, millet Pre-IPO financing and promotional materials for the first time exposure, the material of the current valuation of $68 billion millet, millet hypothesis in the fourth quarter of 2018 listing, the market value of about $200 billion.

Paul listed millet, Lei Jun is well intentioned. March 13th, cheetah moving in its investor relations issued a news website, Lei Jun has submitted his resignation to the board of directors, no longer served as chairman and director, retain the cheetah mobile consultant at the same time, the company also announced a series of changes to the board of directors.

according to the Economic Observer reported, in February 8th this year, millet Bracelet manufacturer of China Science and technology listed on the NYSE, the move was widely interpreted as millet, the overall market valuation test. Earlier millet was heard in NYSE listed news, the latest news, there are two possibilities, one is the A shares and Hong Kong stocks listed at the same time, the other one is listed on the HKEx, millet shareholding structure similar to the Alibaba, VIE architecture. After the millet is not a listed company, the shareholding structure has not been disclosed.

Northeast Securities Research Director Fu Lichun told the new latitude client (WeChat public number: jwview) pointed out that millet listed several schemes have their own advantages and disadvantages: the valuation of A shares is higher, the degree of internationalization is relatively weak; the overseas market is more mature, but due to different culture and environment, will inevitably have some The climate does not suit one. problems; Hong Kong stocks both international capital service level, and is closely linked with the Chinese market, policy and economic valuation is not particularly high......

"overall, A shares and H shares issued at the same time is the most ideal solution, but also the most difficult operation scheme." Fu Lichun accepted the new latitude client (WeChat public number: jwview) said in an interview, "the enterprise valuation, including differences in the market, in fact, is a problem. In Hong Kong, Shanghai and Hong Kong through the background, if the same company A shares, H shares are particularly high, capital flows will surely lead to one side, for such a large volume of business, a large number of cross market funds will bring certain instability." (APP

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