Northeast active soybean distribution expansion: 350 yuan per mu subsidy! The opportunity for domestic soybeans came?

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Northeast active soybean distribution expansion: 350 yuan per mu subsidy! The opportunity for domestic soybeans came?

2018-05-11 00:25:34 233 ℃

Take a look at the soybean market. Over the years, more than 80% of the soybean market in China has been relied on imports. This has not only led to the frequent inversion of domestic soybean prices, but also affected the enthusiasm of domestic farmers in planting soybeans. Yesterday, the General Administration of Customs released the latest data showing that in April this year, China’s imports 692 million tons of soybeans, a year-on-year decrease of 13.7%.

Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province is one of the main soybean producing areas in China. It is the season of soybean planting in Northeast China. The number of imported soybeans has dropped. What has changed in the planting situation there?

Cooperatives of Heihe farmer Gay Yongfeng’s cooperatives are approaching the end of this year’s corn planting work. However, these days, growers have been finding him and demanding the exchange of corn seeds ordered there.

Farmer Wang Guijiang told reporters that he had been planting corn for the last seven or eight years. He had just been a few months ago. Corn seed and fertilizer were bought from the cooperative, but when he arrived at planting, he changed his mind.

At the end of April, the Heilongjiang Provincial Agricultural Commission issued this year's corn and soybean producer subsidy standard, Growers of corn, can get a subsidy of less than 100 yuan per mu, and planting soybean land Block, subsidy per mu will be more than 200 yuan, if it is from corn to soybeans, the rotation of land, can get 150 yuan per mu of crop rotation subsidies, this way, if you count, Wang Guijiang this year if you change soybeans Only subsidy per acre can get at least 350 yuan. When planting corn last year, the net profit per mu was less than 200 yuan.  

Gai Yongfeng told reporters that he is currently contacting seed producers, hoping to rent a constant temperature store to keep the seeds of corn until next year, and on the other hand, soybean seeds have suddenly become tighter in the market.

Apart from the high subsidy for farmers, farmers can see future benefits from the subsidy policy that is adjusted at any time. Therefore, the enthusiasm of many large cooperatives in the Heihe area to replant soybeans is also very high.

Gai Yongfeng's cooperative has a total of 21,000In the Mu land, the planned planting this year was to plant 11,000 mu of corn, 5,000 mu of soybeans, 5,000 mu of wheat and grains, but now he decided to increase the planting area of ​​soybeans to 10,000 mu, double the original plan. many.

The firm's decision to expand the following, in addition to subsidies to bring benefits, Gai Yongfeng also optimistic about the soybean market. According to data from the General Administration of Customs, in March this year, China imported 3.1 million tons of U.S. soybeans, a year-on-year drop of 27%. On April 4, the Ministry of Commerce issued an announcement that it will impose a 25% tariff on U.S. soybean imports. Because Heilongjiang insists on growing non-genetically modified high-quality soybeans all year round, its market share and price are also increasing year by year. These factors make Gai Yongfeng feel that the opportunity for domestic soybeans has come.

In addition to being confident in the market prospects, Gai Yongfeng is also at the bottom of soybean production. Last year, the cooperative joined three or three rounds of planting trials, and for the first time in eight years, it tried to plant soybeans in corn fields. The final harvest also made him taste the sweetness.

Gai Yongfeng, Chairman of the Jiaxing Modern Agricultural Machinery Cooperative in Heihe City: Whenever there is more than 4,500 kilograms of land, the soil quality is good. The land, with high yields, can reach 6000 pounds per pound, which is a record high.

Counselor of Agriculture Committee of Heihe Municipality Su Hui: After the general rotation, the soybean mu production capacity increased by 5% to 10%. This year our soybean planting area in Heihe City is expected to reach more than 13 million mu, which is 2 million mu more than last year. This year, our soybean production could exceed 2 million tons.

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