Before foreign capital enters the market, the central bank preempts a big move! Payment agencies must pay deposits in full

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Before foreign capital enters the market, the central bank preempts a big move! Payment agencies must pay deposits in full

2018-05-11 00:25:34 186 ℃

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Before the formal opening of foreign capital into China's payment market, the central bank Is preparing to pay the most serious regulatory supervision.

Today, the "new rules for the centralized depository of reserve funds" have been continuously fermented in the payment circle, and many media interpreted them as "the most stringent rules for payment of new funds." The brokerage Chinese reporter has confirmed exclusively from multiple independent sources that the central bank intends to target part of the pilot payment agencies and allow them to transfer the funds deposited in the special account to the newly opened depository depository custody account (full amount). Receive payment from the pilot payment agencies). However, the central bank has not officially issued a document, but it is still a small-scale discussion stage in the industry.

"We met at the head office on Monday to discuss this matter, but in the end, the official document has not been received. This is the information in the closed-door meeting. To understand it like this, it is the consultation paper. It is estimated that the central bank will officially issue There will be some changes in the texts and discussions, but the changes may not be too great, because there is not much time left for everyone,” said a senior member of the payment agencies of the participating companies.

According to the reporter's exclusive understanding, the first batch of pilot institutions has a total of 26.

The reserve funds are deposited in full and are finally coming.

Highly summarizing the central bank's brewing big trick is to prepare a centralized deposit account Directly opened in the relevant departments of the central bank, special funds for all payment services are cleared.

According to the discussion materials at the meeting, all banks that have previously entrusted custody of deposits need to complete the transfer within two working days after the payment institution opens a centralized depository account with the central bank; the payment institutions pass through China UnionPay. With the NetLink Clearing Company's transfer payment service, all funds need to pass through the reserve cash deposit account, and the organization can check the account status through the clearing platform. In addition, the payment agencies involved in the trial need to submit an application for the opening of a centralized depository account of the payment institution's customer depository fund to each local administrative bank settlement department by May 15th.

In fact, customer provisioning does not belong to the payment institution’s own property. For example, after you buy and buy at an online store, you will pay the money to Alipay (the payment institution). The merchant will ship it directly to you. The payment institution will only pay the merchant after the customer confirms the receipt. A time difference, this part is the payment of the customer's provision of funds.

At the end of December 2017, the central bank issued a document to implement the new deposit ratio for customer deposits. From 2018 onwards, the payment institution should ensure that its customer reserve funds deposited by the depository at the end of the day are deposited in a concentrated manner by 2018. In January of the year, it gradually increased to 20% from 50%.

According to the central bank's balance sheet data, after the implementation of the new deposit ratio, the reserve funds deposited by the payment institution with the central bank went straight up. The amounts as at the end of January, the end of February, and the end of March were respectively 123.757 billion yuan, 220.235 billion yuan, and 31.5752 billion yuan. The ring increase at the end of March cannot be ignored, and it is already as high as 43%.

“Now the pilot agency needs to deposit the full amount, and the payment agency’s “connected directly” on June 30 (that is, the past model where the third-party payment platform and the bank are directly linked to each other, and the liquidation platform for the joint method) is also Confirmed." The relevant person in charge of a large state-owned bank told reporters.

“The main reason is that third-party institutions cannot precipitate customer funds, nor are they supervised depository institutions. This part of the funds has to be supervised by the central bank to ensure public interest.” The person in charge told reporters.

Mandatory Actions Before Foreign Capital Arrives

"We don't set the rules as quickly as possible. How do we put foreign payment agencies in? "The above-mentioned state-owned banking officials told reporters. "I did not attend the meeting, but I fully understand the intention of the Central Bank," he added.

One background that everyone needs to know is that on May 2, the People's Bank of China received the letter from UK First, the collection company that first entered China to serve cross-border B2C sellers, to apply for a payment service license. This means that the first foreign-invested payment institution has taken the first step in entering the Chinese market. In the middle and late March, the central bank clarified the rules and regulatory requirements for foreign investment payment institutions.

“Regardless from the perspective of internal or external, the central bank is indispensable for the in-depth supervision of the payment sector. The importance of external is self-evident; internal, will end the payment agencies to eat spreads lie On the day of making money, payment institutions need to rely on payment itself and manage business benefits to survive. Payment agencies can not afford to pay down the provision money slowly." The above payment company executives told reporters.

After relying on the huge amount of daily precipitation, the payment agencies were once “lying and earning spreads”.Causes malpractice in the industry, that is, the incentive for payment agencies to explore new payment scenarios is not strong. What is more, in order to increase the benefits of reserve funds, misappropriation of reserve funds, purchase of bank wealth management products, participation in bridge loans, and even investment in high-risk securities Projects, etc. This is also the reason why the central bank strengthens the supervision of payment institutions' client preparations.

At the same time, the payment agencies have scattered deposits of customer funds, which is not conducive to supervision and is also one of the hidden dangers in the industry. Earlier, the central bank disclosed that the payment institutions have opened a bank account for depositing customer deposits in their own names. On average, each payment institution has opened 13 customer depository accounts, and the largest number of customer backup accounts has been opened. 70.

"Disconnecting directly from a financial security point of view, central bank in-depth supervision is definitely a good thing, but whether or not it can be managed and managed properly is another matter," said a person in charge of a large state-owned branch in Shenzhen. “The central bank’s management and payment will also end the era when the company relies on eating bank interest rate spreads. The payment institutions must rely on the payment itself and related business revenues to survive.”

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