The person suddenly died, the bank card password is unknown, what will happen?

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The person suddenly died, the bank card password is unknown, what will happen?

2018-06-08 00:25:48 216 ℃

The world has not been hit harder than the nearest person, and the blow is even worse. Many people face this situation, may be after the completion of the arrangement, the first thing to do is to go to the bank to ask for deposits. Unfortunately, even if you bring a marriage certificate that can prove the relationship between husband and wife, you may not be able to ask anything at the bank.

Many people may think that the bank’s staff is not too coldhearted. Even if the bank has confidentiality obligations for the depositors, but people are gone, and the wife goes to the bank to get back the money of his family (husband). Isn't it a natural thing? Why do you still require the living person to go through this procedure and do that procedure without a sympathy?

But we must be clear that all systems, procedures, procedures, and supporting documents are all designed to solve the problem of economics called "information asymmetry." What is information asymmetry? It is you who say that this money belongs to you, but the bank (staff) is not close relatives and friends, nor does it live with you for 24 hours. The information the bank has is very limited, so you need to provide a credible "proof" according to the process.

If you have ever worked in a bank, or you have friends and relatives working in banks, telecommunications, notary offices, you will It will be known that these bank staff will encounter a variety of people holding fake documents every day to make money. This is why sometimes holding my ID card to handle business, if the hairstyle, ah, makeup changes are particularly large, the tellers will be particularly careful to look at your eyes.

A lot of people are particularly angry about this "misunderstanding" and "gratefulness". However, the anger of the bank tellers is useless. The real anger should be those swindler gangs.

Additionally, even if it is a husband-wife relationship, deposits in the bank of the deceased person are not necessarily the ones who are still alive. As an inheritance, deposits are legal heirs. So even if you take a real marriage certificate to the bank, you can't get the money. The documents that you should bring along are:

1. The legal heirs (or grantees) are required to prove that they have valid proof of ownership, carry their own identity documents, bank cards of deceased relatives, A certificate of death issued by the Public Security Bureau;

2, a valid estate ownership certificateThis includes: a notarial certificate issued by a notary office; if there is no will, the spouse, children, parents, etc. who are eligible for inheritance have objections to the inheritance and have a serious lawsuit, then a judgment, ruling, or mediation statement issued by the People's Court must be issued. and many more.

As long as the above procedures are provided to prove that the money in the bank belongs to you, then the bank will certainly take it very carefully for you. But since you don't know how much money is on the bank card and the notary fee costs money, it's a bit like roulette.

In fact, this kind of problem is very much like "I bought the house myself, and I don't want to write my spouse's name on the real estate license." Many people lack the love of marriage and lack of trust. Individuals never let the other party know how many small vaults they have, and their defense is more strict than that of thieves.

If you have a little more trust in each other, you will tell all about the city and you will not go through so many cold procedures in front of strangers. Moreover, although we have entered a modern society and the atmosphere has been opened up a lot, many people still find it very unlucky to make a will. However, if you really have assets on hand, you can consult a lawyer as soon as possible to formulate relevant programs, so that future generations will have fewer disputes.

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