The "plastic limit order" was implemented for 10 years. The consumption of plastic bags increased and the "pot" was reduced.

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The "plastic limit order" was implemented for 10 years. The consumption of plastic bags increased and the "pot" was reduced.

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Zhongxin Jingwei client on June 7 (Li Xiaokai) limited the large supermarkets, "Limited" small stalls.

The "plastic limit order" was implemented from June 1, 2008. Ten years have passed. For a period of time, the non-degradable plastic bags have been reduced at a speed that is visible to the naked eye, and the shopping bags of large supermarkets are also clearly priced. However, in recent years, with the rise of Internet e-commerce, takeaways and online shopping have also become big jumpers in plastics. What is the actual situation in the final limit?

Restrictions on large supermarkets, "Limited" small stalls

Related to the General Office of the State Council The requirement to limit the production and sale of plastic shopping bags requires:

Since June 1, 2008, the production, sale, and use of plastic shopping bags less than 0.025 mm in thickness have been banned nationwide , In all supermarkets, shopping malls, bazaars and other retail establishments, the use of plastic shopping bag paid use system.

After years of remediation and management, almost all major shopping malls and supermarkets around the world have implemented paid plastic shopping bag use systems. Prices for plastic bags range from 2 to 1 yuan. Although there is a certain fee, there are still a few consumers who choose to pay.

It is understood that when the "plastic limit order" was introduced 10 years ago, the per capita disposable income of urban residents in China was 15,781 yuan, while in 2017 it was 36,396 yuan, more than doubled, but the price of plastic bags However, it was the same level as 10 years ago. Therefore, there are opinions that the fees and charges are limited to consumers.

"Going to the supermarket to buy plastic bags is definitely needed, as for the price, a few cents can be completely ignored." This became a lot of people in business Super reason to buy plastic bags. "If you have to worry about buying plastic bags before, because every time the cashier always finds you a lot of change, it is inconvenient, but now WeChat, Alipay are so convenient, there are no irritating coins, you don't need to think about it. More,” said Kobayashi, a customer shopping at a supermarket.

In some small farmers' markets, restaurants, and fruit stores, unpaid plastic bags are still in heavy use.

"Feeling plastic bags are not expensive, sometimes customersBuying more vegetables and taking more bags will not control us. We are all old customers. “The owner of the restaurant located at the entrance of a district outside Beijing’s North Fifth Ring said that the people who come to buy food at noon and in the evening are the most. Plastic bags are hung at the door, and some people save. They will weigh. The dishes are all in one large bag, but most people are at least one bag for a dish, and finally have a big bag.

“We have to fill in for the weekend when we have lots of people.” Three plastic bags, 500 each time. "Speaking of the charging of plastic bags and the requirement of "limited plastic orders," the restaurant owner said, "I never thought about charging, and the purchase price would be a few cents a bag. If we do not feel it, everyone will not come to my house to buy food."

Free plastic bags everywhere in the restaurant in the new Jingwei Li Xiaoyi's photos

Plastic bag hanging in front of fruit store in the new Jingwei Li Xiaoyi's photo

Zhongxin Jingwei visited and found, neighboring fruit shop, convenience store Similar to the practices of the above-mentioned restaurant owners, the plastic bags are hung in the most obvious place for everyone to get free.

The “grey area” is purchased from the takeout net.


The “plastic limit order” has played a positive role in reducing white pollution and protecting the ecological environment. Unbreakable plastic bags have been reduced in the market, but with the rapid development of some industries, the number of plastic bags The demand is still very strong.

"A takeaway requires at least 1 lunch box and 1 plastic bag. plus. “A certain porridge shop service worker in Beijing said that there are hundreds of take-out orders in the store every day, and 500 in a day is a “normal level” for plastic bags.

The information of a food delivery website shows that the company With 12 million orders and 200 million cumulative users, according to the above-mentioned porridge staff, at least 24 million plastics are consumed daily, including lunch boxes and plastic bags.

According to reports, From the implementation of the plastic limit order in 2008 to the year 2016, plastic shopping bags used in major retail establishments across the country have saved about 70 billion units.It is calculated that about 8.75 billion can be saved annually. According to the "2017 China Courier Field Green Packaging Development Status and Trends Report," the total use of plastic bags in the national express delivery industry was about 14.7 billion in 2016, while the three major domestic takeaway platforms consumed at least 7.3 billion plastic packages a year. Get up far beyond the annual savings of plastic shopping bags.

In addition to the take-away industry, in the express delivery industry, the use of express plastic bags is also very frequent. In addition, in order to prevent the goods from being squeezed and collided, the merchants will also wrap a few layers of packaged air bubble film. And these plastic products became “waste” when the user opened the express delivery.

According to the National Development and Reform Commission, the use of plastic bags in supermarkets in China was reduced by about 2/3 during the one-year “plastic limit order” implementation, reducing plastic consumption. 270,000 tons. However, what's more, ten years later, the use of plastic bags in supermarkets, catering, and bazaars is still widespread. At the same time, with the development of new forms of business such as e-commerce, express delivery, and takeout, the consumption of plastic courier packaging It is rising rapidly again.

Of course, in addition to limiting the number of plastic bags used in the Plastic Limiting Order, it also called for improving the recycling function of used plastic bags. However, in fact, very few can be successfully recovered. According to analysis by industry insiders, the reason why most plastic bags are not recyclable is that plastic bags are already contaminated when they are used. Second, users do not pay attention to waste sorting, resulting in difficulty in recycling, and they can only be burned or landfilled. They also have certain environmental protection. Pollution.

At the international level, most countries are restricting the use of plastic bags. In May of this year, the European Union proposed legislation to expand the scope of “constraining plastics” to a total ban on plastic tableware; while Japan adopted punitive measures, such as the use of plastic bags over 50 tons a year, the shop will be fined 500,000 yen; Australia In some regions, some supermarkets are prohibited and hotels are prohibited from providing plastic bags to customers and encouraging the use of eco bags.

According to CCTV news reports, some experts have suggested that China's plastic environmental protection should start from two aspects. Consumers should minimize their use, green consumption, reuse, reasonable recycling, businesses, and take-away and express delivery industries. This should be consciously self-disciplined and supervised. (Zhongxin Jingwei App)

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