Open the exam! The 2018 college entrance examination A-shares: Whose question is so difficult?

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Open the exam! The 2018 college entrance examination A-shares: Whose question is so difficult?

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For most people, high school is the pinnacle of knowledge in a lifetime, but this does not include A-share investors. It should be noted that the most diligent and favorite group in China, in addition to the third grade candidates, is A-share investors.

The annual college entrance examination.

At 9:00 on June 7, the 2018 A-share market enrollment nationwide exam will open!

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2018 A-share Market Enrollment National Unified Examination

Stock Market Comprehensive Volume

This test paper consists of 15 single-choice questions, out of 150 Minutes, time 30 minutes.


Before the exam, candidates are advised to bathe and change, incense and pray;

2 During the exam, please do not whisper, look around, do not Google Du Niang, WeChat for help;

3, click on the text at the end of the "read the text" answer, can be on-site examination scores and rankings;

4 After the exam, it is advisable to leave a message and forward the sun points for consultation.

Multiple Choice Questions (15 questions, 10 points each)

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1. What is the most "species" in A shares?

A, Unicorn

B, White Dragon

C, Shrimp yuba

D, black swan

2. Among the "four stocks in the stock market", which bird has a debt default this year?

A, Peacebirds

B, Annunciation Birds

C, Elegant Birds

D, Rich Birds

3. In 2018, who was the “King of the Limit” when A shares came into being?

A, *ST Blessings

B, *ST Youf

C, *ST Wazzy

D, *ST Longli

4. Who is the "5.67 billion yuan" ticket issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission this year?

A, East Eight Roads Group

B, West Hachido Group

C, South Hachido Group

D, Kita Douda Group p>

5, "no zuo no die", this sentence is best suited to the stock market who claims to be "not bad money" black mouth?

A, Deng Xiaobo

B, Wu Dingchang

C, Wang Jianzhong

D, Liao Yingqiang

6, A The stock formally entered "Motor" on June 1st. After a total of several shocks before and after it was successfully incorporated into MSCI?

A, 3

B, 4

C, 5

D, 6

7, as the A-share upcoming financial innovation varieties, CDR's full name is what?

A, Chinese Depository Receipt

B, Chinese Darry Ring

C, Chinese Dividend Right

D, Chinese Digital Radiography p>

8. This year's "best equity strategist", who do you think should be awarded?

A, brokerage analyst

B, fund researcher

C, train salesperson

D, IT programmers


9. "A pig raising, now we must raise the horse, and the stock price is first," what is the following stock?

A, Luo Niushan

B, Black Cattle Foods

C, Wen's Shares

D, Real Madrid Technology

10. Some people said, "Silk died of cash loans, and the star died in Jia Yueting." Which of the following stars are lucky enough to invest in LeTV?

A, Liu Tao

B, Zhou Xun

C, Huang Wei

D, Sun Honglei

11. Sun Hongbin, the man with the most authentic nature of the A shares, said, “I have managed my image particularly well.” Which of the following four sentences came from him?

A, I do not know wife and beauty

B, ordinary family

C, nothing at all

D, I am silly X

12. Which of the following is the latest “research achievement” for the national health status of the listed company, Changshan Pharmaceutical?

A. Every eight Chinese have one mental illness.

B. Every five Chinese men have one ED.

C. Every 8 pairs Couples have 1 pair of infertility.

D. Every 13 Chinese have 1 diabetes.

13. Delisting is the first in 2018. On June 1st, there were only 3 lots of trading volume. There was still 1.43 million orders to sell. Which of the following songs is exactly the deadline for selling?

A, ten years

B, a thousand years later

C, I'll go to 2000

D, love you ten thousand

14. A-shares' traditional dividend-- Gree Electric Appliances, with an annual dividend of 9.024 billion yuan in the 2015 annual report, and a dividend of 10.828 billion yuan in the 2016 annual report. How much should the dividend be distributed in the 2017 annual report?

A, 9.024 billion yuan

B, 10.828 billion yuan

C, 12.632 billion yuan

D, 0 yuan


15. “Unicorn” will be listed in the Ningde era (issue price of RMB 25.14). If it reaches the 16-day daily limit like WuXi PharmaTech after listing, how much profit can the Zhongyi have?

A, 161,100 yuan

B, 141,200 yuan

C, 63,000 yuan

D, don't dream anymore p>


Is it abused?

Please see the correct answer below!

Correct Answers

1, Correct Answer: C

Analysis of the subject: On October 30, 2014, Scallop scallops sown on the Zizi Island staged a "running incident" but on June 1st, 2015, "had come back again". On January 30, 2018, Zhangzizi staged "Where is the second season of scallops?" Flickering, where did the scallops of Zhangzidao come from?

2. Correct answer: D

Analysis of the subject: Fugui bird announced on May 11 that due to the large amount of external guarantees and capital lending in the previous period, it was unable to Paying the “16 Rich 01” principal and interest due and payable on time will result in substantial default of the bond. Previously, "14 Rich Birds" had defaulted on April 23. At present, the "14 rich bird" is still in suspension, the latest price has fallen 87.48% compared to the beginning of the year. The bond actually fell out of the stock feeling, really!

3. Correct answer: A

Analyzing the subject: * ST kept a new record of 28 consecutive A-share daily limit cards after the resumption of the flop. Deep down in the loan dispute, *ST Yufu resumed 27 consecutive words, after the resumption of trading, "the poorest listed company"*ST Wah Chae resumed 26 consecutive words after the stoppage, after a huge loss of nearly 3.5 billion ST Longli resumption of continuous 22 word limit board.

4. Correct answer: D

Analysis of the subject: In March this year, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the largest ticket in the history of China’s securities, which The group was suspected of manipulating the market and made a penalty of no more than a penalty of five. The total fine was no more than 5.67 billion yuan. Zhangjiagang, Hesheng, Jiangyin Bank... The famous demon stocks 2016-2017, basicBoth were contracted by Kitajido Group!

5. Correct answer: D

Analysis of the topic: Liao Yingqiang, a well-known securities show host, was found guilty of manipulating the market and was fined 129 million yuan. And he is not proud to be proud of it, yelling that "equivalent to spending more than 100 million to make an advertisement." Then the supervisory department spoke: “At present, the Shanghai Securities Regulatory Bureau and the relevant auditing departments are still conducting further investigations of the Liao Yingqiang case, collecting evidence, and once they meet the transfer standards, they will immediately implement them.” Once transferred, the next time Liao Yingqiang drinks tea It is a comrade in public security investigation.

6. Correct answer: B

Analysis of the topic: A shares hit MSCI four times in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 The index, which was the fourth time that it was finally successful in June 2017. On June 1, 2018, A shares formally included the MSCI index.

7. Correct Answer: A

Analysis of the subject: Chinese Depository Receipt (CDR) refers to overseas (including Hong Kong, China) ) A listed company will stock some of its issued shares in local custodial banks, issue certificates issued by depositary banks in China, be listed on the domestic A-share market, settled in RMB transactions, and traded for domestic investors, thereby realizing the stock’s Trading in different places.

8. Correct answer: C

Analysis of topics: Large consumer stocks have been trending strongly this year, and most analysts have been interested in this round of consumer stocks. Expected shortage. Netizens jokingly said: This year's best strategy analyst should vote for the salesperson on the train, because she has been repeatedly reminded you: "beer drinks ham, peanut seeds instant noodles."

9. Correct answer: A

Analysis of the topic: As a traditional listed company that has its main business of raising pigs, Luo Niushan relied on "horse racing." "In May, the stock price doubled. After the Hainan racehorse policy was announced in April, Luo Niushan said that its subsidiary Hainan International Horse Racing Entertainment Town project is expected to start this year with a total investment of 28.78 billion yuan, which will be completed within three years, butIts current assets are only 6.4 billion yuan.

10. Correct answer: C

Analysis of the subject: optimistic about Jia Liuting’s numerous entertainment stars have chosen to put money in their hands. Take investment in LeTV's related projects. These stars include Guo Jingming, Zhang Yimou, Huang Xiaoming, Liu Tao, Sun Honglei, Jia Nailiang, Zhou Xun, and Wang Baoqiang. Now these investments have gone a long way.

11. Correct answer: D

Analysis of the topic: Sun Hongbin admitted that LeTV is not a single one on March 29 this year. "Broken arm" investment, but a "broken" investment. He said: "LeTV, what can I do? I'll borrow him 100 billion. I'm silly?"

12, correct answer: B

Analysis of the topic: Changshan Pharmaceutical announced on May 15 that the “Viagra” developed by the company can be officially put into production and put on the market. The announcement also stated that there are 140 million patients in Yangshuo in China, that is, there is 1 impotence for every 5 men. Looking at the announcement of the A-share pharmaceutical companies, the data that people are stumped with is all over the country: diabetes is 110 million, infertility is 200 million, hepatitis B carriers are 100 million, and mental patients are 180 million. It's harder to be a hard worker and it's even harder to be a healthy Chinese...

13. Correct answer: C

Analysis of the subject: If you trade on each trading day For 3 hands, calculated in 245 trading days in a year, the volume of delisting is 735 lots in one year, and it takes nearly 2000 years to sell 1.43 million lots in one position. Of course, this possibility does not exist in fact, because the delisting Jean only trades until July 11, and then will go to the third board. As for the future can not come back, huh, huh.

14. Correct answer: D

Analysis of the subject: Gree disclosed its annual report on the evening of April 25th, saying that in 2017 the company's net profit hit a record high , but there is no dividend plan in 2017. This is Gree's first dividend in 11 years. The reason is to retain profits for the development of new industries such as integrated circuits. The market followed the fry pan and Gree's share price was close to the daily limit on the second day. Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of concern, Gree responded that the decision to go 2018Mid-year bonus. Miss Dong, a female student who has always had a story!

15. Correct answer: C

Analysis of the subject: According to the first daily limit increase of 44%, after the daily limit increase of 10%, Ningde era 16 After a daily limit, the stock price will be approximately 151.22 yuan [25.14*1.44*1.115], and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange will receive 500 shares per sign. Therefore, the profit of China One is approximately RMB 63,000 [(151.22-25.14)*500]. Congratulations on making friends!

In the end, Zhongzheng Jun wished that A-share investors could make money this year, but they still borrowed a phrase - money is not good, and they are happy!

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