Zhuangxin, the total market value of A shares is overtaken by Japan, and why is the bull market coming again?

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Zhuangxin, the total market value of A shares is overtaken by Japan, and why is the bull market coming again?

2018-08-04 00:25:01 150 ℃

China’s stock market has fallen for the past week, and the world’s second largest stock market has been overtaken by Japan. It’s not how fast Japan has risen. But because we fell too fiercely, we gave it to others.

I thought that the Japanese stock market fell 20 years from 1989, and now it has surpassed my big A-shares. The low level after 20 years of recession can still be like this. I always feel that something is wrong.

In the final analysis, the quality of A-share companies is too bad! In addition to several old financial real estate brands, there is no real technology good company, like Ali Tencent is not in A shares.

The technology company is no more than Apple. As of yesterday's close, Apple's stock price closed at 207.39 US dollars, and the market value exceeded 1 trillion US dollars. It is also the market value of NO.1!

According to the current downward trend of A shares, I am afraid that this year will be the bear crown global! Look at the many Indians who are disdainful. In the Asia-Pacific market, the Indian stock market has been riding this year. According to statistics, the Indian stock market has risen four times in the past decade, and has increased by 10 times in the past two decades. .. A shares continue this way, can the third be saved?

US stocks are even better, people's market value is 31 trillion US dollars, still the world's boss, Apple is equivalent to one-sixth of A shares; the blade does not like the US emperor, but must be convinced, they engage in the stock market There is really a set, using the stock market to push forward scientific and technological progress, corporate development returns to shareholders; 10 years of bull market is not covered, even Trump also cares for, the bull market is naturally natural.

Reversely, the A-share market is supported by two real estates of financial real estate. There are not many real-world technology companies. Ali Tencent has gone abroad, and now it is difficult to ride the tiger... and in terms of supervision, Too much emphasis on financing, the stock market has become a tool to attract national blood, little tolerance for individual stocks, total excessive intervention and suppression.

Why is the stock market good for one hand? The most important thing is that after the stock market leap forward, there is no relevant supporting system, including delisting, class actions, damages, heavy penalties, etc., in order to seek speed without quality, leaving a huge aftermath, the construction of these systems, It is the basis of the original Qingyuan, which is much more effective than reducing the stamp duty and suspending the IPO.