All the people participate in the supervision, so that companies such as Changsheng Bio has nowhere to hide.

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All the people participate in the supervision, so that companies such as Changsheng Bio has nowhere to hide.

2018-08-04 10:25:02 129 ℃

The author Mo Kaiwei is a well-known financial writer | well-known financial commentator

On the evening of July 27th, the official website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission released the "Revision and Improvement" The “Development of Several Opinions on the Delisting System of Listed Companies” has improved the main situation of mandatory illegal delisting: the listed company constitutes fraudulent issuance, major information disclosure is illegal or other involves national security, public safety, ecological security, production. In the case of major illegal acts in the areas of safety and public health and safety, stock exchanges shall strictly follow the basic system requirements for suspending and terminating the decision of the company's stock trading.

Obviously, the delisting system was formulated and the State Drug Administration disclosed the rabies vaccine production record fraud case of Changsheng Biological Co., Ltd. on July 15. Closely related, according to this system, longevity organisms involve public safety, production safety and public health and safety delisting. It can be said that regardless of the results of the SFC's investigation into the false disclosure of the longevity organism, the longevity organism will face the risk of being forced to withdraw from the market.

Investors deeply agree with the CSRC through reform and improvement of the delisting system. They believe that this is the right of the CSRC to comply with the people's heart and punish the evils. Otherwise, it is not enough to shock these counterfeiters without morality and morality. It is not enough to completely rectify the biomedical food market, and it is not enough to calm the anger of the people.

Investors are also eager to see that the CSRC can infer the IPO of such companies and strengthen the supervision of similar companies listed on the market. Major violations in the areas of national security, public safety, ecological security, production safety and public health and safety should be investigated and dealt with from a priority.

To this end, the securities regulatory department needs to comply with the requirements of the times, reshape the regulatory system, and change the individual combat operations for joint operations in the supervision of listed companies and non-supervising public companies, and jointly strengthen management in all directions to make all breakthroughs. Companies with a bottom line of human morality have nowhere to go.

The first step is to apply for an IPO from a company that is concerned about public health and safety. Some media reports said that the issuance department of the China Securities Regulatory Commission has provided guidance to relevant brokers, including four companies including biotechnology, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and high-end manufacturing. If there is a "unicorn" enterprise customer, immediately report to the issuing department. Reports, those who meet the relevant regulations can implement immediate report, without queuing, can be completed in two or three months.

The author believes that under the national strategy of innovation and mass entrepreneurship, the focus of securities IPO financing should be on enterprises with broad development prospects but lacking initial development funds, such as Changsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Enterprises should not be given priority in the moment. First, such companies are mostly state-owned monopoly operations, with high barriers to entry, products are not sold out, and profits are abnormally high. Such enterprises are the scent of various VCs in the eyes of VCs, and there is no shortage of financing channels. Production development funds.

As long-lived creatures, their undistributed profits at the end of 2017 amounted to 1.845 billion yuan, not only lacking funds themselves, but also easily raising funds in society. . Second, for the listing of biological pharmaceutical companies that are related to public health, it is necessary to give more time for review and ensure the quality of examination and approval. It is necessary to pay close attention to the punishment of the listed companies subject to relevant regulatory authorities, and to resolutely give a one-vote veto for violations involving production of unqualified products, fraud, etc., and at the same time transfer them to the judicial department because they dare to care about the health of the people. On the falsification, such business managers have lost the moral bottom line of being a man, using the funds raised from the listing to produce more fake drugs, how can the nationals accept?

The second is to build a regulatory network for multi-sector joint operations.

First, we must give full play to the supervisory responsibilities of all aspects of the IPO audit, and implement the supervisory responsibilities of accounting firms, law firms, sponsoring institutions, etc., for the failure to perform duties or intentionally conceal the real situation of the listed company. To establish a lifelong accountability mechanism.

The second is to give professional regulatory authorities the supervisory responsibility for the disclosure of information authenticity of listed companies. In particular, for information disclosure related to public health and safety listed companies, it is necessary to instruct the relevant supervision departments to strictly supervise, and timely report the relevant inspection and disposal to the CSRC, and the CSRC will investigate and deal with them according to relevant circumstances. Under such a joint supervision mode, Changsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. will be promptly disclosed by the Jilin Food and Drug Administration for the production of inferior "white-break" vaccine, and the CSRC will take countermeasures earlier to safeguard investor rights.

There is again to establish a mass reporting system and give a reward to the report verifier. The power of mass supervision is enormous. The falsification of the production process of the long-lived biological rabies vaccine stems from the report of a conscientious employee, which makes the inferior rabies vaccine not flow to the market. The employee’s righteous act should be rewarded by the relevant state departments. This encourages more conscientious people to participate in such corporate supervision, so that all illegal activities are exposed in a timely manner.